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Quick and Reliable Delivery for Soldering Flux and 1.5 Million Other Products Celebrating Nearly 100 Years in Business. Enjoy Products for All Home, Farm, & Auto Needs!. Dedicated to Great Service, Products, and Prices. Shop A Wide Variety of Excellent Brands A fluxing agent (or a controlled atmosphere as found in furnace brazing) is required for all brazing and soldering applications. The purpose of the flux is to remove oxides from the base material and to prevent oxidation during the heating process, thus promoting the free flow of the brazing filler metal White flux is useful for brazing copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. It has an active temperature range of 1050 -1600°F (565 - 870°C). Use it with the Safety-Silv ® high silver brazing filler metals (AWS BAg series) on the above base metals, and the Stay-Silv ® phos-copper-silver (AWS BCuP series) on copper to brass

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On occasions, there is the need to braze copper to brass (perhaps a brass flange to a copper pipe). Provided it is a suitably designed joint, a copper/ phos alloy with an inclusion of silver (such as Sifcupron No 17-2Ag) will be ideal. However in order to get the alloy to bond with the brass, it is necessary to us a flux, such as Sifsilcopper o 1-lb 3/32-in Flux Coated Copper Brazing Rods. Model #KH481. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 15. Lincoln Electric. Mix a paste of braze-welding flux and water and apply it to the surfaces that are going to be welded. Step 3 Lower the acetylene in the mix until you have a strong oxygen rich flame able to produce coating on the base metal FLUX BRONZE GENERAL PURPOSE BRAZING FLUX CHOOSE AMOUNT Iron Brass Cuprum surface. £9.99. Click & Collect. £3.90 postage. Gold Silver Brazing Flux Powder Welding Jewelry Making Processing Powder Repairs. £4.90. Free postage. or Best Offer. Johnson Matthey SILVER-FLO 40, brazing rod - 40% Silver. 1 x 200mm and 5g Flux. £6.95

Brass/ Bronze flux specially designed to improve wettability of Brass/Bronze Castolin alloy on base metal. It is recommended for galvanised steel pipes. Paste brazing flux for capillary brazing with copper - zinc - nickel based alloys. At elevated temperature the flux reduces the metal oxides on the base metal and activates the surface. This result.. Brass brazing alloys can be used for brazing and for the Oxy-Fuel Gas Braze-Welding process, with liquid flux spread through the torch flame. Brass Brazing Alloys are mainly used for welding among copper, steel and iron. Most of the common (and easy to use) brazing alloys

14 product ratings - Forney 48490 Flux Coated Bronze Brazing Rod, 3/32 X18-Inch, 10-Rods 890993 Hot Max 24181 1/8-Inch by 36-Inch Low Fuming Bronze Brazing Rod, Flux Coated, 6-Pack. 4.5 out of 5 stars 17. $23.99 $ 23. 99. Get it as soon as Tue, Mar 30. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 16 left in stock (more on the way)

Learn how to easily braze steel, iron, brass, bronze, or copper using the supplies shown in this video that yield excellent results! You'll be able to make m.. Uses Metal joining. In high-temperature metal joining processes (welding, brazing and soldering), flux is a substance which is nearly inert at room temperature, but which becomes strongly reducing at elevated temperatures, preventing oxidation of the base and filler materials.The role of a flux is typically dual: dissolving the oxides already present on the metal surface, which facilitates. Get the best deals on Brazing Flux In Welding Rods & Wires when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices Flux coated rods combine flux and brazing filler metal in a single convenient form. They are suitable for use on joints where there is a limited gap for the filler metal. As the joint is heated the flux coated rod should be touched or wiped onto the joint area. This will apply some flux and protect the component from oxidation as the joint.

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I get the brass brazing rod from airgas, they have the flux coated, and the stuff you need to flux yourself. It's color match is great, its strong and has a lower melting point than brass. I've gone through packs of it and I would recommend going that route. Its pretty cheap too Soldering, Brazing, and Welding Tips.Soldering with a propane torch is the easiest way to join copper and brass.You can even use solder to join copper or brass to stainless steel, you just need the proper flux. Use a liquid flux instead of a paste flux

