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Radio buttons require double click on aura component. Ask Question Asked 6 months ago. Active 6 months ago. Viewed 173 times 0. I have written a flow in which user data is sent to an external API and receives a multiple choice quiz back. The flow then takes that quiz and passes it to a screen with a custom aura component on it where the quiz is. When I attempt to select one of the radio buttons, neither buttons are selected. If I click a second time, the radio button I click on is highlighted. This reaction is the same for both buttons. So, basically the first click deselects the radio buttons and the second click will select the radio button that I click on. I use radio buttons all. radio buttons are requiring double click to get selected but they work even after clicking once event.js import EventList from '../components/EventList' import React.

I'm not sure a radio button has a double click event - or even that it should. I've certainly never seen any UI that used one. That would be a unusual thing to do: users are not used to double clicking radio buttons (any more than standard buttons) so your app could be difficult or annoying to use. Why do you specifically want to do this Below is my code I have 2 radio buttons, one of the radio buttons is checked by default using the checked attribute. I want to show different content when each of the radio buttons are checked. But to check the second radio button I need to click twice

We had the double-click issue in Firefox browser but only when used along with a screen reader (NVDA) for accessibility.Posting a solution because it looked related. onMouseDown and onMouseUp are not really solutions from accessibility point of view as buttons can then not be triggered using Enter and Space keys.. We found that the issue is with onClick and changing it to onTouchTap solves the. If a dialog pops up that basically asks you to choose only one option out of single radio button sets (e.g. Send Response / Do not send response / Edit response before sending), you can double-click the radio button of your option to dismiss the dialog with that option. Here the double-click works as a macro for choosing option and clicking OK Another of the peculiarities of Windows Forms is that the RadioButton control doesn't support double clicking. Granted, it is not often you require the functionality but it's a little odd it's not supported. As an example, one of our earlier products which never made it to production uses a popup dialog to select a zoom level for a RichTexBox


Click or double-click the Mouse or Mouse Settings icon. In the Mouse Properties window, click the Buttons tab, if not already selected. On the Buttons tab, adjust the slider for the Double-click speed option, then press OK. Test out the double-click speed adjustment to see if that helps resolve the double-clicking issue After finish, you should be able to select a radio button and if you double click the selected radio button, it's unselected. Here are the steps to create a tiny VBA code for the On Dbl Click (on double click) event to deselect a radio button group. Step #1: Create a new form in your Access database. Open an empty Access application. On the. One of my clients requires to come out a survey form to get the users' response. This seems to be a simple list view but if you are using the standard the K2 SmartForm behaviour, the user will have to click/double click into each row then to select the answer. Can we make it better? The answer is yes Closest thing I could find required the user to double //We need to bind click handler as well //as FF sets button checked after mousedown, but before click $('input:radio').bind('click mousedown', (function() { //Capture radio button status within its handler scope, //so we do not use any global vars and every radio button keeps its own status

visual workflow - Radio buttons require double click on

Double click firing on disabled radio button. Jun 20, 2019 07:04 PM | vyasnikul | LINK Never thought this would be an issue, I have radio buttons appended in my HTML table as a column and I am disabling them to finalize the selection but after disabling them on double click they get checked/unchecked To make only one radio button checked in some multiple radio buttons, you have to make all of them have the same radio button name and make sure the options Radio buttons with the same name and value are selected in unison is unchecked under Options tab in Radio button Properties dialog boxes for all of those radio buttons.To open Radio button Properties window, please click on Form tab in. Let's double click on the radio buttons and put the follow code in the opened window. Public Class Form1 Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load ' Set the caption bar text of the form

