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To create a filter with a keyboard shortcut, click a cell inside the data and use Ctrl + T or Ctrl + L shortcut. It will transform your data into a table. Excel will ask you whether your data has headers or not. In this example, we have headers (First Name, Last Name) so you have to check this option Ctrl+Shift+L is the keyboard shortcut to turn the filters on/off. You can see this shortcut by going to the Data tab on the Ribbon and hovering over the Filter button with the mouse. The screen tip will appear below the button and it displays the keyboard shortcut in the top line 1 Press and hold the right Shift key for eight seconds to turn on Filter Keys. The keyboard shortcut will only work if turned on in Option Two or step 5C of Option Three. It is turned on by default. 2 By default, a sound (high pitch) will play indicating Filter Keys was turned on

Go to the DATA tab; then, click on the Filter option under the Sort & Filter section. Refer to the below screenshot. We also can use the Keyboard Shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+L for turning On/Off the filters. Once applying the filter, the drop-down filter menus will appear in the header row of your data The filter options offer a configuration of both the slow keys and repeat keys under one section. First, check the box which says Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys, then click on the link. In Windows 8/8.1, press shortcut keys, Windows + U. In Windows 10, open Start menu, click Settings -> Ease of Access. Click Make the keyboard easier to use (or Keyboard, toggle Use Filter Keys). Uncheck Turn on Filter Keys and click OK to turn off (check to turn on)

With Sticky keys, the need to press and hold the keyboard Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys are eliminated, as they are changed to a modifier system. This means that instead of holding them down for multiple key combinations, you can just press one key at a time. You can turn on the Filter Keys by pressing the right SHIFT key Right-click the shortcut, and then click Properties. In the Shortcut Properties dialog box, click the Shortcut tab. Click in the Shortcut key box, press the key on your keyboard that you want to use in combination with Ctrl + Alt (keyboard shortcuts automatically start with Ctrl + Alt), and then click OK

To do this: Press Comments: Open a form. Ctrl + O. Opens the Select Form dialog box, which you can use to locate and select the form you want to open.. For more information, see Finding and Opening Forms Using the Select Form Dialog Box.. Save a form. Ctrl + S. Saves any changes, but does not close the form To Enable Filter Keys in Windows 10, Press down and hold the right Shift key for eight seconds. You'll hear three short warning tones, followed by a rising tone. The following default Filter Keys settings (or the last settings saved) will be activated In a first way, we can select the headers first then from the Data menu tab select Filter Option which is under the Sort & Filter section. In a second way, we can apply the filter by pressing short cut keys Alt + D + F + F simultaneously and another way is by pressing short cut keys Shift + Ctrl + L together to apply a filter in one go

Filter Keys is a potentially annoying Windows feature that ignores keyboard input unless the key is held down for a significant period of time. It's also triggered when you hold down a button such as SHIFT for 8 seconds. The procedure for disabling (fix) Filter Keys varies between Windows versions. Disable Filter Keys in Windows X To view this in Photoshop, select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts or use the following keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Shift + Control + K (Win) Option + Shift + Command + K (Mac) On newer MacBook Pro models, the Touch Bar replaces the function keys on top of the keyboard Use keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets to navigate, format, and use formulas. Note: Some shortcuts might not work for all languages or keyboards.. To see a list of keyboard shortcuts in Google Sheets, press Ctrl + / (Windows, Chrome OS) or ⌘ + / (Mac).. To search the menus, press Alt + / (Windows, Chrome OS) or Option + / (Mac) Keyboard shortcut: enables a keyboard shortcut (pressing the Shift key for 8 seconds) to turn Filter Keys on or off. This section also includes two ways you can be notified when Filter Keys are turned on: a warning message or a system sound. Turn on Bounce Keys: ignores repeated keystrokes for a specific amount of time