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  1. Nachiket Sales was established in the year 1993, with the aim of offering complete engineering solutions to the electrical and mechanical industries.Headed by Mr. Aniruddha Joshi we have strived to provide high-performance brazing solutions.We are involved as the manufacturer and exporter of Lomelt Silver Brazing Flux Powder, Oxiflux Silver Brazing Flux and Brass Brazing Fluxes and much more
  2. 3/32 in. x 36 in. Low Fume Flux Coated Brazing Rod A flux coated welding alloy used to braze A flux coated welding alloy used to braze steel, steel alloys, copper, brass, bronze and cast iron. Sometimes used to join galvanized sheets of duct work. Used for repair work on steel and other copper, brass and bronze alloys. Excellent for brazing.
  3. Manufacturer of Brass Brazing Fluxes - Brass Flux Brass Brazing Fluxes, HT Flux Brass Brazing Flux Paste offered by Nachiket Sales, Pune, Maharashtra
  4. Aufhauser Brazing and Soldering Fluxes are top-rate industrial flow and cleaning agents ideally suited for use with Aufhauser Brazing or Welding alloys in your project. Use this chart to select the appropriate flux to complement your welding, brazing, or soldering application. Flux for General Welding / Brazing Flux for Silver Brazing / Solderin

The cleaning phase of the joint to be brazed is essential before brazing. The brazing fluxes are part of this process, they are chemical compounds that contribute to the cleaning of the filler metal. Among the main characteristics, it protects the surfaces against air oxidation and cleans from the metal oxides that appear during the brazing phase flux-bath brazing, thought must be given to the mechanical properties of the parent metal and the brazing alloy. Also to be taken into account are the clearances to be adopted between adjacent parts which are to be joined, methods of maintaining clearance during the brazing cycle, i.e. jigging, and ultimate strength of the joint. There are othe Too, aluminum-bronze and magnesium fluxes braze only with their respective base metals. To braze ferrous and nickel alloys, two flux types can be used: silver-brazing or high-temperature fluxes.Which of the two is better depends on base and filler material type, brazing conditions, and cost

Brazing brass to stainless steel is a fairly easy process. Brass melts at around 1652-1724º F range and is fairly easy to cast. During any brass welding job, use high-quality filler if the color doesn't have to match the metal. Because of its relatively high melting point, low zinc brass can be braze-welded Comweld copper and Brass Flux is specially developed for the braze welding of copper, brass, and bronze and the brazing of copper and steel. For Universal Braze Welding ApplicationsHighest Quality FluxUseable in either Powder or Paste For

Brass brazing is used to join together metals that have a higher melting temperature than that of the brass itself. Not saying that it cannot be done but, you would need to know the exact composition of each alloy (and thus the melting point) that you are working with. Your best chance of success is to start with a big enough piece of brass Brazing Alloys & Flux BOC offers an extensive range of nickel, silver and copper brazing alloys, as well as flux to suit your welding applications. Buy your nickel, silver, copper alloys and fluxes online from BOC today

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Firepower Flux Brazing Rod Part #: 1440-0430 Line: FIR. Select a store to see pricing & availability Coating Type: Flux. Diameter (in): 1/8 Inch. Compare. Firepower Mild Steel Brazing Rod Part #: 1440-0442 Line: FIR. Select a store to see pricing & availability Material:. Flux is a chemical compound applied to the joint surfaces before brazing. Its use, with a few exceptions, is essential in the atmospheric brazing process. This is because heating a metal surface accelerates oxide formation, the result of a chemical reaction between the hot metal and oxygen in the air Brazing flux can effectively destroy or dissolve the oxide film on the surface of the base metals and the brazing alloys, which enhances the wettability and spreading of the liquid brazing material on the surface, thus improving the joint quality. Flux must be used in most brazing applications The Brazing Procedure Specification (BPS) provides the basic and mandatory requirements that shall be fol-lowed during brazing. Care shall be taken that the base metal, base metal specification, type and grade, base metal thickness, overlap of the socket joint and all other variables specified by the BPS are followed in making a brazed joint We manufacture fluxes that cover the entire range of temperatures. We have mastered the art of mainstream fluxes for Silver Brazing - SILMUX, Copper Brazing - COPMUX, Brass & Bronze Brazing- BROMUX, Aluminum brazing- ALUMUX, Soldering-SOLMUX, and also specialize in Liquid Gas Flux & Dispenser Tank - GFU & LIQUIMUX, Brazing Retardant pin- WAXMUX, Spatter free - SPATMUX, Stainless steel.