So, this way, we can select a Radio Button which has the unique value of the name attribute and select the same by using the click operation. How to locate a radio button using the XPath locator? Similar to other UI elements, we can also locate the Radio Buttons by using the XPath locator strategy Hello, I have a couple of ActiveX buttons and if I repeatedly click any of the buttons, I have to click twice in order for it to execute. I can click, go fill out a cell somewhere and come back and I can click once. but If I just try to execute a macro several times I have to click twice Checkboxes and Radio Buttons are very similar. They both display a list of options which a user can select from. Checkbox fields allow the user to select one or more options and boxes can be checked and unchecked. Radio Buttons fields will allow only one option to be selected. A Radio Button cannot be unchecked

Selecting a radio button is requiring me to double clic

  1. Select the exclusion group or one of the radio buttons within the group. In the Object palette, click the Binding tab and select Specify Item Values. Double-click the first On value that you want to change. Type the new On value. Press Enter to change the next On value or double-click any other On value to change it
  2. Use a checkbox instead of a Radio Button. Radio Buttons are intended to be used in groups of two or more, not individually as would be the situation with an attendance list (unless you have one for Present and another for Absent for each attendee, with the two buttons for each attendee being assigned to a unique Group
  3. Closest thing I could find required the user to double click to uncheck. Thanks, Han. felgall. To uncheck a radio button you simply click on one of the other buttons in the same group. A radio.
  4. When Spinner is Focusable, it requires a double click to open. I find that this works, but I also have to do the same for a radio button and a checkbox. I require that touching any of these, I need to fire a lost focus on a EditText (FocusChange), so I need all of these focusable

React: radio buttons require double click - JavaScript

If the DblClick event doesn't occur within the double-click time limit of the system, the form, form section, or control recognizes two Click events instead of a single DblClick event. The double-click time limit depends on the setting under Double-Click Speed on the Buttons tab of the Mouse option of the Windows Control Panel Occurs when the user double-clicks the RadioButton control with the mouse Automate radio button and checkbox in selenium. When you inspect these elements via firebug and firepath you will get above html type. The main difference between radio button and checkbox is checkbox you can select multiple but for radio button, only one selection is possible. In Selenium we have 1 method called click() to perform click events I do recognize that the flat buttons are not necessarily for use with md-icon, however, I do not believe this is the reason for the weird double tap necessity on mobile view. FWIW, I use the flat icons because I do not want circular buttons in any part of my apps, and it was easy implementing icons within flat than it was to negate the circular. RequiredFieldValidator validation control make an asp.net web server input control as like a mandatory field. input control validation fails if the value of control does not change from it's initial value. so it will be a required field (input control) for submit web form. user must be input some value to pass the validation. you cannot pass a.

[Solved] Is there any way to get Radio button double click

  1. When i Double Click on Data Grid View all the data shown correctly but CheckBox, RadioButton and ComboBox are not show. C# All the the data Shown from Data Grid in Text Boxes, but radio buttons, Checkboxes and Comboboxes are not shown. Richard MacCutchan 26-May-20 5:01am OK, then just show the code that is not working and say what happens..
  2. Adds a radio button to the document or form. Signers must click the radio button. Adds a date stamp field to the document or form. Signers must double click the field to add the current date to the document or form. Adds the selected signer's first, middle, and last name to the document or form. No action required
  3. Occurs when the user double-clicks the RadioButton control
  4. Hi , I have two Templeate columns in My Grid one is Radiobutton col and other is CheckBox Column,....To select / Unslect a checked box(or radio button) I have to click twice on that cell ,this behaviour is very irritating is there a way that in a single click used can check / uncheck the Checkbox(or Radio button
  5. Mouse now requiring a double click instead of a single The tap feature does not seem affected, only the actual buttons. Any idea what could cause this? This is only in the left click, the right seems to be working fine. I've glanced through the mouse settings, but I don't see anything set wrong. Help would be much appreciated
  6. Select Open (or just double click). (Be patient and give it time to display the file after initially seeing the popup indicating it is done.) Right click the file on OneDrive and select Share. Select Get a Link from the popup menu. Click Copy the link and Paste into your reply on this forum
  7. To stop the radio button from moving around when you resize or delete cells, do the following: Left click on the radio button and select Format Control. In the Format Control dialogue box, select the properties tab. In the Properties tab, within Object Positioning, select Don't move or size with cells. Click OK

