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If you choose a stainless steel gun, it generally has a stainless steel frame. The blued version of the gun may have an aluminum frame The key difference between blued and stainless-steel guns lies in the finishing and material used. While a blued gun carries a thin oxide coating for protection, stainless guns are completely made of stainless material which makes them corrosion free and highly durable Stainless is more corrosion resistant and usually stronger than blued steel. Stainless wont fingerprint and you don't need a ton of oil on it. The downside is stainless actions can be stiffer and have longer break-in times, as said earlier blue shows holster wear a lot quicker, where stainless doesn't or very little A stainless gun will stain less, but it's not completely rust proof. A blued carbon steel gun will also stain less than untreated carbon steel, but it's not as rust resistant as stainless steel is. The bluing can also rub off of certain parts of the gun to expose the raw steel. Practically speaking, I still think it's a wash Early days, RIG+P was developed to deal with Stainless guns galling. Blued guns never had this problem, due to metallurgy and properties. Stainless Steels of different properties were then used to alleviate or lessen galling we never had a problem with, with blued guns

Like was said below, most of us will never see any real difference in durability in a carbon steel vs. stainless handgun. 99% of us won't be able to put enough rounds through it to see if a stainless gun will take more .357 over a blued one, maybe someone with deep pockets and a lot of free time will take a blue and SS GP100 and run 10's of. That's because the stainless 220 has a stainless steel frame and the blued version has an aluminum frame. Carbon and stainless steel have very little difference in mass, but aluminum is very lightweight. I believe that all internal parts should interchange between the blued and stainless 220s There is an extremely small difference in density between carbon steel (that would be blued) and stainless steel. The density of most steels is about 0.284 lb/in^2, or about 490lbs/cu.ft. There are so many different flavors of stainless, and of steel, comparing them in general is difficult. They are both alloys of Iron though To me, the blue guns are more beautiful. The stainless guns are more durable for carry especially, and in the field. You don't have to worry about little scratches building up over time destroying your finish, because you can just buff it out for the most part. I have collector guns and working guns

Stainless Steel Vs Blued Guns; Which is Better for Your Use

I like bead blasted stainless, but 80% of my rifles are coated, a couple on their 3rd paint job?? I'm waiting on C. Dixon's Winchester group buy, blued action, ss fluted barrel. With ss, you can save 200.00 on a paint job! As for rust, unless you're in a hostile climate, you have to be somewhat of a putz to let your guns rust, sorry 1911 handgun with traditional blued finish Sam Hoober. One of the biggest reasons a person would opt for a stainless steel or durable coating gun finish is to guard against rust. Guns are. For most of the time, guns that utilize carbon steel components are the prime candidates for bluing but it's totally possible to blue stainless steel as well. However, there are certain characteristics differences between the materials so knowing clearly how to blue stainless steel is really important

1911 Blued vs Stainless Thoughts?

Stainless Steel Vs Blued Guns: Which Is Better

  1. gun barrels: stainless vs blued. Thread starter lreed; Start date Oct 21, 2016; L. lreed. Oct 21, 2016 #1 I kept getting mixed inputs on gun steel. Some says stainless barrels are actually tougher, some says the blued barrels provide better precision and longevity. Grease. Oct 21, 2016 #
  2. Stainless may be worth the extra money to you. Due note that parkerized is much better than blued also. And stainless, parkerized, blued, tenifer, melonite,.
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  4. Seems that Ive read somewhere that blued steel is superior to stainless in strength or accuracy or something like that. but in real world probably doesnt matter. Never broke a gun barrel before. And I have had stainless barrels that were tackdrivers. But now Im just rambling.... gotta g
  5. Blued steel firearms are more prone to rust and general corrosion than are stainless guns. This is not to say that a stainless steel pistol cannot rust, but that it's tendency to do so is MUCH lower. Stainless steel does have one OTHER property that's useful in firearms, but its rarely needed in a pistol--barrels made of stainless steel are.
  6. Stainless Steel vs Blued. I talked to a guy yesterday and he said,'' I'll never own a stainless steel gun the barrels hold heat way too long.'' has anyone heard this before? #2 12-08-2009, 07:44 AM Centenniel. Member Join Date: May 2004.

