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We Reviewed 100+ Brain Enhancements. You Will Be Shocked At What We Found. Scams Exposed. Find Out Which Supplements Actually Work To Improve Memory, Concentration, Focus, & Mood What are the best natural brain boosting vitamins for concentration and focus online. How to spot the ultimate cognitive formula for better focus, memory and mental performanc Almost 40 percent of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12, which can result in difficulties with fatigue, memory, mental fogginess and even depressed mood. Vitamin B12 helps with normal functioning of the nervous system, including the brain.* People with higher levels of Vitamin B12 seem to have less brain shrinkage as they get older Folate or Folic Acid Folic acid is a B-complex vitamin which is essential for the functioning of the brain and its deficiency could even result in cognitive impairment. To avoid brain fatigue, you can combine folate with other B-vitamins. The recommended dosage for folic acid is 400 mcg per day for healthy adults

Vitamin B-12 is essential for nerve functioning. Another source of antioxidants is vitamin E, which crosses the blood-brain barrier. Vitamin A regenerates brain cells to prevent brain fog. When there is vitamin D deficiency brain fog can be a resultant If you're feeling tired or lethargic, Huperzine A is one of the best supplements for brain fog. Much like its cholinergic partner Alpha GPC, Huperzine Aincreases the amount of acetylcholine present in the brain. However, Huperzine cures brain fog and eliminates mental fatigue in a slightly different way Another cause of brain fog may be a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vitamin B-12 is an essential nutrient in the synthesis and production of red blood cells, nerve cells, and even DNA. It is very important that you consume enough vitamin B-12 per day as a deficiency can cause many different symptoms

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Vitamin E and brain function Also included in the best cognitive vitamins, vitamin E is a group composed of eight natural compounds, including tocopherols and tocotrienols Vitamin E is an antioxidant and is believed to help with brain health by reducing oxidative stress. It is the only supplement that has been found to have any possible benefit. A 2014 study in the journal Nutrients reviewed the existing research on vitamin E and various health issues, such as heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease The links between nutrition and brain health are only recently becoming apparent. You should feed your brain before an activity that requires optimal brain function. Our team of experts share the best vitamins and minerals for your brain if your aim is to increase brain function, mental performance and concentratio

Omega-3 fish oil supplements have piqued great interest. Studies suggest that a higher intake of omega-3 fatty acid from foods such as cold-water fish, plant and nut oils, and English walnuts are.. Though you may come across many so-called natural remedies for brain fog online, it's best to confer with your doctor before you add any over-the-counter or herbal supplements or vitamins to. B-Complex Vitamins & Vitamin C. A 2010 study published in Psychopharmacology shows that a high dose of B-complex vitamins taken with vitamin C are critical for brain health and are directly tied to an improvement in mood. The study authors noted, Vitamin C is the brain's most prevalent antioxidant and is found at its greatest.

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AZOTH Total Memory Supplement for Brain - Extra Strength Memory Pills to Boost Recall, Cognition, Focus, Mental Clarity - Improve Brain Health, Brain Fog, Memory Loss - Synapsa, Huperzine & Vitamin D3 30 Count (Pack of 1) 317 $2 You can't get all of the needed vitamins for brain fog from just a few foods. For example, vitamin B-12 is only found in animal-based or fortified foods, the best sources of folate are green leafy vegetables, and niacin comes from legumes and red meat, poultry or fish The DMAE present in this brain supplements provides the user with mental clarity, enhances cognitive abilities, improves memory, and keeps your energy levels high. It is a natural brain supplement and contains highly effective ingredients that provide you with great results Vitamin B12, also called Cobalamin, is one of the most important substances in neurology. Its deficit can result in mental fogginess, fatigue, and even depression. Also, those who take It regularly will not only improve their mental clarity, but also experience less brain shrinkage as they get older

Dr. Marshall's list of supplements that people ask about include B vitamins (folic acid, B6, and B12), antioxidants (vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10), herbal supplements (huperzine A, ginkgo biloba), and nutraceuticals (fish oil, curcumin, coconut oil). For now, you can cross most of these products off your shopping list for lack of evidence The feeling is often described as brain fog: a lack of mental clarity, struggling to focus on a single concept, or feeling like you're fumbling zombie-like through the day, even after a full night of sleep. Brain fog can be caused by mental fatigue due to stress, a nutrient deficiency, a lack of quality sleep, or hormonal changes Antioxidants The most important antioxidants are vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene but there are many more such as: selenium, other carotenoids, lycopene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. They help protect your body's cells (including brain cells from damage), and help in hormonal production. Fruits and veggies also are very rich in antioxidants Vitamin B12 & B9 The B vitamin family consists of multiple nutrients that are essential to your health - including the well-being of your brain. When it comes to fighting against brain fog, vitamins B12 and B9 especially come to mind. Both of these have roles to play in maintaining the functioning of brain cells If you're looking for the best vitamins for brain fog, consider this. All you need is 20 minutes of midday sun exposure (without sunscreen) about thrice a week. 5. Vitamin B2. Another of the best brain vitamins is B2 or riboflavin. You can get it from food such as avocado, dairy products, eggs, and different kinds of meat and fish

