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Economic study of potato production of 44 growers grouped into small (20), medium (14) and large (10) from Agra district showed the overall cost of cultivation to be Rs. 140303.7 per farm and Rs. 78657.98 per hectare This budget outlines the cost of producing processing potatoes under irrigated conditions. A potato land base of 780 harvested acres was assumed in developing this budget. The crop rotation was based on growing potatoes no more than 1 in 3 years. Total gross yield per acre was estimated at 305 to 395 cwt/acre with marketable yield estimate Guidelines: Potato Production Costs 2 Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development. A. Operating Costs. Cost / Acre 325 CWT 375 CWT 425 CWT 475 CWT Your Cost. 1.01. Seed & cutting. $306.00: Cost Per Total Cost: 1.03 Herbicide Costs Applied Application Per Acre. Preplant. $3.30. Post emergent. $49.50 $52.80. 1.04 Fungicide Costs.

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The average productivity was found 9.89 ton per hectare (ha) in the study area. The low productivity was due to disease infestation on crop. The per ha total cost of potato production was NRs. 197,186 with the total income of NRs. 268,047. The cost of FYM (45.32%) was highest followed by seed and human labor Costs and returns from potato production The cost of potato cultivation across various operation land holdings categories has been presented in Table 1. As perusal the table 1 indicated that overall cost of cultivation of potato per hectare cost was found to be ` 47408.91 which was highest for large (` 52163.03) farmers followed by mediu The average net profit of potato production per acre in these districts was BDT12731 but the medium farmers cultivate more land; however, the net profit was highest for large farmers. On an average, per hectare, cost of production for potato in Sylhet district was BDT194114 and the average per hectare yield of potato was 17194 Kg Seed potato is usually the most expensive input to potato cultivation, accounting for from 30 to 50 percent of production costs. In areas of developing countries where no formal seed supply system exists, farmers have devised their own ad hoc method for selecting seed tubers: they sell the largest potatoes for cash, eat the medium-sized ones at. Tag - potato farming profit per acre Potato Farming, Planting, Care, Harvesting - A Full Guide Techniques of Potato Farming, Planting Methods, Harvesting Today, we discuss the topic of potato farming techniques, tips, and ideas

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The recommended potato seeding rate is 2 to 2,5 tons per hectare for tuber diameter 45-60mm. Keep in mind that 1 ton = 1000 kg = 2.200 lbs. and 1 hectare = 2,47 acres = 10.000 m 2.For tuber sizes 28-35 mm, the recommended potato seeding rate is 1,5 to 1,8 tons per hectare Potato can be grown from True Potato Seed (TPS), plantlets or tubers. Use of tubers is the best method for potato production. Use of high quality seed is very important. Certified seed will produce 15 -20% higher yields than standard seed. Planting Periods in Zimbabwe Summer (rain fed) November First winter-Feb -Apri

India produce nearly 50 million tones of potatoes annually and it is per capita higher [19.9 tonnes per hectare] than worlds average [17.4 tonnes per hectare]. Potato production in West Bengal is nearly 110 lakh tones this year which is 10% higher than previous financial year Cost structure in cultivation of potato crop The per hectare cost and return from the cultivation of potato crop was calculated at current prices and have been presented in Table 4. The data in Table 4 reveals that the average estimate of cost of potato cultivation on per hectare basis was Rs. 82502.195. The inpu COST OF CULTIVATION OF ROOT CROPS PER HECTARE RADISH 1. Variable Input/Cost I. Labour Cost A) Seed treatment B) Land preparation= Ploughing= Planting= Total cost of cultivation 4. Benefit cost Ratio = Cost of total benefit / Cost of production. Last modified: Thursday, 21 June 2012, 11:34 AM. Skip Navigation. Navigation that the average yield of potato was 4720 kg per hectare and the average gross return amounted to BDT 33040 per hectare. He He calculated the per hectare net return above full-costs at B DT 11085.89 Plant seed potatoes (pieces of the whole potato or a small whole potato, with at least 2 eyes per piece) 0-2 weeks after last spring frost. If you are cutting up potato pieces for planting, do so 1-2 days ahead of time. This will give them the chance to form a protective layer, both for moisture retention and rot resistance