Stainless Steel versus Blued Barrels: Which is better

  1. Stainless steel firearms VS Blued steel Post by Georgezilla » Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:05 am I know that as firearm manufacturing processes have progressed, the alloys used to produce blued and stainless steel (SS) have improved drastically
  2. I have a mix of blued and stainless Ruger and S&W revolvers. Wax your blued guns with either good old Johnson's Paste Wax or the superb Renaissance Wax and the blue will be just fine for a long time. Wax even helps make stainless guns easier to clean too. My Blackhawk Convertible .45 ACP/45 Colt after a clean and wax
  3. The bore would be more corrosion resistant with stainless vs blued. Dec 17, 2014; Banned #4 it was my camp and I cannot figure out how it happened - my smith says go CM and cerakote, CM steel is stronger / tougher . Dec 17, 2014 Good quality stainless barrels pretty much solve this issue. I also have all my stainless guns cerakoted..
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  5. Bluing may be applied by immersing steel parts in a solution of potassium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and water heated to the boiling point, 275 °F to 310 °F (135 °C to 154 °C) depending on the recipe. Similarly, stainless steel parts may be immersed in a mixture of nitrates and chromates, similarly heated

Using the revolver as a reference, there is no doubt that the stainless steel used by Ruger and Freedom arms is significantly stronger than the standard chrome/moly steel used in blued guns. The 454 was the test vehicle and catalist for the development of this new age super strong stainless steel As with browning, the parts to be blued are polished and degreased, the exposed surfaces swabbed with the bluing solution, and the part left to stand in a humid location. After 12 hours, the loose rust is rubbed off with degreased steel wool or a stainless steel wire brush, the surface is recoated with bluing solution and the part is returned. Just range use. I opted to go to the blue gun just because it flat looked better to me. If, in the unlikely situation, it ever shows rust, it can, and will, get the rebluing job of it's life. That said, all of my carry guns are stainless or alloy or a combination of both. Holsters cause wear that will show up on blued guns over short time All my steel guns are stainless or have a coating of some kind. I can appreciate a nice polished blue revolver with walnut grips, but I know that my skin eats carbon steel for lunch. I like my guns to last forever, so I go for durability

Stainless vs Blue Stainless makes for a much more visible concealed carry handgun. A blued handgun has less visibility, and reflection however its going to wear the bluing if used a lot with a holster. I love the look of a blued handgun. Stainless is what I use for concealed carry for two reasons. It is indestructible I would say you are correct with carry guns that's stainless is less in demand. But as range guns BBQ ect full sized guns I've never had an issue selling stainless. Seems most of what you sell are compacts and people don't want the flashy stainless for carry. Or the added weight over an aluminum frame However, columbium is scarce and very expensive, making it a rare choice for a gun barrel. New materials and manufacturing techniques have made possible several types of non-traditional, specialized barrels having composite or multi-component construction. Normally, such barrels have an alloy steel or stainless steel bore liner [Revolver] Stainless Steel vs Blued Steel which do you suggest? I'm looking to get my first revolver. After much research I have settled on a Ruger GP100 with the 6 barrel. I am undecided if I should go with the Blued Steel or Stainless. I want to keep this gun for life and pass it down to my grandkids one day. I have read that Blued is really.

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  1. NICE COLLECTION!I have blued,stainless and nickle.FOR ME stainless or nickle is the way to go.Since all my guns get used.I like the way stainless and nickle holds up.That said my favorite (S&W 520 357) which is blued does have some holster wear and scratches.I think it adds character,but sometimes it erks me
  2. Stainless is more resistant to Rust, but not rust proof. If you take care of your firearms, you should see an eqaul amount of years out of both. Every hunting rifle I own is blued and wood. I hunt in 90 degree heat or -10, snow, ice, rain and no rust or pitting
  3. Stainless will rust, I have seen rust on stainless steel, however it is less likely to rust, but one still has to take care of a stainless firearm. Extra care has to be taken with a blued firearm especially if one: lives in a humid climate, carrys the weapon close to one's body, or has extremely acidic perspiration