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Brazing fluxes also provide the craftsman with an indication of temperature (Figure 14.6b). If the outside of the fitting and the heat-affected area of the tube are covered with flux (in addition to the end of the tube and the cup), oxidation will be minimized and the appearance of the joint will be greatly improved Aluminum-Bronze Brazing Flux. Superior No. 625 is an aluminum-bronze brazing paste flux for torch-brazing applications. Aluminum-bronze brazing is a specialized process, used primarily in the manufacture of propulsion systems for military and civilian naval craft Brazing Flux is designed to remove surface impurities and produce a better bond for most metals including brass, bronze and hard-facing rods that require flux Brazing Steel to Brass with Propane Torch 171 Braze steel to brass tubing with Muggy Weld SSF-6 silver solder and a propane torch. The silver solder's flux wets the steel and brass, and no machine work is needed as the brazing rod has an outstanding finish. Note : Please observe all AWS Safety & Health Guidelines when using Muggy Weld products Product Title 50 Aluminium Welding Brazing + Soldering Low Temp Du Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $9.49 $ 9 . 49 - $11.99 $ 11 . 9

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ESAB® All-State® Jet Clear Liquid Welding And Brazing Flux 1 Gallon Metal Container (For Steel, Copper And Cast Iron) ESAB® All-State® Jet Clear Liquid Welding And Brazing Flux 1 Gallon Metal Container (For Steel, Copper And Cast Iron) Airgas Part #:ESA69080170. SD Brass brazing fluxes in powder and paste forms to be used for joining various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys using Bronze Brazing Flux. Kindly refer to the list below to select the best suited cuprosil brass Powder brazing flux for capillar brazing with high silver content alloys. At elevated temperature the flux reduces the metal oxides on the base metal and activates the surface. This results in an optimal wetting of the filler metal and increase of the capillar effect in the gap between the two surfaces to be joined. The development of a surface all.. Bronze Brazing & Welding Rods. Aluminum: Bernzomatic AL3 Aluminum Brazing & Welding Rods. Directions. Use the wire brush or emery cloth to scuff the surface of the metal. Then clean the surfaces using soapy water or a degreaser. Position the metal as desired. In most cases, an overlapped joint will be stronger and braze together easier than a.

Nickel-Silver flux has a couple advantages for the framebuilder over powder brazing flux. 1. It is a water soluble paste, similar to silver solder flux. As such, it can be removed by soaking in water, a little help from a small stainless steel brush speeds things up. As this flux requires no mechanical removal, the joint can be left as brazed. 2 ESAB® All-State® Jet Clear Liquid Welding And Brazing Flux 1 Gallon Metal Container (For Steel, Copper And Cast Iron) ESAB® All-State® Jet Clear Liquid Welding And Brazing Flux 1 Gallon Metal Container (For Steel, Copper And Cast Iron) Airgas Part #:ESA69080170. SDS. Qty. Package Size: 1

Welcome to the S.A. Day Buffalo Flux Facility, Johnson Mfg. Co. Web Site The S.A. Day Buffalo Flux Facility is a leading manufacturer of brass and copper soldering and brazing fluxes, and aluminum brazing flux for the automotive heat transfer industry. We are the premier supplier of quality copper, brass and aluminum brazing fluxes and soldering fluxes After sufficient preheat, determined by joint and process, feed braze alloy into the joint, unless a brazing pre-form is already in place. The flame should be soft and used like a brush to keep the deposited metal flowing. Clean post-braze flux residues from brazed joint using hot water 60°C ± 5°C / 140°F ± 10°F. SAFETY PRECAUTION The Bernzomatic® Bronze Flux-Coated Brazing and Welding Rods are ideal for everyday repairs involving steel, cast iron and copper metals. These rods also be used on galvanized iron, brass, stainless and chrome-plated materials, or any combination Low-Temperature Brazing Fluxes - These residues may be removed with hot water - alone or with detergents, alkaline cleaners, or acid cleaners. The most effective method is largely dependent on the base metals involved. High-Temperature Brazing Fluxes (Borates) - These hard, glass-like deposits are insoluble in many cleaners. They may be.

