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Doing a Factory Reset using Settings (if phone IS working and you CAN use it) Follow these simple steps to Hard Reset Galaxy S2 from Settings. Go to Settings, and locate the option Backup and reset. Now, tap on Factory Data Reset If you are wondering how to Factory Reset Or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 Function to go back to the original base setting, this step by step tutorial will show you how to wipe all data in Samsung Galaxy S2 Function and restore default settings to the factory Data.. Data reset or resetting your Samsung Galaxy S2 Function Android Phone may be needed for various reasons such as In the following, you will learn when a reset might be useful, how to carry out such a process, and what is important to know about your data stored on your Samsung Galaxy S2. But first, one simplest way to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S2, is simply to download and use a dedicated app. We recommend in particular Reset Phone. Simultaneously press and hold Home button (at the bottom) + Volume up button (on the top-right edge) + Power button (on the top-right edge to the left of Volume buttons) until Samsung logo appears then release. From the Android recovery screen, select wipe data/factory reset. Utilize the Volume buttons to highlight and the Power button to select PLEASE SUBSCRIBE - This is how to do a factory reset on you galaxy S2 on the sprint network but will work for others this will wipe all data from your phone...

Menu > Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone This is the way to erase all data on Samsung Galaxy S2, such as Google Account, Contact, SMS, application and it settings. After doing the Reset Phone by Software then Samsung Galaxy S2 will run automatically and process to delete the data back to factory default Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 from Recovery Menu: 1- Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S2 is Off, If not, Then turn it off (Press and hold the Power key, and then tap Power off). And remove the Memory card from it. 2- Take out its battery for 10 seconds, Then put it in again Tap Factory reset. Tap OK. Master reset with hardware keys. A master reset restores the original factory settings and may delete your personal data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts, and Visual Voicemail. It does not delete data stored on the SIM card or SD card. If the device menus are frozen or. Learn How to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2 T Mobile version using button combination and fix issues such as slow performance, crashing apps and more. See.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727

How To Factory Reset or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S

Step 1. Go to the Settings app and select General Management from the menu. Step 2. Select Reset again and review the information displayed on your Samsung screen A factory reset usually doesn't touch external storage (may sound confusing, but that includes the internal SDcard as well) - unless it explicitly specifies so (some devices/ROMs have a corresponding checkbox in the system menu, usually Settings → Backup & Reset, where this might be specified to be included).. What a factory reset usually does is, basically, to wipe /cache (where the. Master reset from settings menu. A master reset restores the original factory settings and may delete your personal data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts, and Visual Voicemail. It does not delete data stored on the SIM card or SD card.. Back up data on the internal memory

A hard reset will bring your phone back to its factory default settings, but aside from that, it will also delete all your personal files and data. How To Master Or Hard Reset On Samsung. From Settings, search for and select Factory data reset. Tap Factory data reset one more time, and then review the information. When you're ready, tap Reset. If you have a lock screen set up, enter your security information, and then, if prompted, enter the requested account information Follow these instructions to factory reset Samsung without password: Step 1: Launch LockWiper (Android) on your computer and select Remove Screen Lock mode. Step 2: Next, click on 'Remove without Data Loss' and then click on Start to continue. Step 3: Provide the required details about your device and click on the Start button. After that, click on the Confirm button to confirm your device.

How to Factory or Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 Functio

If you'd still like to perform a factory reset, follow these instructions: From your device's home screen, pull down the Notification shade from the top of your device's screen. Tap the Settings.. Hard Reset Galaxy S20 Ultra. Below are the two methods with which you can hard reset or factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Follow the below steps to do so: Hard Reset from Settings. Open the Settings from the launcher. Scroll to and tap General management. Tap Reset. Select Factory data reset. Tap Reset to continue Performing a Factory Reset on your device is very easy. The difference between a Factory Reset and a Hard Reset is: Factory Reset The 'lighter' of the two reset options. It can be done either in settings or via recovery menu. It wipes all user data and firmware settings but leaves the contents of your internal SD Card intact According to Verizon, if you cannot perform a factory reset from the Settings app, you can perform one by following these steps:. Power the device off. Press and hold the Power key.; Select Power off.; Select OK.Note: If the screen doesn't respond to input, press and hold the Power button for 10-15 seconds.; Press and hold the Volume up key then press and hold the Power key

