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Chimney flaunching The term 'flaunching' refers to the bed of mortar that is responsible for holding a chimney pot in place, as well as preventing water from entering your chimney. It's not uncommon for chimney flaunching to deteriorate over the years. This is why it's essential to check the condition of flaunching regularly Chimney flaunching occasionally referred to as benching, is a strong mortar mix that cements the chimney pots into place

Flaunching, the mortar around the base of a chimney pot, can be another source of water ingress if not looked after. More info on roof repair at https://dalt.. Flaunching is the mortar base holding the chimney pot in position on top of the chimney stack. If there are minor cracks in the mortar, these are easily repaired with mastic applied with a gun or pressed into the cracks The Flaunching is the concrete like surface at the top of your chimney. Its job is to shed water away from the flue and also keep water from entering the chimney chase. Cracks or missing pieces in the mortar crown can lead to extensive water damage in your chimney Pots were secured in place into the upper chimney brickwork and bedded in thick layers of mortar, or 'flaunching'. Victorian chimneys were commonly built into the party walls of terraces and semi-detached houses as very wide structures containing multiple flues. As well as being economical to construct, this helped insulate them from the cold

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  1. Chimney stack before repair The areas that weather the most are the flaunching on the top of the stack and the pointing in the brickwork. The flaunching serves two purposes, to hold the chimney pots in place and to encourage rainwater away from the stack. It is set at a steep pitch to encourage this process
  2. chimney flaunching mix; Deme23 New Member. Hi all, I plan to re-flaunch my chimney in April when weather improves. Im nervous about it cracking so please can you confirm the correct mix to use. Ive been told 3:1 (2 parts sharp, 1 part builders sand) and not as wet as mortar for bricklaying
  3. For other faults, such as loose chimney pots and cracked flaunching (the bed of mortar which binds the chimney pot to the top of the chimney stack brickwork), then these can usually only be seen close up. In one instance, I found vegetation growing inside a disused flue, something nobody would have spotted without looking down the flue
  4. chimney flaunching. Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by woodburner, Nov 3, 2004. woodburner New Member. Hello, Does anyone know what the ingredients are for chimney haunching? Thanks in advance for any help. woodburner, Nov 3, 2004 #1. dewaltdisney New Member. Hi WB
  5. Chimney pots are held in place by a great glob of cement-rich mortar, the flaunching, which also acts as the weathering for the top of the stack. The flaunching decays more readily than the pots, usually by frost action
  6. ation (flaking). Cracked and loose mortar flaunching - this is the large expanse of mortar that holds pots in place - are also signs. Problems with downdraught to the fireplace and rain penetration are also symptoms

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  1. Gradually, mortar flaunching at the base of chimney pots can begin to crack and disintegrate. Even though chimney pots are heavy, they can be blown over by strong winds and they can also become damaged over time. Tell-tale signs are flaking or cracks in the ceramic on the surface of the pot
  2. Lead chimney flashing stops the rain finding its way into the roof space by covering over the small gap between the base of the chimney stack and the roof tiles. If a professional roofer installed good quality lead flashing on a roof, it will most likely last for several decades
  3. Chimney pots are not really 'attached' to the stack in the strict sense of the word. They literally sit on top of the brickwork and are kept in place by a bedding of mortar known as 'flaunching'. In older properties the flaunching is usually lime mortar and will have deteriorated over the years
  4. Chimney repair professionals, we are experts in repairing chimneys {town
  5. Chimney flaunching is the mortar or concrete mix that holds the chimney pots in place. If your chimney flaunching cracks, these cracks can fill with water which widens the crack further through erosion and freeze-thaw during cold weather. If the cracks get wide enough, water can trickle down into the chimney stack or down the flues
  6. The sloping fillet of cement or mortar embedding the base of a chimney pot
  7. imum of 25mm thick around the perimeter of the chimney and should NOT be feathere

Because chimney stacks are normally exposed on all four faces and he top, they may be more liable to saturation and frost attack than other parts of the building, especially where an effective coping has not been provided at the terminal. Mortar or concrete flaunching is often not adequate to protect the chimney in the longer term

