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There are 2138 calligraphy ruler for sale on Etsy, and they cost $13.94 on average. The most common calligraphy ruler material is stone . The most popular color This 6 clear plastic calligraphy rule includes six nib widths for each nib size: Medium, broad, 2b, 3b, 4b & scroll 4 and scroll 6. Use it to mark x heights for exacting pen work. Customers who bought this item also bought Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of AB Calligraphy Ruler (for Script) These rulers, designed by Aquino da Silva and Belinda Chim, are very handy lining tools. Each ruler is the size of a credit card and is suitable for daily practice or lining on small cards and envelopes. Engrosser's has x-heights from 3 to 7 mm and a 55-degree slant angle AB Calligraphy Ruler, Engrosser's - This amazing tool from Aquino da Silva makes drawing Copperplate guidelines simpler and faster. This ruler allows users to rule lines from 3mm to 7mm x-heights; 1:1:1, 2:1:2 and 3:2:3 proportions, and a 55 degree slant. Portable and can easily fit into your pencil case. 1.75 x 4.2 Calligraphy Ruler Rp 160,000 Copperplate & Engrosser's ruler that allows you to draw guidelines for your calligraphy from 3mm to 7mm x-height with scale for 2:1:2 and 1.5:1:1.5 & 55 degree slant

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Transparent design lets you see paper underneath the ruler. Grid pattern aids lining up parallel and perpendicular lines. Long blank section in the middle of the ruler is helpful for reading text line by line. Measurements are printed along both edges The Rolling Ruler is a universal drawing tool for making parallel lines, circles and arcs. Draw Horizontal Parallel Lines Hold the centre of the ruler and roll it up/down to draw the straight parallel lines. Draw Vertical Parallel Lines Place the pencil in any hole and roll the up or down to produce a vertical line Lift the ruler and place the straight edge against the two dots, draw a line and you have your slope. Using the rolling function of the ruler, drag the ruler backwards and mark up the slant lines. It's probably taken longer to read and understand what I've written than to actually do it a ruler ; a pencil ; calligraphy brush pens or markers of different colours (look at the image above for examples of pens you could use!) fine liners; Less expensive supplies that you can use instead of regular calligraphy brush pens are sharpies, crayola markers or regular fine liners

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  1. Use a ruler to draw three sets of evenly-spaced guidelines, and make sure that you maintain a consistent distance between each set. There is about 1/4″ (6.35 mm) of space between these three groups of calligraphy guidelines. A rolling ruler makes it easier to create parallel guidelines
  2. Ruled Calligraphy Paper. This is a test application I'm using to become familiar with the Google App Engine. You can use it to generate a ruled PDF suitable for calligraphy practice, with ascender and descender lines and slant guides
  3. Follow along as I review and show you how to use the Engrosser Ruler designed by Aquino de Silva. I've also included an explanation of calligraphy ratios for..
  4. Manuscript's Calligraphy rule enables you to set up your work space and guidelines with ease, providing accurate and precise results with no need for complicated calculations. The calligraphy rule does all the hard work so that you can get on with the part you love... learning, practising and writing in calligraphic styles
  5. Ideal for Copperplate and Spencerian writing. This price includes two rulers: one 24cm rectangular ruler and one triangle ruler. The triangle ruler has 2 slants, 50-degree and 55-degree
  6. Note: this is not a sponsored video, just a demonstration!Get the set of 2 rulers: https://www.johnnealbooks.com/product/set-ab-calligraphy-rulersGet them in..
  7. These rulers, designed by Aquino da Silva, are very handy lining tools. It is a time-saving and simple way of drawing guidelines for a Copperplate, Engrosser and Engraver fonts or Spencerian script. Each ruler is the size of a credit card and is suitable for daily practice or lining on small cards and envelopes. Eng

item 2 Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler - Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler. $13.43. Almost gone Free shipping. item 3 Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler - Office Products - Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler - Office Products. $14.00. Free shipping. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review Loosely defined, calligraphy is a visual art related to writing that is executed with a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instrument. Along with hand lettering, calligraphy is enjoying a renaissance, and Blick offers all the supplies professional, intermediate, and beginning calligraphers need for creating custom invitations, framed. Move the ruler down so that the top of the ruler is on the bottom guide that you drew step one, which is actually the baseline. Draw a guide on the lower side of the ruler, which will represent the baseline of the next line. If you followed correctly, you've just drawn two entire lines of guides. Here's what it should look like +44(0)1502 501620; mail@scribblers.co.uk; Scribblers, North East Suffolk Business Centre, Pinbush Road, Lowestoft, NR33 7NQ, U