How to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2 - Phone

  1. However whatever be the hardware/specs/software features there will be situations were a factory data reset/hard reset will be the only solution. So this tutorial will help you factory data reset/hard reset your favourite Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Samsug Galaxy S20 5G from settings, from the recovery mode and by using secret code
  2. Solved: I have a Tab 2 (GT-P5113) that I would like to recycle. If I reset it to factory settings, I assume there is no possibility that - 120200
  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is one of my favorite smartwatches, it's also one of the best from Samsung and on the market. I've been using this watch for a while now. And in this post, I'll show you how to reset the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to factory settings just in case the need to return to the factory settings arises
  4. Simply follow the steps given below to reset your Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. Open the Settings of your SmartWatch Scroll down to the Reset Gear option at the bottom and Tap on it. In the Reset Gear window, you will find two options namely, Light Reset and the Factory Reset
  5. Reset Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note2, Note3 Without Losing Data Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy from the Settings App. To perform a factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy phone, follow these steps (a factory reset will wipe all of your user data): 1. From the home screen, tap on the Apps button
  6. When Galaxy Tab S2 is not working well like forget the password, slow charging, Mobile Hang or screen freezes, etc., after that, you have to Hard Reset, or Factory reset mobile.You must take back up of your mobile before doing hard reset or factory reset because it will wipe out your all data from your Galaxy tab s2 mobile.. Before Doing Hard Reset Read Also: All Things You Need to Know before.
  7. Before factory resetting your tablet, make sure you have backed up or downloaded any data you want to preserve, such as photos and videos. Open the Settings app and scroll to the Personal section on the left-hand side. Tap on Backup and Reset. You are presented with a list detailing everything that will be erased from your phone

5- Any other log-in info and settings you used on your Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. 6- Ensure your Samsung Galaxy device has enough charge level. Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105 from Recovery Menu: 1- Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus is Off, If not, Then turn it off (Press and hold the Power key, and then tap Power off) Factory Reset SAMSUNG i727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket . The Hard Reset is also commonly known as factory reset.This tutorial will show you the easiest way to perform a factory reset operation in SAMSUNG i727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket . Find out the way to remove all personal data, customized settings and installed apps from SAMSUNG i727 Galaxy S II Skyrocket. As a result your Android 2.3 Gingerbread. With factory reset, it would become a brand new phone with factory settings meaning everything would work like fresh out of the box. LOL Maybe he rooted the phone and want to make sure the phone is in factory settings such that the warrantee isn't voided A hard reset restores the original factory settings and erases content, including downloaded ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. This feature allows for resetting of sound profiles, display settings, and phone or memory card settings. To perform a hard reset using the hardware keys, follow these steps Tap RESET SETTINGS. If you have set up a PIN, enter it. Tap RESET SETTINGS. The device will restart to perform the reset of settings. How to perform the Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - Factory Data Reset (Powered Off


How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) with Safety

To successfully factory reset your phone, you need to: Step 1 Open Settings of your Samsung Galaxy and access Backup and Reset. Tap on the option to open a new screen. Step 2 Locate the option of Factory Data Reset from the list and tap Reset Device on the next screen. Step 3 The device successfully resets and restarts from scratch Follow the menu step to Wipe Data / Factory Reset with volume button as navigator. The SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI 2 GT-S6500 will doing the process of restoring to factory default. #Option 3, How to Hard Reset SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI 2 GT-S6500 with Secret Key Code Security: Turn on SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI 2 GT-S650