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  1. Show/hide Library Filter bar \ \ Open multiple filters in the Filter bar. Shift-click filter labels. Shift-click filter labels. Toggle filters on/off. Ctrl + L. Command + L. Find photo in the Library module. Ctrl + F. Command +
  2. Click the Set up Filter Keys link. In the Filter Keys setup screen, uncheck the option for Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds . Click OK to save your changes. Now you've successfully turned off both Sticky Keys and Filter Keys permanently in Windows 10
  3. By Santhosh N This explains the Keyboard Shortcut key combination used to Turn Filter Keys ON and OFF in Microsoft Windows 7. Click and hold the Right Shift Key for eight seconds in Windows 7 to turn Filter Keys ON and can use the same to OFF the filter keys as well
  4. To use the keyboard shortcut to turn Filter Keys on and off, click to select or press 'Alt' + 'K' to 'Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is held down for 8 seconds'. Press 'Alt' + 'A' or click to select 'Display a warning message when turning a setting on'
  5. The keyboard was not working on 2 of my PCs after I logged in. Here is how I fixed the problem and got the use of my keyboard back.Thanks for watching! If yo..

Press the right Shift key for 8 seconds (or more than 8 seconds) to open the Filter Keys dialog box, and select Yes to turn it on. Way 2 : Through Ease of Access Center Step 1: Hold down Windows Logo Key and U key at the same time to access Ease of Access Center, and choose Make the keyboard easier to use in it Remove the check mark from the box next to Turn on Filter Keys. Click the blue Set up Filter Keys link. Underneath Keyboard shortcut Remove the check mark from the box next to Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds. Click OK twice. Additional Information: I would like you to follow the Article. Other Notes Player. Press and hold Shift+Alt to skim - scrub/seek using the horizontal position of the mouse cursor without clicking and dragging.. Timeline. While dragging shot or trimming, press and hold Alt to temporarily suspend snapping.On Linux, pressing Alt before dragging will usually move the app window; so, press Alt after you start dragging 2 Click/tap on Color filters on the left side, and check (on) or uncheck (off - default) Allow the shortcut key to toggle filter on or off on the right side for what you want. (see screenshot below) OPTION TWO . To Enable or Disable Color Filters Hotkey using a REG file This 2nd video in the series is all about Keyboard Shortcuts for the Filter Drop-down menus. These shortcuts will save you a lot of time when applying filte..

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Display access keys in the ribbon: Alt+F2: Toggle to display/hide FactBoxes: Alt+F3: Filter to the value in the field: Alt+F4: Close window or close program: Alt+F6: Collapse or expand the active frame: Alt+F12: Optimize space for the current page: Alt+Left Arrow: Go to the previous window in the navigation history: Alt+Right Arro Keyboard shortcuts are helpful for moving around in Power BI reports using a keyboard. The tables in this article describe the shortcuts available in a Power BI report. When using Power BI Desktop, you can press Shift + ? to show keyboard shortcuts, as shown in the following image As we all know Tally prime is a new version of Tally ERP 9 with new looks and some new features, but along with update there have been changes in shortcut keys also, so it is equally important to learn the tally prime shortcuts in order to make your work and reporting more faster, Below we have provided the shortcut Key list of Tally Prime for faster data entry and even you can download the. Once the Filter menu is displayed, you can type underlined letters to select a filter option. The underlined letters that appear in the menu are the shortcut keys for each command. For example, typing the letter F would display the Text, Number or Date Filters sub-menu

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To add a new filter, simply click the drop-down list next to the <select something to filter by> field. The list of available filters will display; mouse-click to choose a filter. Alternatively, you can type in the filter's name. The new filter adds to the filter screen All of these shortcuts are guaranteed to save you time in AE. Some of them can even cut your work time in half! So if you're ready to turbo-charge your AE skills here are 30+ of our favorite keyboard shortcuts in After Effects. We've also put together a handy guide that you can download in the shownotes at the bottom of this page How to turn off Sticky Keys in Windows 10, and disable its shortcut. 1. Turn on Sticky Keys by pressing shift five times in a row. 2. The Sticky Keys icon, which looks like a few white keyboard. Filtering on Specific Cells If you analyse large sets of data, the below two formulas are absolutely invaluable. These shortcuts use the Menu key, which is present in most modern keyboards next to the right Ctrl key. If your keyboard doesn't have a Menu key, you can press Shift + F10 instead