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  1. 100g Soldering Paste Flux Silver Brass Brazing Powder For Welding Copper Description: Features: 100% brand new and high quality In the range of 620-850 degrees, and with silver -based solder, silver brazing copper and copper alloy, copper and stainless steel, can effectively dissolve the various metal oxides, fueling solder overflow. Function: 1
  2. g 3/32 X 36 - 10 Lbs. Item #: 48496 Add to compare $200.49. Please enter your postal code to check availability. Enter your postal code. Brazing, Low Fu
  3. 250gm jars Braze welding and brazing of copper and steel. Braze welding of cast iron. Fusion welding of copper, brass and bronze (powder) CA 602 200gm Low temperature and general purpose silver brazing alloy flux (paste) CA 801 250ml & 5ltr bottles For soldering copper, brass and bronze as well as stainless steel monel, nickel chromium. (liquid
  4. Brazing Copper to Brass Pipe With Induction Objective: Brazing several brass and copper assemblies used in water faucets Material braze, white flux Temperature 1350 °F 730°C Frequency 200 or 280 kHz (coil dependant) Equipment DW-UHF-10KW induction heating system, remote work head with two 1μF capacitors and a 3-turn helical coil Process: Three helical coils ar
  5. Mathure Metal Works is the leading manufacturer of brazing alloys and fluxes in the industry. We have been in business for almost 50 years and offer a comprehensive inventory of brazing and soldering alloys and fluxes.. We also offer a wide range of brazing training and consultation services to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency. Contact us to learn more

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  1. g rod of highest quality. Tins easily and has a high strength and wear resistance. Fuses well with cast iron, malleable, galvanized iron, steel
  2. Induction Brazing Brass Faucet Objective Brazing two joints on a brass bathroom faucet assembly Material Brass bathroom fittings 1 OD, brazing rings, flux Temperature 1148 ºF (620 ºC) Frequency 90 kHz Equipment • DW-UHF-30 kW induction heating system, equipped with a remote workhead containing eight 1.0 μF capacitors for a total of 8.0 μF • An inductio
  3. Flux-Coated Brazing Alloys without Cadmium No need to add flux— these alloys have it built in. Use them in general purpose applications with most metals. For Joining Brass, Bronze, Carbide, Cast Iron, Copper, Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel, Stee

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Brazing / Soldering Fluxes Aufhauser Brazing and Soldering Fluxes are top-rate industrial flow and cleaning agents perfect for use in your project. Brazing Fluxes play a vital role in virtually all air brazing processes. Use of the wrong flux or a poor application technique can have a dramatic effect on joint quality The purpose of the brazing flux are to promote the formation of brazed joints by cleaning both the base metal and filler metal continually during the brazing cycle by removing surface oxides and so reducing surface tension to enhance free flow of the filler metal. Why JO FLUX® series of fluxes will produce a better braze joint because The purpose of flux is to facilitate the soldering process. The main obstacles to a successful solder joint is an impurity at the site of the joint consisting of dirt, oils or oxidation. The impurities can be removed by mechanical cleaning or by chemical means, but the elevated temperatures required to melt the filler metal (the solder.

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The S.A. Day Buffalo Flux Facility is a leading manufacturer of brass and copper soldering and brazing fluxes, and aluminum brazing flux for the automotive heat transfer industry. We are the premier supplier of quality copper, brass and aluminum brazing fluxes and soldering fluxes Flux Brazing Alloys *** SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY*** No. 21 and 22 brazing sheet are typically used in Dip Brazing applications. No. 21 is one side clad and No. 22 is a two sided product, with each having a heat treatable core of 6951 and a cladding alloy of 4343 Bronze Brazing The Gasf ux Process is used as a superior flux for brazing with copper-zinc brazing alloys. The elimination of flux coated rods, powder or paste fluxes can represent considerable cost savings in filler metal required and post brazing cleanup. Applications include automotiv Unlike soldering fluxes, brazing fluxes are water based. Similar to soldering fluxes, brazing fluxes dissolve and remove residual oxides from the metal surface, protect the metal from reoxidation during heating and promote wetting of the surfaces to be joined by the brazing filler metal