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  1. This envelope addressing ruler is designed special for calligraphy. Perfect for envelopes that cannot be addressed on a light pad, the inkmethis Envelope Ruler will help you create your guidelines in a flash! With this template, you can quickly mark your guidelines in multiple x-heights depending on your preference o
  2. Jan 3, 2020 - S1086. AB Calligraphy Ruler (for Script) These rulers, designed by Aquino da Silva and Belinda Chim, are very handy lining tools. Each ruler is the size of a credit card and is suitable for daily practice or lining on small cards and envelopes. Engrosser's has x-heights from 3 to 7 mm and a 55-degree slant angle. Spencerian has x-heights of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 mm and a 52.
  3. One of a kind calligraphy ruler designed and created by Aquino da Silva of AB Calligraphy Supply. With this ruler, you can freely draw guide lines for Copperplate Script (Engrosser means the 19th century American version of Copperplate).Designed for letters from 3 mm to 7 mm x-height; with 1:1:1, 2:1:2 and 3:2:3 proportions and a 55 degree slant
  4. This envelope addressing ruler is designed special for calligraphy. Perfect for envelopes that cannot be addressed on a light pad, the inkmethis Envelope Ruler will help you create your guidelines in a flash! With this template, you can quickly mark your guidelines in multiple x-heights depending on your preference or project need
  5. envelope calligraphy ruler saves the day! Apr 10, 2019 kestrel montes. Tags calligraphy guides, envelope addressing, envelope calligraphy, wedding calligraphy. Finally a tool to make envelope addressing sooo much faster. Sure, it's always easiest to use a lightbox. But what about dark envelopes or lined envelopes
  6. The best designs are often the most simple and master maker and penman, Aquino Silva's Calligraphy rulers are no exception. I scratched my head trying to think of a simple calligraphy guide solution but nothing I came up with compared to these clever rulers. If you can't beat em join em! So instead, I decided to sto
  7. Use a full scale ruler to measure a known measurement from an image on-screen. In the Calculate Scale dialog, enter this measurement into Measured Length and the actual full scale measurement into Full Scale Length. Hit Calculate Scale to calculate the scale. This enters the scale into the lower Measure at Scale dialog

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Calligraphy ruler Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Customers also viewed these products. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Previous page. Dream Xplore® Triangle Scale Ruler, 30 cm/12-inch Long Plastic Straight Measuring Tool for Architects, Engineers, School/College Students, Office Employee (1-Piece Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler? - posted in Calligraphy Discussions: So, I wanted to know if anyone has heard of this Manuscript Calligraphy ruler. I cant seem to find any reviews for it, so if anyone has one, Id like to know if its something worth getting, because it looks like it will help a lot with my letter sizing

Once upon a time, when I wanted to address envelopes in calligraphy, I painstakingly calculated and ruled every single one. For copperplate, this included four lines per address line, and slanted 54° guidelines. While an excellent practice for learning good techniques and spacing, it doesn't scale Rulers, Templates and Squares can be found in this section. The Blots Ruling Template Aid is a great and quick way of ruling pages for calligraphy

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Calligraphy is the most highly regarded and most fundamental element of Islamic art.It is significant that the Qur'an, the book of God's revelations to the Prophet Muhammad, was transmitted in Arabic, and that inherent within the Arabic script is the potential for developing a variety of ornamental forms.The employment of calligraphy as ornament had a definite aesthetic appeal but often. Faux calligraphy is created by going over certain parts of your text with bolder strokes and filling it in to create the look of real dip pen calligraphy. The dip pen calligraphy requires ink and a special pen holder with a nib, the metal tip that holds the ink A ruler or whatever it is when they're full thing is properly called in English. These triangles come in all different sizes and, yes, getting a 30 centimetre long one seriously changed my entire guideline life. Since it allows me to finally easily line across any four sized sheet. The's triangles come of a protractor to measure angles

