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Because benefits can comprise up to 30 percent of your compensation, and because your salary is also extremely important (nobody wants to work for free), it might seem pertinent in your first interview with a prospective employer to ask about health care benefits and salary. But is it really Benefits Specialist Interview Questions. Benefits Specialists manage employees' perks and benefits packages, including insurance programs, retirement plans, stock options and training. They ensure all benefits comply with labor legislation and recommend new perks to increase employee engagement This is good to ask for even in the interview process so you can see how much you'll actually make once benefits and taxes come out of your salary. The rate sheets should include how much you'll pay in premiums for each health and dental plan you can select, along with any other benefits you'll chip in for

6 Common HR Payroll and Benefits Specialist Interview Questions & Answers By MyPerfectResume Staff Writer A good resume and a stellar cover letter are a big part of getting a job in the HR industry, but one of the things that can have the largest impact on whether or not you get the job is the face-to-face interview During your interview, you should emphasize that there are many factors that you take into consideration when deciding on where to work, including salary, title, bonuses, coworkers, the type of work you are doing, and of course, vacation Never ask about benefits, pay, what they will do for you—particularly in a first or even second round interview. This will be negotiated once they make you an offer and prior to you accepting, Stake-Michalenko adds. Finally, don't bombard the interviewer with a laundry list of questions The way you ask about the salary can make a big difference to the way the company perceives your question, however. Sending an email that asks, How much will I get paid? isn't a good way to break.. Patience is a major factor when it comes to how to ask for more money after your job offer. Their first offer is not the best offer, says Ryan. Ask them to talk about it before you accept. These minutes are the most important minutes in your career

In addition to general interview questions, you will also be asked questions that relate to the position you are interviewing for specifically. Your answer to these benefits specialist interview questions will make a big difference when the hiring manager is making a decision about you One of the most important things you can do is relax and be confident when you ask questions. If you are nervous or scared, your employer can tell and they can sense it. Know what you want to ask about benefits before you go in for your interview and you will feel much more confident the entire time To sum up, here's what you need to remember when talking about salary in an interview: Know your worth and the forms of compensation that matter most to you. Use salary resources like Indeed Salaries to study the current trends and learn about the range for this job in your city. Give a range, not a specific number Employers often ask this question to identify why you might be more qualified than other candidates they're interviewing. To answer, focus on why hiring you would benefit the employer. Since you don't know the other applicants, it can be challenging to think about your answer in relation to them How To Ask About Benefits. Benefits, like health insurance and retirement contribution matching, are frequently cited as the most important factors other than salary when deciding whether to take a job. It's only practical that they're among the top questions to ask during job offer negotiation. A company's benefits—or lack thereof.

Landing a job interview is one of the most exciting and potentially nerve-wracking parts of job hunting. While it's thrilling to move on in the selection process, it can also feel like a lot is riding on one conversation. Preparation is key to soothing those pre-interview jitters Start by reviewing generic inquiries and best practice tips to give yourself an understanding of the process. These general tips can help give you a boost in confidence, but you may need to look into specific benefits administrator interview questions if you really want to impress the hiring manager Mentioning salary in your cover letter or during the initial phone evaluation is a no-no. Don't bring it up during your first interview, either. Use these opportunities instead to show your suitability for the role and let the employer get to know you. By the second interview, it's usually acceptable to ask about compensation, but tact is key Ask about starting salary in a reply email rather than a new one. When a company recruiter or the hiring manager emails you to ask about your interest in the position or to schedule a second interview if you've already had one, take this opportunity in your reply message to ask what the salary is

How to Talk About Benefits in a Job Intervie

How to Conduct an Interview: Questions to Ask Let's face it, conducting an interview isn't always fun and it doesn't come all that naturally to many people — including hiring managers. Often interviewers are unarmed with the appropriate interview questions , unable to follow-up up on candidate responses, and unable to fill the void that. Ask to discuss via phone If you've been asked to come back for a second interview, but you're still in the dark about the position's pay, now's the perfect time to ask about it. Respond to your contact's email address and let them know you're excited for this next stage, but that you have a few questions you'd like to call and discuss beforehand 2,235 benefits analyst interview questions. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 271 companies