Same thing with a blued gun, really. This is why a blued gun can still be considered in good condition with only 60% of it's finish left. But that's another article for another day. Stainless isn't really a finish It's the material. Stainless Steel. Similar to what you might have in your knife drawer in your kitchen Bluing a stainless steel gun makes some sense to me. It makes it less visible. But why would you want to nickel plate it? Nickel is nearly the same color as stainless, and much softer. It builds up the metal surfaces (bluing it is a penetrating finish that does not affect dimensions), so some metal to metal fit problems might occur Having the barrel black nitride treated and the receiver slow rust blued with provide a as close as possible match in the finishes. But, it will not be looking like a Colt Python. And, chances are, If you find a shop that runs a set of hot tanks for SS, the color will not match the blue on the carbon steel receiver. It might be close Stainless steel vs. a blued finish [Update] This post was updated on [last-modified] Most experienced gun owners know the importance of gun bluing. Bluing is a process by which steel is protected from rusting by passivation. It gets its name from the blue-black color this process imparts on the metal

Blued vs Stainless Steel The High Roa

by John Malloy Contributing Editor Arguably, the Colt/Browning 1911 is the most popular handgun design made today. It is available in a variety of variations. 1911-type pistols are made in traditional blued steel and also now in newer stainless steel finishes. The stainless-steel variants have become so familiar that it seems hard to remember a [ Well, now you have a better idea of what gun companies (and gun magazines) are talking about when they spew metal specs at you when describing a gun's construction. Common Gunmetals Carbon Steels. 1020 and 1520—Common, plain or cold-rolled steel. You'll find it in trigger guards, floorplates, sights, sling swivels and other steel hardware It comes in black finish and the matte steel & stainless steel finishes. If I go with the regular black finish, I'll be saving $140. Now, $140 isn't a gigantic amount of money, but for my standards, it's not pocket change either, and I need to consider the FFL fee, ammunition, a possible extra 2 or 3 magazines, etc

Gunsmiths offered guns with blued barrels and other components as early as the 1600's. The formulas they used for their bluing compounds were a closely guarded secrets. Rust Bluing is a time-consuming process to undertake, traditional rust bluing actually rusts the surface of the steel The Model 48, in all its blued, carbon-steel glory, lives on as part of S&W's Classics Series and is offered with either a 4.0-inch barrel or a 6.0-inch barrel. The Model 48 Classics retails for $997. S&W also offers the heftier stainless-steel Model 648, which features an eight-round cylinder and a full-lug 6.0-inch barrel The metal surfaces are block sanded to remove all imperfections and then polished to a mirror shine just before the bluing process, which avoids oxidation of the steel. Although Fire Blue creates a lustrous finish, it is not as durable as conventional hot salt bluing, turning a patina color with wear

When I build something for myself, it is Stainless steel, and usually a Hart. Must say, I just got in a 22 cal, 1 in 7 blank from from McGowen and it looks nice. Will stick it on the 700 Rem when I shoot the Hart barrel out. 22-250AI, 80gr SMK or 80 gr Amax While Colt produced the vaunted I frame premium revolver in a special grade of blued and nickel finishes before offering stainless models in the mid-1980s, this .357 Magnum is a hard-to-find. Hi, I searched the forum, and now I'm pretty thoroughly confused and would like some clarification from the experts. I currently own a Parkerized Springfield Armory pistol. I like the looks of it much better than my previous pistol which was matte stainless Colt 1991A1. It looks like I'll.. While the author's Old Army is blued, among the most common models are stainless examples which shrug off the soap-and-water cleanup required by black power guns much better. Odds are, if. Price Item Condition Date Sold; $2,000.00 .357 MAG. COLT PYTHON 6 STAINLESS NEW 2020 REVOLVER SP6WTS MAGNUM NIB 6 INCH BARREL Port Charlotte, FL 3395