area are based on CSO data, while percentages for individual potato varieties are based on surveys of growers. All figures relate to production by commercial potato growers, defined as those growing 0.8 hectares (2 acres) or more of potatoes. Production Area Ireland's total production area in 2012 was over 8,700 hectares. Varieties Grow More than 125 countries grow the potato and more than 1 billion people daily use it in any form. Potato is symbol of survival for thousands of people. Often it is said if there are no potatoes world has to face food insecurity. Potato got very popular among developing countries due to its easy cultivation, nutritive value, yield and easy handling a potato crop produces more edible energy and protein per hectare and per unit of time than practically any other crops (DOST, 2007). The major potato production in the Philippines is concentrated in high elevations particularly in Benguet and Mountain Province with a temperature below 21oC. This temperature is suitable for growth an

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  1. Cost of cultivation of Sweet potato at different size groups of farms is given in table 1 It can be seen that on an average per hectare cost of cultivation of Sweet potato was estimated as Rs. 52709.49 which varied from Rs. 50822.83 per hectare at marginal farms to Rs. 52888.7
  2. (3 - 4 oz.) per plant Approximately 136 kg/ hectare (300 lbs/ acre) in potassium, for example 16:8:24, for the tubers to bulk up (gain weight) and have good cooking quality. Pest Management The major pests of sweet potato are Sweet Potato Weevil (Euscepes postfasciatus) and Sweet Potato Borer (Megastes grandalis). Sweet Potato Weevi
  3. Yield in tons per hectare Conservative Likely Target Potato, dryland or hot areas 10 17 28 Potato, irrigation 17 28 45 Pumpkin, boer 12 - 15 18 - 20 30 Spinach, true 7 - 8 10 - 12 15 - 20 Sweet-corn 7 - 8 10 15 Sweet potato 15 - 20 25 - 30 40 Swiss chard 20 30 40 Tomato 30 45 - 50 60 - 80
  4. g in 2015. PAPAYA Producers spent P143,192 for the maintenance of a hectare of papaya production. Yield per hectare in.

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The total variable cost was N 220, 518.8 per hectare of total costs of production, comprising of 65.0% of labour, 10.1% of potatoes seed, 4.0% of herbicides, 11.1% of fertilizer, 5.0% of insecticides and cost of transportation accounted for 3.0%. The total fixed cost of Irish potatoes production per hectare po-sj-06 university of california cooperative extension 2006 sample costs to produce sweetpotatoes transplant and field production san joaquin valle Table 1 Comparison of production costs (ha-1) and profits per hectare ($ ha-1) for open field fresh-market tomatoes production systems. Region (year) Cost (ha-1-) -Income (ha ) Profit ($ ha 1) Price (t 1) Profit References India (2011) $717 $960 $243 $80 34% Bhardwaj et al (2011) South Africa (2005) $15 937 $20 160 $4 223 $252 27

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  1. That said, the Potato Council has commissioned work to estimate the cost of production of potato crops for a range of situations including ware and processing potato crops. Total cost of.
  2. Cost of Cultivation / Production & Related Data Select Year 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 Manual on Cost of Cultivation Survey
  3. 4.1. Per Hectare of Cost Sorghum Production in India and Nigeria The table revealed that, the average total cost of production per hectare was Rs.25624.05 and Rs.28738.64 out of which Rs.14696.04 and Rs.19570.04 were operational costs accounting for 57.35 and 68.10% of the total cost for Indian and Nigerian sorghum production respectively
  4. utes. Apply Brassicol at 30 kg per hectare in the soil at the time of sowing. 3 Conti 46. Common Scab of Potato (Streptomyces scabies) Control Measures Obtain healthy, disease free seed tubers for planting
  5. Considering cost of production at Rs 1 lakh per acre, including seed, irrigation, fertiliser and labour, cost price of potato at the farm gate is estimated at Rs 10 a kg this season. Production of 10 million tonnes will stabilise prices somewhere at Rs 15-16 a kg at the retail level, compared to Rs 20-22 a kg last season