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Seven Benefits Questions to Ask in the Ob-Gyn Interview. You landed an interview for an ob-gyn job—congrats! While you're prepping your interview answers, don't forget to come prepared with your own questions for the interviewer, especially when the discussion inevitably turns to benefits Yes, many of us get sweaty-palmed and cotton-mouthed at the thought of having to bring up a conversation about our salary and benefits. However, we all know that it's an important discussion to have—whether you're in the process of accepting a new job, or even have a few questions about a position you've been in for a while already Questions to Ask About Employee Benefits When you're evaluating job offers, along with salary and other factors, your decision should include consideration of the benefits that companies typically provide their workers. What your possible future employer has to offer beyond salary could have an impact on your decision This is the proverbial elephant in the room. You want to know what the job really pays and find out about benefits such as health insurance, child care, vacation and a 401(k) or other retirement plan. It seems impolite to bring this up in the initial interview, but if you have the chutzpah, this question can work to your advantage

After the interview team confirms its intention to hire you and the benefits package is revealed, the first question you should ask is, Is this negotiable? The answer may surprise you. If the hiring manager says that he can't make any changes, say that it's not an issue, but ask if there is an option to revisit the compensation in the. Never ask about salary or benefits in the first interview—you should be asked about your salary expectations before your interview to ensure it's not a waste of time for you and the company. Also, never ask basic questions about the company that could be answered just by looking at its website During an interview, you are trying to demonstrate to the employer how you can benefit the company, not the other way around. Once you are offered a position, you can begin to ask what the company can do for you. Ask One Question at a Time: Avoid multi-part questions; they will only overwhelm the employer By organizing all your questions into one of three buckets—Company, Role, and Boss—you can maintain a prearranged flow of information for the interviewer and also sell yourself in the process Other candidates are trying to avoid a particular topic. Whatever the reason, you can direct the interview to get the information you need to know. Thorough follow-up questioning is the key to finding out whether the candidate has the competencies you are looking for. Keep reading for tips on how to ask probing questions

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Benefits Coordinator Interview Questions Benefits Coordinators manage employees' benefits and perks packages, like life and health insurance, mobile plans and remote working. Good communication skills are important, as this person will interact frequently with external partners and employees (e.g. to address their questions. In the November 28, 2017 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter, a reader interviews for a job at an acceptable salary, only to learn the employee benefits would mean a 20% reduction in compensation.. Question. Well, thanks for hitting me between the eyes again. I'm talking about your recent column, More Money: What to ask for in a talent shortage.I was rationalizing a pursuit of a job offer

How to Ask about Salary and Benefits in a Job Interview

The last thing you want in a job interview to be is forgettable. Depending on the position you're interviewing for, some of these questions might really make you stand apart While interviewers in most states cannot ask if you've ever been arrested, they can ask if you've ever had an arrest that led to a conviction. In other states, employers are only allowed to ask about convictions that relate directly to the job you're applying for (for example, the interviewer for a driving position could ask if you've ever been.

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Express appreciation for the thorough information you were given during the interview Informational interview - Get information about the employer, and benefit from them in an actual interview. Job interview tips - Advice that will help you to understand how to ace your interview. Fifteen most common interview questions - Test the waters, learn what matters for the interviewers and how to answer the most common questions Attention to detail interview questions. When trying to assess a candidate's attention to detail, ask for examples. Whenever possible, have the candidate describe specific situations and how they acted in those situations. These are called behavioral interview questions because they reveal how a candidate behaves in certain situations The interview is also your opportunity to show interest in the job. Interviewers want to know that you care enough about the position and their company to ask questions. At some point, probably near the end of the interview, an interviewer will ask if you have any questions. However, you don't always have to wait for that opening