Great little calligraphy ruler,saves time when ruling up and especially for left handers Read more. 4 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. Debz. 5.0 out of 5 stars Manuscript Calligraphy ruler. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 December 2018. Verified Purchase. Nice small ruler. Good for smaller project A ruler with a compass, protractor and T-square all in one. It has a 12 inch ruler graduated in 1/16 increments and is made of clear impact plastic. Perfect for creating horizontal lines, angles and arcs, vertical lines. Create up to a 24 diameter and is a must have for illustrators and designers Perfect calligraphy tool. Ships out in one day from Melbourne, Australia. Just about the cleverest little tool out there, this ruler counts out from the middle, allowing you to line up your calligraphy beautifully

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History and Styles. Going by the dictionary definition, calligraphy means beautiful writing or fair or elegant penmanship. Essentially, calligraphy is the art of making beautiful or elegant handwriting. It may sound intimidating, but with a little practice, anyone can master the basics of this art Ruler: A secret to beautiful, legible calligraphy is symmetry. Use your ruler to draw base lines and cap heights. A base line is where the bottom of your letters rest and a cap height marks the top of your letters. While you want artistic flair, you don't want your calligraphy to look messy or uneven

On the final products, use a ruler and pencil to make lines on your envelopes or other paper; erase after the ink dries. Paper should be a plain-finish stock with a smooth, flat surface; ink smears on shiny stock, and the nib can skip or catch when pulled across a richly textured paper ️ The key exercise for calligraphy ️Basic curves for foundation. ️Basic capital letters. ️Basic small letters. ️Word formations. ️ Shadow (3D) font. ️Fearless flourishing. ️Free hand Calligraphy Ruler Along with pencils, a ruler can help you add some guidelines to your paper, envelope, or other medium before you begin lettering. Even if you're practicing a more freeform style of modern calligraphy, such as bounce lettering, you'll want to have an established, straight baseline to work from, especially as a beginner Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler UPC 762491360000 This 6 clear plastic calligraphy rule includes six nib widths for each nib size: medium, broad, 2B, 3B, 4B & Scroll 4 and Scroll 6 Calligraphy is a beautiful visual art form and can no doubt take your envelope from plain Jane to a frame worthy piece of art. An artists broad strokes, ink wells and nibs, we get stationery goose bumbs just thinking about such things! A good ruler, a few extra envelopes and enough time is usually all it takes. Addressing your own wedding.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Build your Guide • Save to PDF (Button) • Print from PDF • Do NOT remove url watermar

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AB Calligraphy Supply, Macao, China. 375 likes. Managed by Aquino da Silva and Belinda Chim We sell calligraphy products such as pens, calligraphy ruler, ink, paper, nibs and many more Discourses surrounding rulers and calligraphy form an important sub-strand in materials on calligraphy, and these accounts often depict calligraphy as a vehicle capable of reflecting a ruler's moral character I have used this paper tearing ruler on handmade paper, watercolor paper, text weight paper, and cover weight paper, all creating a faux deckled edge at the size of paper that I need. Nothing beats a natural deckled edge on handmade paper, but sometimes you just need something at a certain size, and this ruler is a tool that I always reach for

Calligraphy is a form of visual art related to writing -- technically, the use of lettering by hand with a brush, pen, or broad tip instrument, giving form to writing in an artful and expressive fashion. The word itself comes from the words kalli (beautiful) and graphia (writing). Modern calligraphy The italic calligraphy hand uses a broad edge nib, as opposed to the pointed brush tip used for brush lettering or the pointed nib for modern script lettering and pointed pen calligraphy In italic calligraphy, the thick/thin variation in the letters comes from the angle of the pen, not from pressure

Ruler; Mono line pens or regular pen (non flexible) Optional : Large brush pen; Tracing paper; Guideline paper ( graph/lined/dot ) If you are new to brush calligraphy, there is a basic Beginning Brush Lettering course offered the 2nd Wednesday evening of every month, from 6-7:45pm Calligraphy's building blocks are thick downstrokes and thin upstrokes. The thin upstrokes are easy to draw, as you hold your pen lightly and move it upwards. Thick ones, on the other hands, require more pressure as the nib is being moved downwards. Of course, you should balance and combine both movements to produce the best possible line.