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Gateway Launch Manager enables and controls keyboard shortcuts. If your shortcuts are not working, you need to reinstall this software: Visit the Drivers and Manuals section of the Gateway support website. Under Select Product Family, choose your product family. Under Select Product Line, choose your product line List of Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Keyboard shortcuts can save you time and effort as you use Windows and other apps. Check the menus of apps for accelerator keys Pressing the arrow keys will select adjacent cards on a board. Pressing j will select the card below the current card. Pressing k will select the card above the current card

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This is a list of keyboard shortcuts for working in Tableau. For information on navigating a view using a keyboard, see Keyboard Accessibility for Tableau on the Web.. Shortcuts for managing workbooks, sheets, and files (Tableau Desktop The 'Filter Keys' shortcut is activated by holding the Shift key on your keyboard or button 4 on the X-Arcade for 8 seconds Use keyboard shortcuts to become more productive while using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in. Filter by: All Popular shortcuts Select tools Merge Panorama dialog Merge HDR dialog Image rating and label Curve point and visible point Grid Slider Local/spot brush tool Visualize spots Edit panels Lens Corrections panel Point Curve panel Crop panel. Filter Keys is a feature that will ignore brief and repeated keystrokes that may be caused by slow or inaccurate finger movements. The sensitivity of the keyboard can be a problem, especially if you strike keys accidentally. Also, most keyboards allow you to repeat a key just by holding it down

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Step 6: Underneath Keyboard shortcut, fill in the check mark from the box next to Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds. Note : To turn off filter keys in Windows 7 computer, just remove the check mark from the box next to Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds Using a Slicer, you can filter your data by clicking on the type of data you want. Before using this shortcut, you should select the slicer in Excel. The following image shows the filter option in the Excel Spreadsheet By default in Windows 7, Sticky Keys and Filter Keys are turned off but the built-in keyboard shortcuts to activate them are not. Pressing Shift 5 times in a row will activate the Sticky Keys pop. How Do I Use The Alt+; Excel Shortcut To Select And Copy/Paste Only Visible Cells? Say you have 1000 rows of data, with 15 hidden rows. You've hidden those 15 rows because you don't want to copy them. You select the 1000 rows with Ctrl+A, then you do Ctrl+C to copy, and then Ctrl+V to paste

For that, you'll have to click on either Set up Filter Keys or Set up Sticky Keys (or both). Disable Filter Keys Popup. If you went to the Filter Keys setup screen, remove the checkbox from Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds. This will completely disable the irritating popup The Shortcut Keys box displays all the shortcut keys available (the left column) and the functions applied to certain shortcut keys (the right column). If there is no function listed for a certain shortcut key, that shortcut key is available to assign to a function. Customizing the shortcut keys can be a bit confusing Learn convenient shortcut keys that allow you to create a table, apply a filter, and clear a filter. Learn convenient shortcut keys that allow you to create a table, apply a filter, and clear a filter. Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning! To access Lynda.com courses again, please join LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application which features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and macro programming language. Initially released on 1987, Excel is a part of Microsoft Office. In addition to Windows, it also has support for macOS, Android and iOS Arrow keys - Scroll up, down, left, or right in the Collection mode or Move within the photo on a zoomed photo. Left or Right arrow keys on a single item or slideshow - show the next or previous item. Ctrl++ - Zoom in when a photo opened in the app. Ctrl+-- Zoom out when a photo opened in the app.. Ctrl+0 - Reset the image zoom. Esc - Return to. Disabling the filter keys shortcut on the keyboard: Make a click on Set up Filter Keys option in the Ease of Access Center. Look for the box beside Turn on Filter Keys when right SHIFT is pressed for 8 seconds option and deselect it to turn off filter keys windows 10 Note: See my other post on Excel Sort Shortcuts Using The Alt and Menu Keys. That post contains a video within it — or on my YouTube channel . Here it is on the Home Tab (far right end of it), where you actually need to click on the Sort & Filter drop-down to get the sort options