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 - Tsar300

Q1. Does a factory reset remove Google account? Actually, it doesn't work. Let's say Samsung. Factory Reset Protection or FRP and Samsung Reactivation lock are both made to prevent your phone being erased by someone others. So even if you factory reset, nothing gonna works. Q2. How do I bypass the lock screen on my Samsung without losing data Basically, the procedure starts after you have successfully reset the Samsung mobile and then you will have to follow a few steps to get access to the mobile after bypassing Google Account. Here's how to bypass factory reset protection on Samsung devices without PC: Simply, Factory Reset the Samsung mobile and restart device Samsung Galaxy S II is not responsive? Facing application frozen or hang up problems? Or want to send SGS2 back to warranty service? It's time for you to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2 then. By the way, hard reset is known as Factory data reset in Samsung Galaxy S2 How to factory reset a Galaxy S5 using hardware keys If you find that the touchscreen is unresponsive, there's a problem accessing the menu, or you forgot your pattern lock, then you can still. To Factory data reset your device, swipe down from the Notification bar, then tap the Settings icon. Note: A Factory data reset will revert the device back to factory settings. It will permanently erase all personal data, preferences, settings and content such as pictures, ringtones and apps that are saved to the device

Hence, if you are fed up with the Factory Reset Protection feature in Samsung devices and want to know the best ways to overcome the problem, bypass FRP Tool is what you need for its user-friendliness. We have tried our best to research and suggest the two most effective methods to bypass any Samsung Google Account Verification 5- Any other log-in info and settings you used on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos. 6- Ensure your Samsung Galaxy device has enough charge level. Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S7562 from Recovery Menu: 1- Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S Duos is Off, If not, Then turn it off (Press and hold the Power key, and then tap Power off) Samsung Galaxy S3 is a popular Android phone of Galaxy series, which was released in 2012. If you have used the Samsung Galaxy for about 5 years, you may find various problems, such as lacking space, running slow, etc. Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 can optimize the smartphone functionality and resolve lots of issues

Device resets: Samsung Gear S2 T-Mobile Suppor

The following tutorial shows all method of master reset SAMSUNG T817V Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 XLTE. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Android 5.0 Lollipop settings. As a result your SAMSUNG T817V Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 XLTE will be as new and your Exynos 5433 core will run faster. First method: In the first step switch off the. Many Samsung phone users factory reset their device when they encounter some issues on it. But what if the phone gets stuck on Samsung logo after the factory reset? I was having an issue with my Galaxy S8, so I factory reset it after backing up the entire data. But, when the phone rebooted, it stuck on the Samsung logo for quite a long time I am wanting to do a factory reset on my Tab S2 and when it gets to the point where i sign into my account to verify its me it then sends me a verification code to my phone which I put in and after putting in the two step verificaiton code It just reloads to the same screen telling me I will recieve a two step verification code and another code is sent to my phone Performing a factory reset on the iPhone SE will restore it to factory settings. It'll erase all the information from your iPhone so first follow the steps given above to first back up your. If that happens, you can reset, reboot, or even do a complete factory restore on your phone to hopefully solve these problems and get your Samsung Galaxy S20 phone working again. Here's all the.

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4 Effective Methods to Factory Reset Samsung Tablets [2020

You can reset the handset's default settings and clear all data/applications from Samsung Galaxy S2-Boost Mobile's internal memory by using the Clear Data option. This option resets the handset to its factory default settings, ends all applications currently running, and permanently removes all data (pictures/videos/contacts) from the handset To factory reset the Samsung Galaxy Watch: 1. Flick down from the top of the watch face and select the Settings cog icon. 2. Scroll down and select General. 3