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is it appropriate to ask about money. The best way to ask the question is to say something like, 'I'm very interested and excited about the opening in your company, and I'm sure that I will be able to meet your marketing challenges. Can you explain the compensation for this position? Hold Up! Before you go on an interview... Get our free PDF with the top 30 interview questions to practice. Join 10,000+ job seekers in our email newsletter and we'll send you the 30 must-know questions, plus our best insider tips for turning interviews into job offers A job interview is a two-way street. The employer asks questions to determine if the interviewee is an ideal fit for the job, and the smart candidate uses the interview to assess how he or she. Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview. 1. Anything Related to Salary or Benefits Company benefits [and salary negotiations] don't come into play until an offer has been extended, says Kohut. The same principle applies to sick time and vacation days

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  1. At the end of a job interview, the hiring manager is likely to ask you what questions you have. This is the time for you to ask all the things that you need to know to help you decide if the job.
  2. 5) Consider additional benefits. Sometimes we become so focused on a salary that we forget that the additional benefits are equally important in a job. Pay scales are only a part of the salary package and when you ask about salary remember it. Sometimes organizations become fixated on a particular salary and refuse to budge from their decision
  3. Any employee participating in a candidate interview should receive some training or education on how to ask effective questions. In many cases, today's employers, HR professionals and hiring managers use behavioral questions: questions that ask not about what an employee would do in a certain situation, but about what they have actually done
  4. e how well-versed a candidate really is with the company's challenges and goals, in addition to their personal attributes

HR Payroll and Benefits Specialist Interview Questions

Use the general list of inappropriate interview questions topics above to know the questions you can't ask in an interview; What not to ask in an interview comes down to intent. Generally, if it can be used to discriminate, it's off limits. If an employer asks illegal employment questions, you don't have to answer Even though you wouldn't want to ask a prospective employer about compensation and benefits in an initial interview, it's acceptable to ask the HR recruiter. If the in-person job interview requires air travel or other significant investments of time or money, it's important for you to know up front what you're getting yourself into before you.

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Before an exit interview, create a template of questions to ask and use it to guide the conversation. Feel free to give a copy to the exiting employee at the beginning of the interview so that they can follow along with you. It's best to schedule an exit interview with the departing employee and a single HR representative Hiring managers should prepare their interview questions in advance, says Paychex HR coach Amanda Gee. These questions should be related to what the individual will encounter in the position, their job duties, and the skills necessary to perform the job successfully. Also, be prepared to ask probing questions to gain clarification In the interview in which the actor asked about salary and benefits, in addition to expressing high interest in the job itself, hiring managers were more likely to rate him lower on intrinsic. So after you ask some open-ended personal questions, assess the applicant's professional skills and phone voice, and go through some job-specific questions, you'll arrive at the compensation portion of your interview. I prefer to put the ball in the candidate's court and ask them, What sort of salary and/or benefits are you expecting Tactic 1: During the interview. Some interview experts are big proponents of asking for live feedback, but it's up to you to judge the situation—including your level of comfort—and to decide whether it's appropriate given the context. An obvious consideration before you ask is whether there's still time in the interview

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The base of it starts at the interview process, where interviewers do not understand what to ask and what not to. It is time that job seekers need to understand and know their rights. Here are a few interview questions which interviewers should not ask in an interview process During a job interview, it's important to ask questions.But which ones are smart, and which are off-limits? While there may be some topics you have concerns about bringing up during the interview process, there are strategic ways to talk about things like salary and benefits that won't offend the recruiter or hiring manager, and that can help you make an informed decision about whether this.