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Or you can use shortcut key Alt + A + T to apply a filter on your data set. How to apply the Excel advanced filter? So, here are the steps to apply the Excel Advanced Filter. First Apply the filter in your data set, Click on the drop-down button of Amt. Rs. Column, Go to number filters and then Paste With a Shortcut. Instead of using one of the workarounds for copying and pasting, you can use a keyboard shortcut. It's much quicker and easier! This tip was shared by Khushnood Viccaji, in a comment on my previous post. Thanks for the tip - it's a new one for me, and a real time-saver! To copy data into the same rows in a filtered. Besides sticky keys, using the 'Num Lock' 5 times will also open the Toggle Keys shortcut, and pressing the shift keys 8 times will open up the shortcut for filter keys. But before that, let's find out what the filter and toggle keys do. Toggle Keys: You will get a sound each time you press the toggle keys. All Caps Lock, Num Lock, and.

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  1. d there are a few more shortcut schemes in Krita, including tablet and Photoshop compatible. Krita 4.2.2 Top 20 Al
  2. Advanced Filter Keyboard Shortcut. To open the Advanced Filter dialog use Alt A Q pressed in sequence, not held down. Related Posts. Pivot Table Shortcuts references pivot table Popular Power Query printing print preview Quick Access Toolbar range names Ribbon right click Shortcut key shortcuts sort SUBTOTAL SUM SUMPRODUCT tables text.
  3. Fast entity split (Ctrl + Right mouse button) only moves half of what is held in the cursor into the entity. Toggle filter (Middle mouse button) sets a filter on an inventory slot. If the slot is empty, the filter can be chosen from a list of all solid items. This works for slots in the player's toolbelt quickbar, car trunks, and cargo wagons
  4. To enable Color Filters, simply press Win + Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut once and it colorized your whole desktop at once. Press the same key combination again to disable it. Out of the box, it grayscales your desktop like below: To change the default color filter, open Settings app, go to Ease of Access and Color and high contrast
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To set shortcut keys for tools, double click the tool that you want to adjust to open the Custom Tool Settings dialog box. Enter the key in the Shortcut Key field, and press OK to confirm. (1) Double click the tool icon (2) Enter the new key, then press O Ctrl+M Filter to, Sets the selection to the marked records. Creates a temporary filter so that only the marked records are visible. Ctrl+N New Page. Ctrl+O Open an existing file or a file to import. Ctrl+P Print the active visualization. Ctrl+R Reset all filters. Ctrl+S Save the present visualization in the same format as when opened Sort and Filter; Excel Pivot Table Keyboard Shortcuts. Sometimes it's quicker to use a keyboard shortcut, instead of the mouse, to accomplish a task in Excel. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts for working with pivot tables in Excel 2007 and Excel 2003. There are no built-in shortcuts for Expand/Collapse, but you could use keys to. The keys in each keyboard shortcut listed below should be pressed simultaneously (as indicated by a - sign between each key.) If the keyboard shortcut in question requires a dash, it will be..

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  1. Shortcut. Delete the timeline selection, reject the browser selection, or remove a through edit. Delete. Delete. Show or hide the Filter window (in the browser) or the timeline index (in the timeline) Find. Command-F. Make the event viewer active. Go to Event Viewer. Option-Command-3. Import media from a device, a camera, or an archive. Import.
  2. istrators, but very few of them get to unleash its full potential. Having all the commands and useful features in the one place is bound to boost productivity
  3. Learn Revit hotkeys and commands with the Revit Shortcut Keyboard guide to help you work faster and be more efficient while using Revit software. Worldwide Sites. You have been detected as being from . Where applicable, you can see country-specific product information, offers, and pricing. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS / Assigns key sequences to tools.
  4. F Key Keyboard Shortcuts. F1: Activates context sensitive help. F3: Enters search mode if a searchable object is activated. F6: Activates the immediate left sheet tab of the currently active tab. F7: Activates the immediate right sheet tab of the currently active tab. F12
  5. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Instead of an SAP icon button, you can use a keyboard shortcut. A keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that you can use to access icon button functions while you are working in SAP. On a PC, the icon name and keyboard shortcut are displayed when you place the mouse over the icon
  6. Select entire active data range To select only all active data range, you need to select the first cell in the range first, then press Shift + Ctrl + End keys
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Shortcuts generally make things more convenient. Use these Shortcuts to Activate Filter in the Excel worksheet. It gives sorting and filtering options like below. Active Filter Conclusion: In this article, we guided you to grasp the keyboard Shortcuts to Activate Filter in MS Excel Worksheet. Share your feedback about this article in the comment section Here's the Complete List of MS Excel Function Key (F1 to F12) Shortcuts. Find all the shortcut keys that will save you time and increase productivity You can also filter by the cell Fill colour or Font colour. Use Shift + F10 E C to filter by the selected cell's Fill colour. Use Shift + F10 E F to filter by the selected cell's Font colour. Shortcut Conflict Issue. Initially I had an issue with this shortcut because I use Snag-it for screen capture (the above images were all done via Snag.