Stainless steel has a higher chromium content which makes it more corrosion resistant. Carbon steel in my opinion is probably the better material overall for a 1911 but stainless definitely has its place also. As has already been mentioned if your gun is going to be exposed to the elements regularly then stainless is the way to go Standard blue barrels look nicer than stainless when new. Standard blue barrels will last about 14,000 to 16,000 rounds if maintained constantly while stainless only 11,000 to 13,000. The key is 'maintained constantly' since this does not matter to a stainless rifle. Leave a stainless rifle in your boat overnight and it works and looks great I am doing some personal research on the use of stainless steel for gun barrels. I know Winchester used it briefly in the late 20s and ceased using it in late 1930. since then I am unable to get a definitive date for winchester in particular, I know smith&wesson used on their model 60 38 special in 1965, also in 1959 Hellstrom produced model 15. I don't know much about 1911's so I can't comment on that gun. But with stainless steel Revolvers, it does a great job. I used a small microfiber cloth and rubbed on Mothers Mag in small areas with my index finger in tight circular motions. I applied some pressure but not excessive Parkerizing is a method of protecting a steel surface from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of a chemical phosphate conversion coating.Parkerizing is usually considered to be an improved zinc or manganese phosphating process, and not to be an improved iron phosphating process, although some use the term parkerizing as a generic term for applying.

Conversion in blue: $3,800. Conversion in stainless steel: $4,200 . STANDARD FEATURES. Each sixgun is completely rebuilt throughout. Metal work is standard. Heavy duty Wolff mainsprings are used in every gun. Every action is tightened, aligned, and blocked. Trigger pulls adjusted to minimum amount of creep and let off with insured safety Features: 1911 Colt Series 80 Commander vs. Springfield XDM The Springfield XDM proved reliable with every type of ammunition tested. For comparison, I chose a Colt Series 80 Commander, a steel-frame, stainless steel 1911 with a 4.25-inch barrel. The magazine holds eight rounds B irchwood Casey Liquid Gun Blue Kit is the best gun bluing kit that makes everything you need to blue or re-blue several rifle barrels.. It is made using the highest quality materials and components. This blue is excellent for cleaning smoke residue from stainless steel surfaces The Mini-14 is a relatively simple gun designed to be used outdoors. It's designed to be rugged and looks the part. The plain stock and stainless construction are tough, but won't win any beauty contests. Overall * * * * * The target market for the Mini-14 Ranch Rifle is a person who values dependability under the worst circumstances Stainless steel guns can eventually develop rust overtime. Oxygen can have an adverse reaction with oxygen, forming a chemical compound that is harmful to stainless steel; steel combined with iron, water and oxygen will form iron oxide, or the technical term for rust. Most stainless steel guns--if not too damaged by.

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But Stainless steel is a blend of iron, chrome, and other metals and the iron in a stainless gun will rust. Blued guns are the norm and I like them too. But even a blued gun will reflect light just not as much as a bright polished stainless gun. For hunting guns I like a dull polymer finish that looks like dark blue The EAA Windicator is available in 2-inch or 4-inch barrel configurations with a choice of blued and stainless steel finish. The 2-inch barrel blued model sells for $373 and the 4-inch barrel. This is kind of a stupid, but from an aesthetic standpoint I don't like stainless steel on guns. The bright shiny silver just does not do it for me. However I've read that stainless is often a better choice because it won't rust and is much more resistant to the environment in general. In addition, most replacement barrels seem to be in. It is a high carbon content steel, which makes it resilient to high-heat scenarios and with its abrasion resistance, the barrels wear slower over time. 416-R Stainless Steel is stainless steel formulated specifically for gun barrels. 416-R is stainless in name only, as it is still susceptible to corrosion but at a reduced pace. Again, type 410 stainless, which had proven its capabilities as a barrel steel in other high-power Ruger revolvers, was the first choice. A 1¼ OD x 19 bar was gundrilled to a bore of 0.480 in 17.27 minutes at 1.1 ipm (inches per minute)