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  1. B1 is a therapeutic agent for neuropathy. Vita
  2. With countless supplements out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your needs.  Always consult your doctor about such issues, but adrenal adaptogens, antioxidants, and Omega-3s have been shown to most effectively reduce menopause brain fog, so they are a great place to start. Nutrition Response Testing is a great way to identify what your body needs most, and we can.
  3. . Mind Lab Pro is a top choice for improving brain fog. The mix of nootropic and adaptogenic ingredients lower inflammation while boosting mental energy
  4. C helps remove toxins and wastes. According to a study in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, it may help prevent the buildup of toxins in the brain that can lead to disorders such as Alzheimer's, which affects memory and Parkinson's, which damages the nerves 3.Vita
  5. E has recently proved to be efficient in oxidation reactions to the human brain, so it could help you prevent the appearance of Brain Fog. Finally, vita

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The brain relies on a steady stream of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and glucose from complex carbohydrates, in addition to getting enough rest and relaxation. Luckily, brain fog is considered a reparable condition Natural remedies for brain fog include: eating a healthy, whole food-based diet; getting enough sleep; managing your stress; exercising regularly; trying intermittent fasting; taking vitamin B12 and vitamin D supplements; doing an elimination diet to suss out any food sensitivities and diet-based causes of inflammation; and installing an air. Free radicals damage brain cells and DNA through a process called oxidation, which contributes to brain-fog-related symptoms. Studies indicate that flavonoids found in certain fruits and veggies are able to improve memory and brain function, thereby helping to lower symptoms related to brain fog. Fruits like grapes, pomegranates, strawberries.


Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent cognitive impairment, memory problems, and mental fog. Adopting these 10 brain-healthy habits can help slow the aging process and boost your recall and cognitive performance. 10 Ways to Sharpen Your Memory & Clear Brain Fog This is another fat-soluble vitamin that's best sourced through foods, according to Tynan. Get your vitamin E from leafy greens, nuts and seeds, and avocado, among other sources. Black elderberr Like the brain supplements before it, Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) can also clear brain fog. Many of ALCAR's health benefits derive from exercise of some kind. Since exercise is the best thing you can do for your body, it's not surprising to find cognitive benefits as well

They also protect our brain from free radicals. Vitamin B6 is also involved in brain development. Therefore, I recommend supplementing all of the three mentioned B vitamins. We just covered the best nootropics for brain fog. But which is the best nootropic stack for brain fog? Best Nootropic Supplement For Brain Fog Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that aids in reducing oxidative stress on the brain. The term vitamin E refers to eight different compounds that make up this vitamin. According to Harvard Medical, higher doses of vitamin E have proven to help people with early Alzheimer's disease continue to perform necessary daily routines. However. Feel Your Brain Firing on All Cylinders. Learn More. Slow thinking, low motivation, blue mood, spotty memory and poor focus... When brain fog strikes, it can impair virtually all aspects of cognitive performance.. Nootropics for brain fog can help.. With natural healthy support for mental energy, brain chemicals, stress resistance and more, the right nootropics can help clear away brain fog.

If you struggle with brain fog despite taking the advice listed above as part of a healthy lifestyle, then you may be able to benefit from brain fog supplements. Sometimes called brain vitamins, memory-enhancing drugs or smart drugs, the official term for drugs and compounds intended to boost brain function is nootropics, pronounced no. Brain Fog Is a Condition Wherein You Have Poor Memory, a Problem in Concentration, Mental Fatigue, and Headaches. There Are Many Supplements for Brain Fog That Are Proven to Be Helpful.Curcumin, Vitamin B, and D Assist in Treating Brain Fog. Read on to Know More

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  1. B6 and B12, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Huperzine A, that work to prevent age-related damage and improve norepinephrine and serotonin regulation
  2. B12 deficiency—common among older adults and vegetarians—eating B12-rich foods or taking the memory supplements can improve memory, says.
  3. When you woke up with brain fog, you know that it's going to be an unproductive day. This is where taking supplements could help you to regain focus
  4. s for Brain Fog. Clear the fog! With these three vita
  5. The best supplements for brain fog The experts agree: a healthy diet is the best way to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. But if you want to, well, supplement what you're eating, here are a few to consider: Cocoa flavanols Cocoa flavanols have been shown to improve cognitive function, and there's solid evidence.