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I have better luck with the non fluxed rod. Just got to remember to dip your heated rod in the flux all the time. Brazing is a great way to go. It's a lot stronger than you think if it's done right. It's all about prep and getting it to flow. My first project in metal shop was to take two 3/8 thick plates, v them and braze them together Soldering flux is a cleaning agent that prepares surfaces for soldering or brazing to improve electrical contact and form a stable joint. These liquid or paste fluxes remove residues that can prevent solder from adhering and help prevent surface oxidation that can weaken solder joints Flux may be thinned to desired consistency with water. Residues removed with hot water. Flux may be applied by brushing, dipping or squeeze bottle. This general purpose white brazing flux is suitable for use on copper, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel and carbide. Works well with silver brazing alloys with melting points below 1500°F Basically meaning it will have to be melted to a liquid state to combine and fuse, both the material and the filler. Won't be pretty, going to be hot and zinc smoky, but it is do able. Oxy Acetylene only, that brass/bronze material will be red hot before it melts. A silver brazing alloy would be a good choice/better choice for repair in my books Brazing Fluxes. Brazing fluxes for copper are water-based, dissolve and remove residual oxides from the metal surface, protect the metal from oxidation during heating, and promote wetting of the surfaces to be joined. Brazing fluxes also provide you with an indication of temperature (see Figure 2)

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When brazing brass, you could use a phosphorus bearing alloy, but you will have to apply flux here as well. Flux can be applied on the parts being brazed with a brush, or it can be incorporated directly into the filler material in the form of flux-cored or flux-coated wire or rod Harris LFB-FC Flux-Coated Low Fuming Bronze Brazing Rod 015FC500POP 1 lb. Tube - Harris flux-coated bronze brazing rod for brazing steel, cast iron and copper. Ideal for maintenance repairs on plumbing and heating. Tensile strength - 65,000 psi Flux-Cored Brazing Products Prince & Izant's Seamless Flux Delivery System (FDS) uses a filler metal hollow-core wire to completely encapsulate its void-free flux and eliminate the need to manually apply it. Our FDS system allows for the precise formation of preforms and an exacting flux-to-filler metal ratio for optimal oxidation control As brazing is one of the efficient metal joining processes, you must take into consideration following precautions in order to complete brazing smoothly. Use a flux in proper amount to prevent oxidation. Do not overheat and also provide proper temperature with appropriate atmosphere brazing to allow the filler metal to flow freely and must prevent the surfaces from reoxidizing. Many fluxes and braz - ing techniques have evolved over the years, but one process that is now rec - ognized worldwide is the NOCOLOK® flux brazing process. Chronology of Brazing Processes Chloride flux brazing The earliest brazed aluminum hea

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Brass brazing flux: - The blue flux I have is Gasflux brand Type B. Excellent stuff. I have bought small quantities (1-2 lbs) in the past year+ directly from Gasflux, but was told during my last order that that would no longer be possible and that I should order from an Airgas dealer in the future 100g Soldering Paste Flux Silver Brass Brazing Powder For Welding Copper | eBay Before welding, workpiece must be preheated to about 500 degrees and electrode coated with an appropriate amount of brazing flux. Clean oils, oxides and other contaminants of brazing components and solder surface. Skip to main conten Aluminum-Bronze Brazing Flux #625. Aluminum-Bronze Brazing Flux #625. $25.45. In stock. SKU. FLS625. Qty. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Description. Technical Data. More Information. Related Products Refer to the Alloys Selection Tables for recommended brazing filler metal selection. When brazing copper to copper, alloys such as Dynaflow TM, Stay-SilvTM 5, or Stay-Silv 15 are recommended. These alloys contain phosphorus and are self-fluxing on copper. When brazing brass ®or bronze fittings, Stay-Silv TM white or EcoSmart flux is required wit Brazing, Soldering and Flux The preeminent brazing product worldwide is the very popular Selectrode flux coated silver brazing alloy. The basis for this successful product is the very proprietary flux coating itself. Typical flux coatings that are flexible in nature are always designed with hydrocarbon bearing compounds that blacken when heated

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Brazing processes have traditionally used an oxy-fuel acetylene torch to melt the filler metal, but in MIG brazing, a standard MIG gun is used to run brazing wire. Brazing filler metal melts at 840 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than the melting point of the base metals being joined The Gasflux® Process is Used in a Wide Variety of Bronze and Silver Braze Applications Gasflux® Equipment Liquid Gasflux® Paste Fluxes Brazing Alloys Other Products Gasflux® improves brazing quality and reduces costs with A solution of hot boric acid (10 to 15%, 75 - 80°C) can be used to remove some of the flux residue from brazed assemblies. Aluminum dissolution by boric acid is relatively moderate. The immersion time necessary to remove the bulk of residues varies from 10 to 30 minutes. But even then the flux residue removal will not be 100% successful For brazing or fusion welding various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys (like cast iron, steels, brass etc.) using Cu-Zn (brass) filler metals. Equivalent to ESAB's Brazotectic Flux. Super Flux BRZ (Powder Brazing Flux for Nickel Alloys and Carbide Use this flux with silver brazing alloys to clean and prepare surfaces. It is boron modified and residue washes off with hot water