javascript - Radio button needs to be clicked twice to get

  1. Radio buttons already have an option selected when you first come into the page. Now again this is very subjective, but if the User Research is done well, it might just be possible to achieve that no touch/click goal with the radio button if the default is the majority of what people will select. Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me
  2. I went through this particular issue some days ago. I had an image and some text wrapped in an anchor, when the user hover the image the text was shown over the image otherwise it was hidden with display: none.My workaround to solve this issue was to hide the text using opacity: 0 and opacity: 1 to show the text. Probably this method is not applicable for all scenarios but it can work for some.
  3. I'm seeing the same problem. I have a value converter for the binding. The ConvertBack method of my value converter is only getting called once per radio button group. I.e., there are 2 radio buttons. Initially, neither one is set. I click on the first one and ConvertBack is not called. I click on the second one and ConvertBack is called for.
  4. Selecting a radio button by default prevents these issues and communicates to the user from the start that he is required to choose one in the set. 2. Expedite Tasks. When a choice in a set of radio buttons is known to be the most desired or frequently selected one, it is very helpful to select this by default in the design
  5. 1) First, make sure the tab order is correct/sequential for the entire set. 2) Give a symbolic name (other than IDC_STATIC) to the first and last label. 3) Double-click each radio button to have the wizard provide an OnClick handler. I usually collapse my code so that it looks like this

I didn't write the .NET framework - you'd have to talk to MS! :laugh: But a button isn't meant to support double click - because it's normal click action is often to close the form and either OK or Cancel it, I suspect - so a double click on a button is not something a user is expecting to do Double click on the page to create a form field of the default size. The Radio name-value entry box appears. In the Radio Group Name text box, type a name that identifies the radio button. NOTE: For related radio buttons, the Radio Group Name reflects the question a user is answering. In the Button Value text box, type a value when i Click Double the the TextBoxes are fill and radiobutton, checkbox, combobox are remain unchecked. now i want that when i click double on Datagrid Row these become check or fill like texboxes. Richard MacCutchan 26-May-20 5:34am You are converting everything to strings, which is most likely your problem Select the Hyperlink to: radio button > From the drop-down menu, choose where you would like the action button to link to when activated. Click [OK]. To test the action button, start your PowerPoint slideshow (Click F5 on your keyboard) and click the text or image with the action button

filter event on the boolean, and track the time between two successive events. On the first one, discard the event, and store the time. On the second one, if the time is within some double-click time, don't discard the event, which will allow the boolean to switch Under General Tab, in Click items as follows, select the Double Click to open an Item option. 4. Click on OK to save the setting . This should resolve this issue. Please get back to us with the results. If you have any further issues, or if this one persists, don't . hesitate to write to us Clicking on the 'Get Free' button: Clicking on the 'Get Premium' button: Clicking on the 'Reset options' button: Method 2: Using attr method: It is similar to the above method and more suitable for older jQuery versions. The input can be accessed and its property can be set by using the attr method

One solution is to handle the double-click event and roll back the actions in the handling of the click event. In rare situations you may need to simulate click and double-click behavior by handling the MouseDown event and by using the DoubleClickTime and DoubleClickSize properties of the SystemInformation class. You measure the time between clicks and if a second click occurs before the value. When you double-click an icon or file name for a Microsoft Excel workbook, Excel starts and then displays a blank screen instead of the file that you expect to see. Resolution. select or tap the Online Repair radio button, then select or tap the Repair button. Windows 8. On the Start screen, type Control Panel In this tutorial, we will see how to identify the following form elements . Radio Button ; Check Box ; Radio Button. Radio Buttons too can be toggled on by using the click() method In the computing world, click is used to denote the action of pressing a mouse button. It's an onomatopoeia, where the word takes after the sound it makes. On smartphones, it also means to operate a physical button or switch on the device, something that could make a click sound, even if it doesn't. Answer: Double-Click the Side Button