For now though, calligraphy technical pens are great- no seeping under the ruler, very little mess, inexpensive, and I recommend you try them for your panel borders! My preference are pigment based, as they're less prone to smearing once dry, so if you can find some, pick them up and give them a shot Luxury calligraphy supplies from inkmethis.com. Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business ️ The key exercise for calligraphy. ️Basic stokes for foundation. ️Guidance for left handed students. ️Brush-pen Introduction. ️Lowercase letters. ️Uppercase letters. ️Word building exercise. ️Shadow Implementation. ️Word flourishing. ️Colour blending effect. ️Colourful Background effect technical & calligraphy pens accessories Select Product Category compasses mechanical pencils stylus fineliner pen technical pens calligraphy pens drawing boards multipens ballpoint pens rulers / set squares erasers leads, inks & refills tips & nib

The best ruler for calligraphy is the rolling ruler. It allows you to quickly draw parallel lines as well as other shapes easier. You may also need various markers and ballpoint pens. Markers can be useful for adding effects, patterns, and colors. Printable Calligraphy Practice Sheets Drag the ruler down a little bit (I used two squares as my width), and then draw a horizontal line over until you meet your closest angled line. In terms of width, choose whatever width you want for your effect. Step 5: Flip your ruler vertically and do the same thing as in Step 4 - draw a line to connect to that same point

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Typography is a primary element of composition. Being a designer, I pay a lot of attention to its quality. Operating Photoshop is easy for me; however, to level up my skills, I am always learning to work with letters, using my hands, without any computer programs. The first time I took a calligraphy course was about a year ago, and the decision was quite hard 24 Inch Stainless Steel Ruler. 24 flexible, cork back. Marked in 1/16 and millimeters. An essential tool for calligraphers and bookbinders CALLIGRAPHY (ḵaṭṭāṭī, To draw lines a ruler (ma/esṭara or ma/esṭar) was employed. It was a suitably sized board of bonded paper sheets or cardboard on which threads corresponding to lines were fixed at the required distances apart. The board was placed under a sheet of writing paper, the sheet was pressed against it, and the.

Calligraphy Rulers by Aquino da Silva Pyaar. Title: Quantity. HK$60 ES Ruler supports 3mm to 7mm X-height and scale for 2:1:2 and 1.5:1:1.5 at a 55 degree slant. Spencerian Ruler supports 1mm to 3mm x-height; with 3:2:3 proportions at a 52 degree slant. Like Tweet Pin it Fancy +1 Email. Can't find what you're looking for?. Align ruler so that the same measurement appears on both sides of the zero mark. For a longer ruler, print and cut the 2 lower rulers and tape together overlapping and aligning the zero mark. The Left side ruler is upside down, so when printed (with left alignment) it will start on the left hand side or the page Ruler - The ruler will Calligraphy is writing letters in one stroke or the deconstruction of several strokes, there is no erasing or re-adjusting. I think the misconception comes because some people associate the pointed and flat pen with calligraphy, so when they see someone using a different tool, they automatically think that it has to. Envelope Calligraphy Ruler. Sold out Sold out. Inkmethis. Modern Calligraphy: An Intensive Practice Workbook. Sold out Miwako Kawaminami. Gesso Tablet. HK$140. For Total Beginners. Gidling Supplies. Easy Use. The Perfect. Calligraphy Writing Pad. Practice or Correspondence. Hello from Hong Kong. Based in Hong Kong since 2015, Pyaar is a small. To aide in proper spacing a 3/8 calligraphy guide is on the left margin while a standard ruler is on the right margin. Letters that dip below the line are no problem with SliderWriter. There will be no unsightly start and stop ink accumulation with SliderWriter. Write a letter or personalize a card