The average production of potatoes in the United States for the past 10 years, 1914 to 1923, inclusive, was 99.2 bushels per acre. During the same period the State of Maine produced an average of 210.9 bushels per acre, or 112.6 per cent more than the average of the entire United States Cost of cultivation of potato calculated from the primary data collected from purposively selected grower of potato of Bamyan province. According to study, using gross margin analysis, net margin of farmers as average is around 134243 AFN per Hectare and according to production and yield of different potato varieties in Bamyan, Kabul and. The potato is a crop which has always been the 'poor man's friend'. Potato is being cultivated in the country for the last more than 300 years. For vegetable purposes it has become one of the most popular crops in this country. Potatoes are an economical food; they provide a source of low cost energy to the human diet. Potatoes are

With an average production per hectare of only 36,400 kilos, this was the lowest potato harvest in the seven year period surveyed here. In 2019, production was back at the 2017 level again. Read mor Potatoes are an economical food; they provide a source of low cost energy to the human diet. Potatoes are a rich source of starch, vitamins especially C and B1 and minerals. They contain 20.6 per cent carbohydrates, 2.1 per cent protein, 0.3 per cent fat, 1.1 per cent crude fibre and 0.9 per cent ash and on the Cost Of feeds. Moreover, as an agricultural waste, potato peels could be an and costly but the returns are rewarding. potato cultivation involves proper land appropriate and tuber spacing. weeding, earthing-up, integrated pest management, and a plant population Of 44,400 tubers per hectare ( 18.000 plants per acre). This.

COST OF CULTIVATION OF COLE CROPS PER HECTARE COST OF CULTIVATION OF CABBAGE PER HECTARE I. Variable Cost. 1. Nursery management = 2. Land preparation . a) Ploughing = b) Harrowing = c) Preparation of beds and channels = 3. Transplanting = 4. Manures and fertilizers application = 5. Interculture operations Potato which conventionally grown through seed tubers, is an important crop in Sri Lanka for its high consumer preference and for high net profit. However, potato demands a heavy investment of about Rs.300, 000 per Hectare (Ha) during the cropping period in which seed material alone accounts for about 50-60% of the cost of production

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The average potato yield in 1998 was 30.4 tonnes per hectare, in 2018 the average potato yield was recorded at 46.5 tonnes per hectare and by 2028, BFAP anticipates yields close to 50 tonnes per hectare - an average annual growth of 1.2%. In 2019, potato production is projected to increase by 3.3% to 2.54 million tonnes Das (1992) conducted a study on the profitability of potato cultivation and found that the average yield of potato was 4720 kg per hectare and the average gross return amounted to TK. 33040 per hectare. He calculated the per hectare net return above full-costs at TK. 11085.89

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  1. Advantage of using True potato seeds as planting material: TPS is cheaper (nearly 1/10 cost of seed tubers) and affordable for small and marginal farmers. 100 grams is sufficient to cover one hectare instead of planting 2.5-3.0 tons of potato seed tuber. TPS is a healthy and disease-free planting material
  2. The lion's share in potato production i.e. 85 percent comes from Punjab, where Autumn and Spring crops are raised. Total production in the Punjab is estimated to have increased @ 9.82 percent per annum due to increases of 4.88 and 4.74 percent in area and yield, respectively
  3. average gross returns of P107,014 per hectare. Returns above cash costs were recorded at P100,199 per hectare. Returns of P84,044 per hectare were realized when cash and non-cash were subtracted. After all costs were considered, net returns settled at P76,719 per hectare. The cost per kilogram in pili production was P8.75

Balance per hectare means: gross income minus direct costs per hectare. The balance per hectare for potatoes is: € 2.611 Production balance of potatoes grown in the Netherland Boosting sweet potato production a farmer can get up to 15 metric tonnes per hectare and you can do all-year planting if you have access to water, because within three to four months, they are.

Irrigation. Potatoes are irrigated a total of 20.5 acre-inches which is applied with the sprinklers from June through August, during the growing season. Water costs are $75 per acrefoot which equals $6.25 - per acre inch. A cost of $12 per acre-inch is used for this study which includes booster pumping costs Per person consumption can be broken down into 49.7 pounds of frozen potatoes, 34.1 pounds of fresh potatoes, 19.8 pounds of potato chips, 11.5 pounds of dehydrated potatoes and less than .5 pounds of canned potatoes. Exports. In 2017, the United States exported potatoes and potato products with a total value of $3.0 billion, down 1 percent.