Soft Reset Samsung J2 Mobile. Select Settings from Menu Tap on More Settings Tap on Backup and Reset.; Then Select to Erase all data and Reset Phone.Check Reset phone only if you want to delete all the data on the phone internal storage. Finally, Choose Erase Everything. it will do Soft Reset Your Samsung J2 Mobile.; Hard Reset or Wipe Data with Google Find My Devic Note that the process of hard-resetting your Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 requires certain steps in quick succession. We strongly encourage you to read this entire tutorial before attempting a hard reset, as failing to perform certain actions within a specific time frame will cause the hard reset to fail Step 3: The Samsung Tablet will be put into Recovery mode now, use the Volume Up and Down button to select factory reset> YES-delete all user data, it's the confirmation of factory reset of Samsung Tablet. Just waiting, the tablet is resetting to factory settings, and we will return to the page of recovery mode automatically after the factory. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, doing a factory reset will reset the entire tablet, not just your Nook account. This means that your Samsung account and any other accounts, settings, and content on your Galaxy Tab will be lost when you factory reset. [20

How to Reset a Samsung Galaxy S2: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

How to properly factory-reset a Samsung Galaxy S2

  1. Factory Reset SAMSUNG Gear S2 Classic 3G. The Hard Reset is also commonly known as factory reset.This tutorial will show you the easiest way to perform a factory reset operation in SAMSUNG Gear S2 Classic 3G. Find out the way to remove all personal data, customized settings and installed apps from SAMSUNG Gear S2 Classic 3G.. As a result your Tizen will run faster, you will be able to use the.
  2. When the Galaxy Tab acts up and you've tried everything possible to fix it without success, you can do the drastic thing and reset all Galaxy Tab software, essentially returning it to the state it was in when it first popped out of the box. Obviously, you need not perform this step lightly. In fact, [
  3. The Samsung Gear S2 comes with two types Reset options i.e., the Light Reset & Factory Reset. In Light Reset, media files and personal data will not be deleted
  4. Factory Reset in Settings. Turn on your Galaxy Tab, and go to Settings Find & tab Backup and reset Tab Factory data reset Tab Reset device (It will remove all of your personal files stored on your Galaxy tablet) It will reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Factory Reset (Hard Reset) Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Press and.
  5. d that resetting a telephone is not a very complicated action to do

Solution One: Recover Samsung data including Apps after factory restting from Google Account. If you have Google account and have synced data into it. After the factory restore, you can still recover data from your Google account including the apps such as Google Calendar or even games that you had bought from Google Play Go to the wipe data/factory reset and select it by pressing the Power key once. Confirm the process and wait till the wipe process is complete. Now reboot your smartphone. That's it. You have successfully hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2. I hope you liked the tutorial on how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2. If you have any doubts or queries that. This are the step by step procedures on how to factory reset or hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S II, to return the phone to its original factory fresh default settings. This may help and only advisable if experiencing frozen or hang up problems when using or opening some applications you previously installed on it How to hard reset Samsung SGH-i777 Galaxy S II One stop site for cellphone ( mobile ) hard master reset instruction to factory default for all makes - alcatel apple audiovox blackberry casio google hitachi hp htc kyocera lg motorola nec nokia ntt docomo palm panasonic pantech samsung sanyo sharp sony ericson ut starcom. Reset Samsung SGH-i777 Galaxy S II, Master Reset, Factory default, Factory. When selling an old phone, the standard procedure is to restore the device to factory settings, wiping it clean of any personal data. This creates a new-phone feel for the new owner and offers.

Samsung Galaxy S2 data recovery tool. Yodot Recovery for Android is incredible software which allows you to retrieve data from Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone after factory reset. Install Android recovery utility and follow the simple steps provided to rescue data from Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone quite easily Reset your Galaxy Tab S2 to factory settings You can remove data from your Galaxy Tab S2 by resetting it to factory settings. Important: By performing a factory data reset, all data will be erased from the device Navigate through the available options using the Volume Up and Volume Down keys. Go to the 'wipe data/factory reset' option and press the Power Button. Use the Volume Up/Down keys to select.. You will now see the Development Settings window on the device. Select Install and move on. You can now Open the installed App file to the Settings page on the device. Here you can select Backup and reset to Factory data reset your device by clicking on Erase Everything as shown below Factory Hard Reset is the process used to wipe all the data and settings on the phone and revert it back to factory defaults. It comes in handy during the situations when your device is working too slowly, facing software related issues, bypass the forgotten Patten/PIN or Pass Code, etc