Use key shortcuts to perform normal Windows tasks that would normally be done by using a mouse. Action. Keyboard action. Open an app from the Start menu. Press the Windows key to open the Start menu (or screen) and then use the arrow keys to move through the menu Add all outside borders with shortcuts of Ctrl + Shift + &: Select the cells you want to add all outside borders, and then press the Ctrl + Shift + & keys at the same time, now you will see the outside borders are added for selected cells immediately.. Add all borders with shortcut of Alt - H - B - A: Select the range you want to add all borders, and then press Alt, H, B, A keys one by one Open a shortcut menu (shortcut menu: A menu that shows a list of commands relevant to a particular item. To display a shortcut menu, right-click an item or press SHIFT+F10.); open a drop-down menu for the selected gallery item . SHIFT+F10. When a menu or submenu is visible, select the first or last command on the menu or submenu . HOME or EN Filter using shortcut keys PPT Productivity's customizable shortcut keys can be used to search the Slide Library. For example, press Ctrl+Alt+F to navigate from your presentation into the Slide Library filter search field. Type your search term then press Tab to navigate into the results list

Very useful NAV Shortcut & Filter Method Hello Friends, I want to share some very useful filter methods & shortcut of NAV. Meaning. Sample Expression. however they do not know thre are few more shortcut keys they can use to ease their life when working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV I want to assign Shift+F6 to this filter, so I'll click on the Unsharp Mask filter in the list to select it, which highlights it in blue and opens up the small input box in the Shortcut column, and I'll hold down the Shift key and press F6, which appears inside the input box as Shift+F6. And just as before, Photoshop warns me that Shift+F6 is. Keyboard shortcuts are enabled by default. You can disable all keyboard shortcuts globally or disable specific shortcuts using different user preferences. Configure keys for keyboard shortcuts. Determine which shortcut key pairings users can use to access elements in an instance Jump to: Frequently used shortcuts, Work in windows and dialogs, Move and scroll in a sheet or workbook, Enter data on a sheet, Work in cells or the Formula bar, Format and edit data, Select cells, columns, or rows, Work with a selection, Use charts, Sort, filter, and use PivotTable reports, Outline data, The following table provides the.

The most common way to activate a shortcut is to press Ctrl or Alt, and then another key. Here are some of the best: Caps Lock - You may have noticed that your Chromebook doesn't have a Caps Lock.. Here Are Very Useful Shortcut Keys Of Microsoft Excel, That Will Help You To Speed Up Your Work And Short The Time Consumption Of Work, So Check Out Below:-Select cells, columns, rows, or objects in worksheets and workbooks by using shortcut keys : Keys on other layouts may not correspond exactly to the keys on a U.S. keyboard. For keyboard shortcuts in which you press two or more keys together, the keys to press are separated by a plus sign, like this: SHIFT+F10. For shortcuts in which you press keys one after the other, the keys to press are separated by a comma Add or remove a filter - + Shift + F. 4. What is shortcut key for search in Excel? Ctrl + F is used to search in Excel. 5. How do I create a Shortcut key in excel? To assign your own shortcuts in Excel, follow the steps: Click on File > Options tab; Click on Customize Ribbon; Select Customize option at the bottom of the Customize ribbon dialog bo