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3.3 Corn production costs and returns per planted acre in the United States, 2011-2012 19 5.1 List of inputs, allocation methods and associated assumption 55 5.2 Feed prices in nominal and end-of-period prices 60 5.3 Labour costs by type and activity 72 5.4 Pre-production costs for 20 hectares of cocoa plantation 80. lakh hectare (28.67%) and production 13.85 million tonnes (31.90%). Total area under potato cultivation estimated around 1.24 per cent (21.17 lakh/ha.) more as compared to last year's area of 20.75 lakh ha. Total production of potato in the current year estimated less by around 1.11 per cent i.e. 43.42 million tonne The following varieties have field resistance to scab and weevil and can be grown in all regions of the country. It's also suitable for starch production. a. PSBSp-17. average root yield: 17.4 tons/hectare (t/ha) maturity: 105-120 days; root dry matter, 30.1%; root starch content, 21.0%; tuberous roots have purple skin and yellow flesh; light. Area Reaped and Yield per Hectare . The total area reaped for sweet potato island-wide in 2017 declined by 11.4% to 2,437.5hectares below the previous year. Also, in 2017, the average yield per hectare declined slightly by 1.2% to 17,229 kg when compared to the 2016 figure. Yield per hectare varies island wide

Potato remains one of the main staples in the Jamaican diet, and continues to be a priority crop for the agriculture sector. The market demand for Irish Potato, at 15M kilograms, equates to 1200 hectares of potato production, with the assumption that farmers attain a yield of 15MT per hectare (the total acreage takes into account 30% post-harves Planting: cost of this operation /ha = N10000 Spraying of herbicides: 1 ha requires 4litres of chemical X @ 1500 each (N6000/ha) 4litres of chemical Y @ 2500 each (N10000/ha) N16000 Per Ha Weeding First weeding occurs 6-8 weeks after planting and the price is area dependent 1 ha cost N20, 000 Second weeding Occurs at Months after planting Calculate the cost of farm machinery, per hectare or per hour, with this simple calculator. Dowload a version for print (above) or an Excel spreadsheet (below). The tool can also be used to compare the costs of owning equipment with the cost of hiring it or getting in a contractor

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In terms of total production per hectare, the Innovator potato was not just the best choice for potato producers in 2019, it had also the best average yield over the last five years. Between 2014. Keywords: Potatoes, potato production, potato costs SALES AdditionalINFORMATION copies of this report may be ordered from: National Technical Information Service 5285 Port Royal Road Springfield, VA 22161 Order this report by using PB83-106609, and indicate whether you want paper copies or microfiche. Cost per paper copy is $12.00; cost per.

Table 4: Gross and Net Profit Rate (per hectare) in Paddy, Mustard Oil, Potato and Jute Crops in West Bengal, 2001-2 to 2013-14 - Cost of Cultivation and Profitability of Agriculture in West Bengal: A Study with Special Reference to Backward Region of West Benga The average yield rate per hectarefor the period 2013 16,644-2017 was kg. The year 2014 recorded the highest yield per hectare; 16,950 kg with a production of 19,576,800 kg and the area reaped was 1,155 hectares. The year 2016 had the smallest area reaped; 1, hectares producing 017 17,007,000 kg of potatoes and 16,723 kg yield per hectare The national average yield per hectare is 17 tons, which is low as compared to other potato growing countries of the world e.g., the average tuber yield in the US and the Netherlands is 65 and 45. Nutritional value per hectare or acre is a key calculation. Analysis of other data, not published by EAT Forum, would also suggest that the protein and calorie value of potatoes have been underestimated in the research. The USDA says potatoes have 2.05g of protein per 100g. Using EAT Forum's average global yield of 17.3t/ha, the volume of.