How to Factory Reset your Samsung Gear S2 SmartWatch

Method 1: Soft Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. First of all, go to settings on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0; Back up and Reset and if you don't find it, try looking for User and Backup section in Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0; On User and backup you will find Factory data reset (Tap this) Warning! Make sure you backup your necessary files. How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and enter Recovery Mode, Soft reset, Download Mode and Remove forgotten unlock Pattern. We can do it with 2 ways by pressing combinations of external hardware keys ( hard reset ) and from Settings menu ( soft reset ). Make sure to back up important data. The • Read More

Master reset: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 T-Mobile Suppor

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset, will delete all information on a device and restore the software back to it's original manufacturer settings. Perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 LTE-A T817W to restore to factory settings You can erase your content and settings from your Samsung smartphone and reset it to the factory default state. Applicable to: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10, S10+, S10e, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, S21, S21 Ultra, S21+, A5, A8, A10e, A11, A20, A21, A50, A51, A70, A71, Xcover 4, J3, Note 9, Note 10+, Note 20 5G, Note 20 5G. 5. Next use Volume Down button to get to the wipe data/factory reset option When in recovery mode the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons are how to can navigate and highlight what option you need. 6. Once you have selected the wipe data/factory reset, press the Power button to select that option. 7 Factory Data Reset Step by step 1. From the condition of your smartphone being turned off, press the Vol (+), and Power buttons 2

How to Hard Reset Your Phone Method 1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Backup and Reset. Tap on Factory data reset. Note that: On some phone models, this option can be accessed from the privacy settings. Hard Reset Your Phone Method 2. Turn off your device. Press and hold the Up volume button and Power button simultaneously for a couple of seconds Reset 4- Fourth step: Several options will appear to reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0, the first called Reset settings resets the default settings, it is a simpler and less deep reset. The method to remove all the content from the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 completely is Factory data reset click on this option to continue. 5

Performing a hard reset: Samsung Galaxy S2 case study If you are interested in rooting or simply speeding up your Android, one of the first things you may want to consider is preforming a hard reset.This article will explain how you can root your Android Phone This article will give a set of instructions about performing hard/soft/remote reset Cherry Mobile Flare S2. Read this article and choose one method and reset your Cherry Mobile Flare S2. (all these methods were tested by us.)Read More - Increase R How to reset a Samsung SM-T715 Galaxy Tab S2 to factory settings. 1. The phone must be turned off 2. Press and hold both the volume up button, home button and power button 2b. For some software version you must press and hold both the volume up button, volume down button and power button 3

From the Recovery Mode menu select wipe data / factory reset . Use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to confirm. Step 5 On the next screen, choose Yes — delete all user data and press the power button to confirm the whole operation How to factory reset samsung tab s2 without password If you're looking to hand off a Samsung Galaxy S5 to someone else and there's already stuff on there, it's wise to do a factory reset to wipe all of the existing data from the device. This is a pretty straightforward process, but a vital one if you want to keep your personal data secure 1. For normal Factory Hard Reset of Galaxy S5, try this code: *#7780# 2. For Full Hard Resetting your Galaxy S5, try this code: *2767*3855# (it will not ask for confirmation) Hard Resetting Samsung Galaxy S5 from settings menu. 1. Navigate to Settings->Back up and reset->Factory data reset. and click on Factory data reset

How To Hard Reset Galaxy S20 A Master Reset Guid

When you are using your Smartwatch like Samsung Gear 2 you have to think of it as a Smartphone as your data about calls, photos messages get stored in it. And if you are going to sell it or giving. I did a factory reset on my samsung galaxy prime but it is asking for an account from the previous owner I have had the phone: how to perform factory reset if I forgot the password in Samsung Account - Galaxy S2: Google for samsung galaxy s email reset and passwor

How to Restore Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 to Factory SettingsMobile Phone Tips and Tricks: How to factory reset a
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