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This Damascus patterned steel can be blued/browned. A Damascus patterned steel for guns which is also suitable for axe- and knife forging. Forge weldable. Damasteel® DS96X™ Stainless Gun Barrel Steel. This steel consists of two hardenable stainless barrel steel grades in more than one hundred layers. A beautiful Damascus patterned steel for. The black steel will make it easier for you to stay hidden compared to having a bright and shimmering metal of a regular stainless steel gun. Most people like to blue their stainless steel guns. But if you're looking for ways to make your gun look more professional or want to get rid of annoying shines and shimmers, then the three methods. Stainless steel cannot be anodized in the true sense of the word unless a hot caustic solution is used. There are, however, a few alternative ways to achieve some similarish results to anodizing, like what you would expect with titanium and aluminum. Dark Blue: 1110 F: So if you have, for example, 309 or 316 stainless, those temps will be. Shaw Custom Rifles The Mk. X Custom Rifle. With the New Mk. X, you can choose from thousands of possible combinations.Your choices include 2 barrel contours, stainless steel or blued chrome moly steel, premium polished or matte finish, long or short action length (depending on caliber selected), multiple barrel lengths, and your choice of a checkered walnut stock or two types of laminate Maybe if you leave your stainless gun in the rain for a few weeks it will rust. Stainless won't rust near as easy as blued. I had a friend drop a few .270 bullets one day. I found them a couple of weeks later after at least three days of rain. There wasn't a bit of rust on them. Why, because they had a stainless steel casing

I'm getting a Colt 1991 series 80 1911. I can't decide between the stainless or blued. I know stainless is a harder to rust than blued, but that's a nonfactor. I'm talking about the metals themselves. And I know you can fit carbon steel guns a bit tighter than stainless, but I don't plan on doing that anyway. This is a self defense gun Stainless steel reflect less light because it is more of a matt finish. I sat in a camp that overlooks a farm. A guy with a blued barrel and one with a stainless barrel were walking together and we could pick them up in the bush because the blued barrel reflected flashes of light and the stainless didn't Just like blueing carbon steel, stainless blueing is a stain, and does not add dimension to the metal. There is some passification, whatever that is, so the results are not a tremendously high gloss, more like the factory finish on most guns Up until the past couple decades, guns could be had (mostly) in blued steel or stainless, both of which hold up reasonably well against the elements and rust. Bluing is a process of treating iron (or steel, an alloy of iron and carbon) to with a catalyst that creates a layer of magnetite - or black iron oxide - on the surface of the metal The blued version presents a classic finish to a very unique handgun. The 1-in-12-inch twist rate will rotate your solid projectile (but not your shot cup) about half a turn before it exits the barrel. A stainless steel version is also available

Next up was a silver-skinned copy of Model 19, the stainless-steel Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum 38 Special +P/357 Magnum, $420. In July 1971 Smith & Wesson announced its first stainless-steel 357 Magnum, the Model 66. Like the blued Model 19, the Model 66 was a favorite of everyday cops who wanted a Model 19 that was rust resistant The blued finish is glossy, and slick, because the metal is polished (instead of bead blasted for a matte look) before the bluing process. It supposedly holds up to neglect a little better than a porous matte finish, but it's much easier to see, reflects and contrasts off of everything. My O/U shotgun has a normal blued finish, and is gorgeous Black Nitride vs. Stainless: What is the better 1911 finish? I am about to buy a new Ruger SR1911. I am just a little confused over the type of finish to choose. I was going to choose stainless but I saw that it was avialible in black nitride (called the Night Watchmen). The black nitride finish was a premium price. So that leads me to the question

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All things considered, the 4006 would still make an outstanding duty gun, and 11+1 rounds of .40 S&W on-tap is still a good option. If you desire an all stainless steel handgun, these days, you could do a lot worse than this 4006. And, prices are good on used guns - especially law enforcement trade-ins HP744-2 = 44 magnum stainless with 2x fixed scope. Other Interesting Information. The most common small frame guns are the model 15 and 15-2, the thought is the -2 guns have minor differences when Monson started manufacturing the guns and labeled it the -2. One of the changes noted is shape of the hammer Blued and nickel plated guns will not be so resistant to the ravages of weather and time. Stains and rust are a constant risk to these guns. Stainless steel revolvers are less prone to gas cutting. For starters, you get a lot more in terms of choice. There's a base model in blue steel or you can get in stainless. There's a compact model, the Judge Public Defender with a 2.5-inch barrel instead of the typical 3-inch barrel of the standard gun, and a half-inch shaved off the grip for easier concealment