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Looking for Rod, Brazing, Flux Coated, 3/32 dia., PK25? Find it at Grainger.com®. With over 1.6M products and 24/7 customer service we have supplies and solutions for every industry Brazing, Braze Welding, and Soldering . Brazing joins two metals by heating and melting a filler (alloy) that bonds to the two pieces of metal and joins them. Brazing can join dissimilar metals such as aluminum, silver, copper, gold, and nickel. Soldering is a low-temperature analog to brazing. By the American Welding Society's definition, soldering takes place with fillers (also known as. Features A blue powder general purpose brazing flux for cast iron, steel, brass, bronze and copper brazing. Active from 1400°F to 2000°F. Performs to AWS A.31,Type FB3-F Welding Filler Metal/Electrodes -- All-State S-300 BLACK: Features Black paste brazing flux for stainless steels, copper alloys, and steels.. Silver Brazing Rod, (AKA hard silver solder, high temp silver solder, silver-bearing brazing rod, high-strength brazing rod) Flux coated, 18 inches in length, 1020F melting point. 120,000psi tensile, thin flowing, rapid wetting. Moderately hard It is suitable for the flame, resistance and so on many kinds of brazing way. Our main products include silver-based brazing filler metal, copper-based brazing filler metal, aluminum-based brazing filler metal and associated brazing flux, flux-cored welding wire etc

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Cheap Welding Fluxes, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:100g Soldering Paste Flux Silver Brass Brazing Powder For Welding Copper Aluminum X4YD Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Indian Solder And Braze Alloys - Silver Brazing Rods, Flux Coated Rods & Silver Brazing Ring Manufacturer from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Indi RBCuZn-C Low fuming bronze (bare and flux coated) is a general-purpose, copper base alloy brazing rod used extensively for gas brazing steel, copper alloys, cast iron, nickel alloys and stainless steel. Its low fuming characteristic and good mechanical properties make this alloy a widely used general-purpose product Technically your trying to braze. The flux is to clean the metal and prevent oxidation i generally use Borax as a flux, it's good and cheap for brazing and silver soldering. This is how I would do it. 1. Clean both wires 2. Make sure they are in close contact and heat then dip in flux. 3. Heat brazing rod and dip in flux to coat. 4

50 PCS Brass Welding Wire Electrode Brazing Rods with Flux Low Temperature Welding Rods 1.6mm*250mm Soldering Rod for Tin No Need Solder Powder Universal Welding Material (Brass) £12.98 £ 12 . 9 Brazing Alloys And Fluxes We are listed among the leading manufacturer and supplier of a commendable assortment of Brazing Alloys and Fluxes. These are widely admired by the clients for their longer service life and sturdy construction Find the cheap Brass Brazing Rod, Find the best Brass Brazing Rod deals, Sourcing the right Brass Brazing Rod supplier can be time-consuming and difficult. Buying Request Hub makes it simple, with just a few steps: post a Buying Request and when it's approved, suppliers on our site can quote of Stay-Silv® White Brazing Flux/Dynaflow® Flux And Stay-Silv® Black Brazing Flux, is extremely corrosive and a poison by all routes of entry. Hydrogen fluoride can penetrate the skin and produce burns, which may not be immediately painful or visible; the burns impact the lower layers of skin and bone tissue Silver Brazing Alloys SDS. Aluminium. Al Braze 1070 SDS. AlCor SDS. Cor-Al SDS. Fluxes. L T Silver Brazing Flux - SDS. 600 Powder Flux SDS. Al-Braze Flux SDS. Stay-Silv Black Flux - SDS. Stay-Silv White Flux, Dynaflow White Flux. Eco Smart Flux - Powder. Soldering. Lead-Free Solders. 95/5, Bridgit, Nick, Speedy, Stay-Brite, Stay-Brite 8. Bronze welding, sometimes called braze welding, uses filler bronze rods to weld two pieces of metal together. It is different from brazing because it heats up the metal surfaces and melts them a little bit so that they mix with the bronze and create a stronger weld

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