All Buttons requires double click to trigger click event

Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML Because bootstrap-button.js uses event delegation on the body tag to detect and handle clicks on its buttons, it makes it hard for other code to do something when the button is pressed and also properly detect whether the button is (after the click) in an activated state or not.. For example, someone might try to use a btn.click() event handler and then check for hasClass('active')-- but. The radio button is presented as a small circle on the screen. It also has two states, and when selected, the circle is filled with a solid dot. In contrast to checkbox groups, radio button groups behave as a single control and limit the user's choice to just one option from the range provided You can do both: Icon will serve for discoverability for first time users. + Visible and findable.-Small click target.Double click is a productivity shortcut for advanced users. + Large click target (whole row), fast.-Invisible, needs explanation.Don't forget a way to convert people from beginners to advanced users - for example, by a clue (row does react on hover) and by info (add a note to. At the top of the list, click the Accept License Agreement radio button. In the list, click the Download link for Windows x64 or Linux x64. Save the file (jdk-6u43-windows-x64.exe or jdk-6u43-linux-x64.bin) to your machine.To install the JDK on Windows: Double-click the JDK installer file

Is it safe to adopt idea of double-click on a radio button

Change the Mouse Double-Click Speed. In this method, we are going to change the double-click speed to fix a double-clicking mouse. To change the mouse double click speed, head to the Settings > Devices > Mouse. Under the Mouse, click on the 'Additional Mouse Options'. Now under the 'Buttons' tab, you need to adjust the double-click speed If you are editing the form, click Close Form Editing in the upper-right corner of the form. Make sure that the security settings allow form filling. (See File > Properties > Security.) Make sure that the PDF/A standard was not used to create the file. (Check for the Standards panel button in the Navigation pane. We then create the button and name it button. We put the text Submit on the button. We then create our radio buttons and link them all to the group question1. Now we get to the event handler for the button. When the user clicks on the button, the e parameter is triggered, because the clicks represents an event

Question: Q: Double click on home button of new iPhone 7 often does not work. I like to close apps as soon as I've finished with them, and I normally do that by double clicking and swiping upwards. But on my new iPhone 7, this only works occasionally. Sometimes a double click gives me a half home page or Siri Radio Button itself does not maintain any state. Instead, when the state of the radio button changes, the widget calls the onChanged callback. => listen for the onChanged callback and rebuild the Radio Button with groupValue to update state variables.. class _CurrencyState extends State { // state variable double _result = 0.0; void _handleRadioValueChange(int value) { setState. Hi all, I would like to have an ActiveX command button on an Excel 2010 worksheet that functions in one way with a single click, but in a different way when double-clicked. However, if I have defined both events, the double-click event never fires. If I then delete the single click event, then · It depends on what you do. If you display a message. I must double click it to get an action. In quiz preferences, under Pass or Fail, I've made sure to set the action that occurs following a passing or failing grade to jump to the next page (the last one of the project). I can't find anywhere how to control the action of that button so it only requires a single click. Why is this happening The user could have touched the button, but changed his or her mind and moved outside of the button to release the touch. This is consistent with the mouse behavior of buttons. Line 22: We just call the same function that the button_Click() event handler called to get the same effect. Lines 25-27: We release the capture and handle this event as.

Creating a Windows Forms RadioButton that supports the

As the title suggests, iOS 13 somehow requires double clicking on the home button to open wallet and execute a payment. This usually, almost always actually, unlocks the phone instead. And wallet. Double-click a selected text field to open the Properties window. In then the Options tab, select Multi-Line and Scroll Long Text. Learn more. How to make a field required or not required? Double-click a selected form field to open the Properties window. In the General tab, to make the field required, select Required 19) Double-click the new Internet Explorer shortcut on the desktop to start Internet Explorer. 20) Click on the User recommended security and compatibility settings radio button and click OK' as shown below if that dialog appears One way to rename a button is to right-click it, select Rename, enter a new name, and click OK. Another way is to double-click the button in the timeline to open it for editing, enter a new name, and press Enter on your keyboard. Formatting Buttons. Formatting buttons is a snap. Select a button and go to the Format tab on the ribbon. You can.