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Answer is yes, Weathershield is a shade more gray than stainless a shade more silver. WS a flat finish while SS more satin sheen. The vanity of hunters ! Your quarry doesn't care! 2) Isn't SS under the coating ? Answer , no. According to TC customer service it is the same barrel as a blued barrel with the coating applied The forged match grade stainless steel frame and slide are perfectly mated for tack-driving performance. 1911 9-Round Blued Magazine - 9mm. $39.00. DeSantis® Pro Stealth Ambi Holster - 1911. Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use. If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and. Ruger SASS Vaquero .45 Colt, 5.5, Stainless Steel, Matching Pair, Price Shown is for Single Gun, Select two in Cart. $1,699.00 $893.29. Out of Stock. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Ruger Vaquero 357 Mag/9mm, 4.62 Barrel, Hardwood, Blued, 6rd, Pre-1962 XR-3 Grip Frame. $949.00 Impact Guns is the gun shop for all your shooting needs..

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Steel, blued; stainless steel: Oil filled Walnut, Goncalo Alves, and Rosewood. Raised silver with black background Ruger Eagle medallions. Current production: 1975: 1962/1963 XR3-RED frame produced in stainless steel for Old Army, marked KXR3. Introduced steel in 1985 for blued Old Army Long Guns. 08 Apr 2019 The Feature Rich Barrett Fieldcraft Rifle Hits The Mark. 27 Jul 2018 with 4″ barrel in stainless and blue. Available in blue or stainless steel with a 4.2 barrel, the new adjustable sight is right at home on the range or on the trapline. Configurations. LIPSEY'S MODEL:.

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Well, contrary to what a lot of people think stainless does not mean rust-free. Stainless steel will, can, and does rust. Now it is not as prone to corrosion as other steels, but it will happen. Coating a stainless gun might be the equivalent of putting on two condoms, but sometimes its better to be have a little extra protection The widely used stainless steel is the Type 304 stainless steel as they are also referred to as surgical stainless steel as it contains a maximum of 20% of chromium and 10% of nickel. Ferritic: Ferritic stainless steel is the cheapest form of steel and hence it is favored for manufacturing automotive exhaust components. Along with 17% of.

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It has a 3-inch barrel, and beavertail grip safety, skeleton hammer and skeleton trigger make things easy on the shooter. Wood grips sit on a blued steel frame, though you can opt for stainless steel if so desired. Novak low-profile night sights sit atop the slide, and more aggressive serrations are machined into the slide for easy manipulation This gun has a broad range of barrel lengths and caliber fittings, and it can get five, six, seven, or even ten shots. The standard models of GP100 have a 4.2- inch barrel with full shroud. This gun holds 6 of .357 Magnum, designed to shoot from the ground up. Most standard models are blued steel, but some of them come with stainless steel The 1981 issue of Gun Digest lists two guns in stainless steel for the first time: the Undercover (with a 2 inch barrel) and the Pathfinder (with a 3 inch barrel). Also, the Bulldog Tracker appeared for the first time: a .357 Bulldog with a 6 inch bull barrel, reported by Hal Swiggett as being 3/4 inch in diameter, giving the gun more heft Stainless Vs. Carbon Steel Vs. Aluminum 1911's. OK... I've owned a few Kimber PRO series 1911's featuring aluminum frames. The thing I like about the aluminum frames is that they don't rust and they are very light weight. What I don't like is that they don't last as long as stainless steel or carbon steel. I've actually owned one Kimber PRO that wore out This includes cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and most non-ferrous metals used for gun parts. Brownells Baking Lacquer is available in many colors to blend with blued and stainless steel parts, parkerizing and also in Matte Clear for French Gray finishes or protecting color case hardened parts

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Most of our family's firearms are now stainless/synthetic because this is practical. I love the looks of a grade 5 walnut stock on a finely blued firearm, that's just something I know is silly to beat the brush with in crappy weather. My only complaint with stainless rifles is the reflections most produce The Ultimate is a stainless steel Python polished to degree similar to a Royal Blue gun. Pythons have been produced with four standard barrel lengths, 2.5 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. At the 1998 SHOT Show I was told by one of the Colt factory reps that all Python revolvers would henceforth be produced entirely in the Custom Shop Features include stainless action for durability, an improved rail attachment, metallic bolt shroud, an extra-strong steel lug, adjustable double-stage trigger, three-position safety, and a robust recoil pad. As it's built to be robust and rugged, this gun weighs a little more than some of the others on this list - a little over 8 pounds

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