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Standard Modifier Keys On both platforms, in addition to keyboard shortcuts, the standard modifier keys are used in combination with mouse clicks to perform various tasks. Ctrl (Windows) / Cmd (Mac) selects or deselects multiple items that are not necessarily consecutive Keyboard shortcut of [Alt] + [Down Arrow] (same shortcut for almost all combo boxes/dropdowns on all Windows systems...ever) will display the filter list so you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to filter your table. I'm looking for the equivalent in ooCalc Shortcut Keys Effect Ctrl+A: Select All. Ctrl+J: Justify. Ctrl+D: Double Underline. Ctrl+E: Centred. Ctrl+F: Find and Replace. Ctrl+Shift+P: Superscript. Ctrl+L: Align Left. Ctrl+R: Align Right. Ctrl+Shift+B: Subscript. Ctrl+Y: Redo last action. Ctrl+0 (zero) Apply Default paragraph style. Ctrl+1: Apply Heading 1 paragraph style. Ctrl+2: Apply. Windows 10 comes with many Accessibility features; each designed to increase the usability and productivity of the users. sticky keys and filter keys search Accessibility features that remove the need of pressing keys repeatedly or holding down keys for multi-key shortcuts.. Let us take a look at how you can turn off sticky keys and what you can do if you see sticky keys not turning off on a. This option is available in the Data Tab under the Sort & Filter group. Excel filter shortcut Key:- Press Ctrl+Shift+L on your keyboard. Let's take an example to understand how we can filter the data using shortcut keys. We have data in range A1: C18. Column A contains Date, column B contains Agent name, and column C contains Revenue amount

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Okay, it appears that there is no current keyboard shortcut applied to this filter. If there were, it would appear to the right of the menu item, as they are in the above filters such as Liquify and Vanishing Point, among others. Creating the Keyboard Shortcut. To create the keyboard shortcut, I'll head up to the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. If you don't want that, turn off the Filter Keys switch and disable the Allow for the shortcut key to start Filter Keys option. Turning off Filter Keys and the right SHIFT key shortcut. How to turn off Sticky Keys in Windows 10, from the Control Panel Advance Excel Keyboard Shortcuts 2021. Excel shortcuts are basic need if you need to work faster in excel. There are hundreds of shortcut keys you can use in your daily routine. Some of them you probably might not know exists. Here are some of the advance excel keyboard shortcuts This page shows the keyboard shortcuts for the various search functions in Thunderbird. For the full list of all keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts. Prior to version 3.1. In earlier versions (prior to 3.1) of Thunderbird, the Ctrl / Command + F key combination invoked the function for searching for text in the currently selected message Click View tabWindows panelUser Interface drop-downKeyboard Shortcuts. In the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, locate the desired Revit tool or command, using one or both of the following methods: In the search field, enter the name of the command. As you type, the Assignments list displays the commands that match any part of a word. For example, all matches Wall, Tag All, and Callout

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Sticky Keys enables the user to enter key combinations by pressing keys in sequence rather than simultaneously. This will benefit users who are unable to press or have difficulty pressing shortcut key combinations. Turning On Sticky Keys. By default, Sticky Keys may be turned on in the Universal Access panel of System. Select the Turn on Filter Keys check box, scroll down to select Turn on Repeat Keys and Slow Keys, and then click Set up Repeat Keys and Slow Keys. Step5: Select Ignore all repeated keystrokes. Repeat keystrokes are turned off. If you hold down a special key now, you send only a single key down event from Citrix Receiver for Windows or Linux Whenever shortcut keys are listed, with a plus sign ( + ) in the string, such as Ctrl+C, this indicates that the Ctrl key is held while the letter C is pressed. When a shortcut key is listed with commas separating the string, such as Alt+F, W, F, the Alt key is held while the letter F is pressed, but then both these keys are released while the W and F keys are pressed one after the other Entity Filter. Hotkey: e Similar to Configuration -> Entities, but more lightweight and accessible from anywhere in the frontend.. Filter for entities in Quick Bar's entity filter mode Once launched, start typing your entity id (or bits and pieces of your entity id) to get back a filtered list of entities.Clicking on an entity (or hitting enter when the desired entity is highlighted. Shortcuts To perform a shortcut, hold down the fn (function) key while pressing the key associated with an action. The following key combinations are available

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