When I click my mouse, it sometimes double-click

I am having a similar issue. I had a gridview inside an update panel. OnDatabound, i put a e.Row.Attributes.Add(onclick, Page.ClientScript.GetPostBackEventReference(MyGridView, Select$ + e.Row.RowIndex.ToString))along with a mouseover and mouse out color (to make the grid rows clickable) this worked for a few months now a radio button or an radio button? - Which English form is more popular? Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. or Register with email. Email address (required) Password (required) Sign Up. Already have an account? Please click the link that we've sent to this address to post your question to our experts So when i click on IsType1, TypeSelectedShell = Type 1. Which it should change in the usercontrol. I have to click twice on the radio button in JacketSelectW (window) to make the changes in JacketUC (usercontrol), why, and how can I overcome it? Thanks Fixes mui-org#3382 In React + IE, a handleChange event is incorrectly fired on a disabled radio button double click. Added a guard in RadioButton to leverage the isInputChecked argument sent from EnhancedSwitch. lawrence-yu mentioned this issue Apr 23, 2016 [RadioButton].

How to Unselect MS Access Radio Buttons (Option Group

  1. In this article, we will see how to make double click unchecked radio button in asp.net using jquery . Many times we when user clicks on already checked radio button, it should uncheck it. That time this code is very useful
  2. Uncheck Radio Button on Double Click. Monday, December 17, 2012. ASP.NET Javascript Visual Studio 2010. Hi, Recently I got one requirement that i have to uncheck radio button list when a user double click it (Try to uncheck). I did this using JAVA Script. Below is the code. Designer
  3. Hence, let's fire the discussion table that includes the methods to fix the Mouse Double Click issue. Fix 1: Re-set the Mouse Double Click Speed Firstly, what you can do in order to fix the issue is to re-set the Mouse Double click speed. Because, sometimes, this issue takes place when the Mouse Double Click speed set either too high or too low
  4. Find the double click to install on your iPhone's Side button or iPad's Top button to purchase apps confusing, awkward, or difficult? Want another option that doesn't require two hands to complete? The good news is there are some options for people who just don't like or want this behavior
  5. If you must use radioButtons then you will need to drop all 11 onto your form, double click on each of them separately - that will add the CheckedChanged Event to each of them in the code section. Next, you will need to do as I mentioned earlier and add all the images you require to your resources
  6. To enable single click action using your mouse or touchpad, open File Explorer, select the View tab then click Options. Select the General tab then choose the radio box Single-click to open an.

List View - Radio Button Control - All about K2 by Bria

*--this is an example for working with radio buttons in alv oops , based on the radio button selection , the last field has to be edited. report radiobutton_alv_OOPS. class cl_alv definition deferred. type-pools: abap, icon. data: event_receiver type ref to cl_alv Double-click the English button. This will take you to directly to the event handler. The Click event is the default for the button it is that event that is created when you double-click the button. Other controls have other defaults. Adding the Event Handlers. When you double-click the control two things happens in the code behind the form

disable radio button demo by click event dem VB.NET 2008 Radio Button Double-Click. donmghi asked on 2012-11-04. Visual Basic.NET; 8 Comments. 1 Solution. 1,229 Views. Last Modified: 2012-11-05. I have three radio buttons representing different finishes on a product. The user can select any one of the finishes or can select to have no finish by not selecting a button Working with Radio Button. Following are some of the key methods with which one can work with Radio Button −. Select(RadioButtonName) − Helps the tester to Set the Radio Box ON Click − Clicks on the Radio Button. Even Radio Button ON or OFF but tester cannot get the status. WaitProperty − Waits Till the Property value becomes tru

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