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An interview is a two-way street. (A polite street, with traffic rules.) Ask questions. The employer will typically, provide an opportunity for you to ask questions at or near the end of the interview, and they judge your questions as a reflection of your preparation and thought process Far too often, candidates perpetrate one of the top ineffective interview practices by asking about salary and benefits too early in the process. Often, employers find this to be a total turnoff. There's nothing wrong with caring about money, but don't bring it up in your interviews Ask yourself if you would want to work at this company even if you had to keep a traditional schedule. Underlying this issue is the kind of work culture you want to join. That is a key consideration in selecting a position that will be a good fit for the long term An SSI appointment is a financial interview to see if you are eligible for SSI. Basically, they are checking to see how poor you are. They also ask about your household, living situation, and rent, to help decide how much SSI you will get. This interview only happens for SSI. It does not happen for SSDI In order to reap all the benefits of exit interviews or surveys, it is important to ask the right exit interview questions. Selection of the best exit interview question

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Exit Interview Best Practices & Tips: It can be tough to know exactly how to conduct an exit interview. While we can't tell you what to say in an exit interview since each organization and each employee is different, we can provide some exit interview best practices: Schedule the meeting and communicate the purpose Be authentic when asking and answering interview questions, and you'll be great. Preparing job interview questions to ask the interviewer is just as important as preparing to answer the questions they'll ask you. Take your time and be thoughtful with your answers and questions. Use good judgment as to how many interview questions to ask, as well As hard as it is for most job seekers to do, the only appropriate time to ask about salary and benefits is at the offer stage of the interview. Always let the interviewer bring up the discussion first, so you know that you are at that stage. If you start the salary discussion before that, you go into the negotiation without your full power Don't ever ask about salary or benefits during an interview. That's not what the interview is about. Instead, use your interview to show the interviewer why you're the best candidate for the position, and why you deserve the highest possible salary.At this point, talking about salary and benefits is a waste of your time and theirs

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Benefits Specialist Interview Questions Benefits Specialists are responsible for managing employees' benefits and perks, like training, stock options, retirement plans and insurance programs. They make sure all benefits meet labor legislation and recommend new perks to improve employee satisfaction One relatively safe approach is simply asking the interviewer about the salary range. If you wish to avoid the question entirely, respond by saying that money isn't a key factor and your primary goal is to advance in your career. 12. Do you have any questions

During your interview, actively steer the conversation toward topics that can help you articulate your success stories and that can show how you can add unique value to the role. 2. Discussing Salary and Benefits Too Soo Ideally, every one of the 10 to 12 questions that interviewers should be able to ask during a typical one-hour interview should be geared to give the most insight on the candidates' knowledge.

A food stamps interview takes place within a few weeks of you submitting an application for benefits. EBT interviews are usually the last step in your application process, so you can expect them to take place after a caseworker has evaluated the information on your initial form Usually, benefits and compensation discussion is left towards the end of the interview, but you should always, always have this in your quiver of questions for your prospective employer. He will respect you for asking. Otherwise he will think, Who is this dolt who doesn't care what the job pays Work-life balance, health benefits, work flexibility, bonuses, and retirement are all important facets of an offer negotiation, and they're investments in yourself and your career growth. According to economist Linda Babcock of Carnegie Mellon, failing to negotiate your salary can lead to a loss of anywhere from $1 million to $1.5 million.

1. Don't ask questions about obvious disabilities. Don't ask, Why do you use that wheelchair? It's rude, and it's discriminatory. 2. Don't ask general questions about disabilities. Don't ask, Do you have a disability that would prevent you from performing the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation? Stick. Practice 25 Benefits Manager Interview Questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to answer each question. With an additional 75 professionally written interview answer examples Here are seven benefits questions you should be certain to ask in the interview: 1. How Much Do You Provide in CME Allowance or Reimbursement? Bear in mind that CME requirements vary by state, and the costs may be covered in a number of different ways Of course, there are some questions you can and should ask: Turning the Tables: 8 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview. When it comes to benefits like vacation and paid time off, the initial interview stage is typically not the time or the place

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