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In studying the greats, such as ancient philosopher-rulers—Kangxi, Taizong—and the styles of many dynasties, Liu has developed his own style and scripts. He was a member of the Chinese Calligrapher Association and held many successful and well-received calligraphy exhibitions throughout China The April Calliart will be centred on the capitals and some decoration. Materials: You will need your usual calligraphy gear; i.e. layout pad, slope board if you have one, plastic ruler, HB or 2B pencil, fine liner pen, pen nibs Speedball 2 or 3, Mitchell 1 1/2 or 2 or similar, ink or gouache, water jar to clean nibs, paper towel • Brief introduction to Blackletter / Gothic Calligraphy • Characterisitics of the script • Different writing tools and materials • How to use Pilot parallel pen • Parts of the letters & guidelines • Eraser, Ruler, Pencil • Watercolor paper / Thick paper (100gsm) for the Project (A4 or A3 size Helix Oxford Folding Ruler Ingenious folding ruler - so you can fit it in your pencil case Only £1.49 inc VAT £1.24 ex VAT £2.55 inc VAT £2.13 ex VAT Save £1.06 inc VAT £0.88 ex VAT 41% off Kaco Ruma Bookmark Ruler Silver A bookmark and ruler all in on A tughra (Ottoman Turkish: طغرا ‎, romanized: tuğrâ) is a calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of a sultan that was affixed to all official documents and correspondence. It was also carved on his seal and stamped on the coins minted during his reign. Very elaborate decorated versions were created for important documents that were also works of art in the tradition of Ottoman.

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  1. Calligraphy is a decorative handwriting which can create a huge impact on the company or brand name if produced elegantly. It is being widely used in the corporate world as well as in the field of arts. Ruler Art Calligraphy. Typography. Logo Desinging. Icon & Symbol Designing. Brochure Designing. Customized UI Graphics. Email Templates.
  2. Manuscript Calligraphy Ruler is a clear perspex ruler designed for calligraphy use. The ruler enables you to set up your work space and guidelines with ease, providing accurate and precise results with no need for complicated calculations
  3. This ruler is very lightweight, yet stong and sturdy. The grip allows for you to keep it straight and aligned while drawing lines, measuring, cutting with a blade, etc. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a ruler that won't move or slip when being used. ★★★★★ ★★★★
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ruler In calligraphy, there is a variety of different pens that you can use, to achieve this font style. However, the Tombow dual brush pens are the easiest to use for beginners. You can also use highlighters, Crayola markers and water brush pens, which are other less expensive pens, that you most likely already have at home The printable rulers here are a little more fashionable with either a metallic or transparent look, which are both available to print on Letter or A4 paper. There are measuring tape rulers, centimeter rulers, inches rulers to varying scales, whole and quarter-inch rulers, protractors, and more

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My name is Nicole and I'm here to help you get to grips using the iPad and Procreate for calligraphy & lettering. I have a lot of different tutorials on the blog, but if you're here because you're ready to take the next step to learn Calligraphy on the iPad, I recommend you start with my Copperplate Calligraphy guide for Procreate. This. Get yourself a pencil, eraser (a kneaded or artist's eraser is helpful for making less eraser dust), see-through ruler with mm markings, and optionally a protractor. For even easier guideline drawing, buy a t-square or rolling ruler. When starting off, ALWAYS DRAW GUIDELINES. It will teach you the right proportions, keep your work looking neat. Calligraphy was created by Li Si, the prime minister of China during the Qin dynasty in 208 A.D. Initially, pictographs had been inscribed on bone for religious purposes, but soon there was a need for a uniform script for administrative purposes. Li Si is credited with standardizing this script during his reign

While you can draw a series of parallel lines using just a ruler and pencil, an Ames lettering guide is useful for drawing a large number of parallel lines quickly. The spacing between the lines is set by the size of your metal nib, and the size needed for the specific calligraphy hand you plan to use Hold your pen diagonally at a 30 to 60 degree angle. A calligraphy pen isn't used quite the same way as a regular pen. The tip, or nib, of the pen should point diagonally away from you, to the left, as you write. The screen speaks to a ruler and recommends that he use the counsel of wise ministers in order to rule justly. [2] clerical script (隷書 reisho ) ( pinyin : lìshū ) The Clerical Script or Scribe's Script (reisho) is a very bold and commanding style of Chinese calligraphy, each of the strokes are greatly exaggerated at the beginning and end