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potato production is listed. This may take some time but is important to the accuracy of the budget estimator. Step 5: Storage Sheet The Storage Sheet estimates the cost of potato storage. Capital costs for potato storage capital are computed in the same manner as on the Capital Sheet. Note that all capital equipment inside Information is collected for the area under cultivation (expressed in 1 000 hectares), the quantity harvested (expressed in 1 000 tonnes) and the yield (expressed in tonnes per hectare). For some products, data at a national level may be supplemented by regional statistics at NUTS 1 or 2 level Per hectare power tiller cost was Tk. 1730.29, 1820.00 and 1887.50, for small, medium and large farms respectively. Power tiller cost was high in large farm and low in small farm (Table 01). In the study area, the seed cost per hectare was found to be highest for small farms (Tk. 553.57) followed by large farms Tk. 539.75 an

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According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) Uganda produced 154,435 metric tonnes of Irish potato in 2008/9 with an average yield of 4.7 tonnes per hectare the average productivity was 9.89 ton per hectare with per hectare total cost and total income of NRs. (Nepali rupees) 1,97,186 and NRs. 2,68,047, respectively. Both fixed cost and variable cost were taken into account in calculating cost of potato cultivation. Land use cost was calculated on the basis of per year existing lease value of.

per hectare. Table 1 clearly revealed that per hectare The functional form: As analytical tool Cobb-Douglas potato cultivation cost was highest in LBVZ of Assam type of production function was used to examine the (` 70362.08) followed by CBVZ (` 70357.07), UBVZ (` resource productivity in potato cultivation The costs were estimated at TK. 15896.15 and 12701.60. Net returns per hectare on full costs basis were TK. 45196.65 and 451.65. 138 Abu Zafar Ahmed Mukul et al.: Farmer's Profitability of Potato Cultivation at Rangpur District: The Socio-economic Context of Bangladesh 5 Packaging - Potatoes are usually marketed in 50kg bags with 1 tonne bulk bags and 5 or 10 kg consumer packs also used. Yields - Paddock yields vary from 30 to 40 tonne per hectare. - Production in the tablelands can expect 20 % higher yields than in the Riverina. Economic - This budget is ONLY A GUIDE and is specific to the regions specified

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Sweet potato was mainly planted on ridges and the density of seedlings was about 33,333-46,667 plants per hectare. These values were relatively higher than the ones recommended by , which is 30,000 plants per hectare for better productivity. The average yield of sweet potato ranges from 6.5 tons to 15.125 tons/ha Cost of production of Potato using T.P.S is approximately 55 percent less in comparisonn to cost of production of Potato using seed tuber. At the same time production may be obtained upto the level N.P.K per hectare. Make ridges ( 6 inches or 15 cm height) and furrows at 50 to 60 cm. apart in East-West direction. Irrigate the furrows to 3. Spraying, fertilising and cultivating the land is typically around $2,200 per hectare. Seed potatoes average around $2,500 per hectare, and the average cost for hiring a contractor to plant is around $150 per hectare. This means there's a total cost of around $5,000 per hectare to establish and grow the crop

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The use of compost or organic fertilizers at 3 tons per hectare is highly recommended. CULTIVATION AND WEEDING. If weeds are abundant, shallow cultivation is done 10-12 days after planting. Tilling up cultivation is done at 25-30 days after planting Summer potato production was 21.7 million cwt for 2017, an 11 percent increase from 2016. Harvested area, at 65,500 acres, was up 8 percent from 2016. The average yield of 331 cwt per acre was up 8 cwt from 2016. Fall potato production was estimated at 401 million cwt for 2017, down 1 percent from the 2016 crop. Area harvested i

Potato farming is the commercial cultivation of potato crops for food and several other purposes. These crops are usually planted around March and then harvested between 13 to 20 weeks after. The size of the potato tubers and the cost management is highly important for an optimal seed rate. Also what is the yield per hectare. Thanks. Currently the cost to establish an hectare of sweet potato is $193,020. Marketable yield is 12,868 kg with a cost of production of $15.00 / kg direction. He observed that the average production cost per hectare was TK. 29635.57 and net return was TK. 30947.82. Das (1992) conducted a study on the profitability of potato cultivation and found that the average yield of potato was 4720 kg per hectare and the average gross return amounted to TK. 33040 per hectare Promote cultivation of sweet potato over a total over 360 hectares, achieving an average yield of 8 tons per hectare and a total yield of 2,880 tons. Establish sweet potato nursery beds in four regions over a total of 20 hectares; organize 12 agricultural workshops to train at least 720 farmers in planting sweet potato COST OF CULTIVATION OF CARDAMOM ( KERALA ) 1 hectare : 1000 plants Spacing : 10 X 10 feet Wage rate : Rs. 235/- per labour per day I . LABOUR Sl.No Particulars I year II year Labour Expenses Labour Expenses 1 Clearing site 40 9400 -- --2 Marking lines 8 1880 -- --3 Making Roads / Foot paths 10 2350 4 940 4 Taking drain 71645 -- -