Chimney Stack Flashing Hanging Off! Mortar Flaunching to Secure the Pots. Another Victorian chimney stack repair task is the flaunching. Essentially flaunching is the bed of mortar on which the chimney pots sit. If your flaunching has failed the chimney pots may be loose and at risk of moving. In our case the flaunching was severely cracked Re-flaunching the top of the stack will keep rainwater running away from the more vulnerable areas of the structure and reduce the effect of the frost on any cracks starting to appear. Keep an eye on the chimney pots they are the first line of defence and together with a suitable cowl will keep out most of the weather Check chimney cement cap (flaunching) and remove if it's in poor condition. Rake out loose/crumbly cement between brick courses to about 1 inch. Use a power tool (such as this) to cut out any hard cement. Check leadwork and replace as required It is 100% vapor permeable, which means it won't trap water vapors that may pass through the bricks when the chimney is in use, unlike other products found in most hardware or home improvement stores. Those products, when applied to a masonry chimney, can actually slow down water vapors as they pass through the chimney, which leads to water. chimney flaunching over cement by kreyszig » Wed 24th Sep, 2014 2:03 pm I've recently had one of 3 chimneys re-flaunched while some lead was replaced. I repointed the same chimney in lime myself, while I was up there I realised the new flaunching was just laid on (in cement) over the top of the old cement

Where a chimney is to be capped, a single unjointed concrete or stone capping should be used. The capping should project and be throated to cast rainwater away from the face of the chimney. The slab should project 50mm beyond the faces of the chimney. The withes between flues should be carried to the underside of the slab Flaunching, cowls and pots: The chimney flaunching and pots are located on top of the chimney, and it is just as important to ensure that around the cowls are sealed off correctly to avoid water penetration. Normally, you will see cement flaunching around the pots; however, some properties have slabs laid over them Whilst the roof was being replaced i was asked to repoint the chimney by grinding out the joints and re-pointing using the weatherpointing or struck method. I also re-haunched (re-applied the mortar to the top of the chimney (see photo) so the rainwater will deflect from the top Flaunching The flaunching is the mass of mortar at the base of the chimney pots that helps secure them in place. But after many years of exposure, flaunching can eventually crack and disintegrate

Flat top chimneys must be flaunched with a strong sand/cement mix. The flaunching should be a minimum of 25mm thick around the perimeter of the chimney and should NOT be feathered away to nothing. This can be done prior to installation however the lifting sockets must remain visible to allow the insertion of the loops provided for lifting What does flaunching mean? The sloped mortar fillet around the base of a chimney pot, which serves to hold the pot in position and allow rainwater.

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Defective pots and flaunching, the mortar which secures them to the chimney stack, are normally straightforward to repair, though finding a suitable match to an ornate terracotta pot can be challenging. Architectural salvage yards hold a certain range of pots, and is it possible to obtain facsimile replacements Check chimney cement cap (flaunching) and remove if it's in poor condition. Rake out loose/crumbly cement between brick courses to about 1 inch. Use a power tool (such as this) to cut out any hard cement. Check leadwork and replace as required. Use a brush to remove all dust from the chimney. Mix 3 parts sand to 1 part cement with added. Chimney flaunching is the bed of mortar which holds chimney pots in place on top of the chimney stack. It also helps to prevent rainwater permeating the top of the brick or stone of the stack. In older homes, lime mortar was used for flaunching, and this will deteriorate over the year

Define flaunching. flaunching synonyms, flaunching pronunciation, flaunching translation, English dictionary definition of flaunching. n a cement or mortar slope around a chimney top, manhole, etc, to throw off water HY-C 9-in W x 18-in L Black Galvanized Steel Rectangular Chimney Cap. The black galvanized steel Draft King chimney cover is the durable and economic choice for chimneys in most regions. Like all Draft King chimney covers, the outside mounting design provides maximum free air space and better draft while the attractive powder-coat finish helps it stand up to the elements Most of a chimney is a void. Examine the flaunching. This is the mortar at the top of the stack that holds the pots. If it is in poor condition the brickwork is likely to be poor under the pointing. If the lashing wire causes slight movement of the bricks the flaunching can be disturbed, leading to a loose pot Flaunching is the name given to the bed of mortar which holds chimney pots in place on top of the chimney stack. Flaunching also helps prevent rainwater permeating the top of the brick or stone of the stack. In older homes, lime mortar was used for flaunching, and this will deteriorate over the years Chimney Pots may need to be re-bedded when the flaunching becomes cracked or damaged. Our tradesmen pay close attention to detail and ensure that the chimney pots are re-bedded at the precise angle and in the correct position. Chimney Caps importantly prevent water, draughts, and birds from entering a building via a chimney

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