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2:51 Remove your ruler and your tape from your paper. 3:01 There are no horizontal lines on this paper; that's on purpose. What I'm going to do with this is use it under grid paper or lined paper when I'm practicing. 3:18 When I'm doing brush calligraphy on this paper I can see where I want to start and stop my lines Back Calligraphy & Lettering Supplies Books & Magazines iPad & Procreate Brushes Online Supply Stores Handmade Pens & Tools Practice Sheets & Pads Custom Product Manufacturing Tech Accessories & Hardware Software & Apps Font Favorites Downloadables: Brushes, Mockups, etc


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Get the Faber-Castell® Modern Calligraphy™ Kit 14 Piece Set at Michaels.com. This kit provides the tools and instructions needed to enable the novice to be successful when it comes to the intriguing art of calligraphy. Envelope Template and a ruler plus a curves template. The practice pad comes with several sheets of paper with lines and. Modern Kit. Our Modern Calligraphy Kit includes everything that you'll need to get started with both Melissa's Modern Calligraphy class and Hoang's Spencerian class.We've changed this kit over the years, and we're very happy with our current selection of supplies. We're particularly excited about the walnut ink crystals that ship dry and will not explode and destroy your kit - Notebook and pen for note taking - Pen holders (for pointed & broad edge nibs) - Pen rest (for anchoring pen when not in use) - Various nibs - Pencils (soft leaded) - Eraser - Ruler -18 or longer - metal cork-backed is best - Gouache/ink of your preference - Gum Arabic (for use in mixing gouache) - Small mixing pan (6 well plastic); Mixing. Welcome to VCalligraphy! Your wedding invitations are your guests' first glimpse into your wedding style, theme and color palette. Let handwritten calligraphy add a personal and elegant touch to your big day. I am pleased to offer hand written calligraphy for your invitations, envelope addressing, place cards, and escort cards Its inside of it a kind of artwork pots practice and a comfortable hand. The word hails from the one that literally means beautiful writing. In order to learn calligraphy, here is how you can get started. The type of material you have got to start include pencils, a ruler, an eraser, paper or parchment, a dip pen, a fountain pen, ink and paper.

There are various calligraphy styles, types and forms, that have been developed in the last 3000 years together with our mankind history. The style could sometimes reflect characteristic s of those times, trends, favour of the ruler and often a curiosity of calligraphers at that time. While expanding various forms and styles, skillful calligraphers continuously challenged and mastered the. A number of useful appendices are featured at the end of Mastering Modern Calligraphy, including a glossary, grids and guides for different calligraphic styles, drill frames, rulers, and a resource list that includes calligraphy supply stores, networking websites, and educational opportunities The first step is to begin sketching out your design on paper with a ruler and pencil. I used the Zebra DelGuard Mechanical Pencil and created a contrast between a hand written calligraphy and big bold letter outline. Drawing the faux calligraphy in pencil will allow you to make sure that you have enough room for all your letters The calligraphy forms a poem written by Dubai's ruler Parametric design tools were developed for the project to solve specific design and buildability challenges, said Bauly Winters gives readers advice about habits to follow while practicing Copperplate calligraphy, as well as habits to break. A step-by-step guide on how to create slanted guidelines with a pencil, ruler, and protractor is included, as well as a thorough introduction to inserting, holding, applying pressure, and dipping a flexible pointed nib

Staedtler Noris Club Double-ended fibre-tip 72-set | Pen StoreZEUS on BehanceA Floral Mood Tracker For Your Journal – Kelly CreatesPre-Ap World History 3rd Study Guide (2014-15 MrUni Posca Marker 60-set Rubbercase | Pen Store

Calligraphy, or the art of writing, was the visual art form prized above all others in traditional China. The genres of painting and calligraphy emerged simultaneously, sharing identical tools—namely, brush and ink. Yet calligraphy was revered as a fine art long before painting; indeed, it was not until the Song dynasty, when painting became closely allied with calligraphy in aim, form, and. Ruler; Helpful resources with more calligraphy tips. Tools, ink, books and DVDs: Paper & Ink Arts, John Neal, Bookseller; A super in-depth post to read if you're just starting out: A Beginner's Guide to Pointed Pen Calligraphy Writing calligraphy is very relaxing if you know how and writing a list is a great start in practising calligraphy styles but it is important to enjoy it too. Posted by Unknown at Draw some faint pencil lines with a ruler for guidelines before you write in your card

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