Potato growers Bruce Farms have been able to identify potential reductions in production costs by over £65 a hectare, while increasing marketable yield by over three tonnes. The improvements were a result of a three-year programme of trials as part of the AHDB Farm Excellence network Production levels in recent years have been dwindling, however, due to rising production costs - in July 2017, a hectare of potatoes in Zimbabwe cost US$ 12,000 to produce. The chairperson of the Zimbabwean Potato Council blamed this on South Africa 's dumping of cheaper potatoes RM 3,297 per hectare for five years for 5,118 hectare of lowland dipterocarp forests. The cost covered activities like planting preparation (RM 1,233 per hectare), activity and materials cost (RM 1,584 per hectare) and maintenance and seedling replacement (RM 480 per hectare) (Sabah Forestry Department, 2012) Producing potatoes costs between US$4,500 and $6,500 per hectare, which may prove too high for many small-scale farmers. However, potato production also offers high returns, between $0.67 to $0.80 per kilogram, and the short production period can enable the rapid establishment of cropping programmes and enhance farm development

Europe and later globally. Currently (2017), potato cultivation takes up about 19.3 million hectares, the world global production is 388 million tons and mean hectare yield is on the level of 20.1 tons [1]. Potato consumption is about 35 kg per capita per year. The trend is that the area decreases whilst the production per hectare increases [2] Cost of Cultivation. Government of Kerala accorded Sanction for Conducting annual Survey of Cost of Cultivation of important crops in the state from 1980-81 onwards Vide G.O(Rt) 466/79/Plg dated.27/10/1979. The Survey covered all the districts of Kerala by selecting 38 Taluks

During your first year of cultivating potatoes, a good yield would be 25 tons per hectare or 10 tons per acre (22.000 lbs. per acre). Experienced farmers after years of practice can achieve yields from 40 to 70 tons per hectare , or from 16 to 28 tons per acre productivity in the research area was 14.69 ton per hectare. Average cost of production and profit was Rs 8614.61 per ropani and Rs 6083 per ropani respectively. B/C ratio in the research area was 1.71. 10% increase in organic manure (FYM and poultr To reduce cost of production and attain high yields, it is recommended that land preparation be fully mechanized. A power tiller can be used if the total land area under cultivation is not more than 250ha. Production cost for one hectare of cassava to ensure yield of 25 t/ha and abov The report said the cost of production for potatoes is the main reason why only a few smallholder farmers had taken up potato farming. It costs between US$4 500 and US$6 500 per hectare of. The UK potato harvest typically begins in Cornwall, Essex and south-west Wales in May, and spreads to the rest of the UK thereafter. Average yield per hectare is approximately 40-50 tonnes/ha for maincrops. Earlies average 7.5-10 tonnes/ha. e) Rotation Potatoes are normally grown in a crop rotation with cereals. A minimum six year rotation i

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tonnes per hectare in 2018. Winter barley production dropped by 8.0% to 2.7 million tonnes in 2018; this is mostly explained by a fall in the winter barley area of 6.7% to 394 thousand hectares, as well as a slightly lower yield of 6.9 tonnes per hectare in 2018 compared to 7.0 tonnes per hectare in 2017. The combined total yield for barley. It can produce more edible energy per hectare per day than wheat, rice or cassava. The cost of production of sweet potato in PNG is much lower compared to that of cereal crops, due to bio-physical factors, pests and socio-cultural scenarios. The carbohydrates of sweet potato are highly available and can be greatly utilised by animals The yield rate per hectare in India is quite low that stands at 17.86 tons per hectare as compared to the productivity in the European countries that ranges between 30-40 tons per hectare.<br /> <br /> Uttar Pradesh produces the maximum yield of potatoes in India producing a level of 98.21 lakh tons during 2004-05 on 4.40 lakh hectares of land

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