Do your best to remove all gluten and dairy. #5: Balance Your Body With The Right Supplements. Finally, once we have taken care of our mind, body, sleep and diet; we need to fine-tune our efforts to eliminate brain fog — by getting the right supplements into our system Brain fog and nutrition: supplements for brain fog syndrome. One of the best ways to increase your body's vitamin D levels is through 5-10 minutes of sun exposure a day. You can also get your vitamin D through foods, including: Fortified foods, such as fortified milks and fruit juices Supplements are available for supporting normal brain functions and brain health. Krill oil - Bioglan Red Krill Oil Extra Strength contains 500mg of pure krill oil, which is responsibly sourced from the Antarctic Ocean. It is a pure source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, including both Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic (DHA) Vitamin D is another nutrient that is important for brain function, however, many people are deficient due to a lack of sun exposure. Intolerance to certain foods can also cause brain fog. For example, gluten intolerance is best known for causing cognitive issues via inflammatory pathways in the body Triggers Of Brain Fog. Various triggers for brain fog have been reported by sufferers, the most frequently reported in younger people include physical fatigue, lack of sleep, prolonged standing, dehydration, and feeling faint (1). Possible Causes Of Brain Fog Diet. Diet can be a major cause of brain-fog symptoms

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A fuzzy brain is no fun when you have worlds to conquer and magic to make (or maybe babies to feed and deadlines to make). While a shot of espresso might get things buzzing, a powerful way to clear brain fog and boost cognitive power is with herbs. Our go-to herbalist and founder of modern apothecary Anima Mundi, Adriana Ayales, is sharing this plant wisdom for busting brain fog and. It's effective at fighting brain fog. Improves working memory; You only need one dose a day. Cons: It does contain some synthetic ingredients in addition to its natural ones. There's no information on serving quantities. Pricing. Sixty Brain Pill capsules cost $79.99, and you can save $10 by buying the two-month package Galland treated a physician in her 60s who'd been sick with COVID for six weeks, continuing to run daily fevers with brain fog and fatigue. He prescribed a combination of herbs and supplements, including resveratrol, and her symptoms resolved within a couple of weeks Brain fog can be a symptom of a nutrient deficiency, sleep disorder, bacterial overgrowth from overconsumption of sugar, depression, or even a thyroid condition. Other common brain fog causes include eating too much and too often, inactivity, not getting enough sleep , chronic stress, and a poor diet En español | An in-depth report released today by the AARP-founded Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) — a working group of top neurologists, nutritionists and researchers — finds that supplements to preserve or boost memory or cognition aren't worth the plastic they're bottled in. Supplements for brain health appear to be a huge waste of money for the 25 percent of adults over 50 who.

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  1. eral levels
  2. Brain fog or 'mental fog' refers to cognitive impairment caused by brain inflammation. You may have brain fog if you feel forgetful, scattered, confused, unmotivated, irritable, and tired. Inflammation and oxidative stress cause brain fog by damaging the limbic system, a connected set of brain regions that affect cognition, emotions, and.
  3. B6 to be beneficial in cases of attention deficits
  4. Supplements Drugs & Supplements. Drugs & Supplements. Find & Review -- One of the least understood effects of COVID-19 infection is brain fog, a kind of mental confusion that can take hold.
  5. Brain fog supplements - Our comprehensive brain supplements for memory and focus pills include licorice root magnesium oxide chromium picolinate and potassium to naturally support brain function Natures Craft Quality - We use the best natural ingredients in our focus supplement formulated in American GMPc facilities and 3rd party tested for.

Top 10 Supplements For Brain Fog & Brain Health That Rev-Up Mental Energy. If you often find yourself feeling distracted, fatigued or just plain off, chances are that you're struggling with brain fog. We all undergo this degenerative process especially due to the impact of today's fast-paced and industrialized way of living Vinpocetine supplements are usually taken to improve memory, overcome brain fog, increase mental clarity, protect the brain against aging, and promote overall mental well-being. ( 104 ) It rapidly enters the brain to increase blood flow, decrease brain inflammation, protect against free radical damage, and balance neurotransmitter levels Best CBD Oil for Brain Fog - Final Word. Brain fog is such a frustrating problem and it can really make you feel so agitated with yourself. A little help from CBD can really conclude or reduce this issue to a great extent. Although CBD has a long way to go to prove its worth in modern medicine That's why we set out to test the most talked about supplements for brain fog on the market. With retail mark-ups as high as 500%, and some of these supplements costing $60+ even directly from the manufacturer, we knew this was less of a choice and more of an investment

Nourishing Your Brain Health Through Your Diet Scientific research tells us that nutrition is the secret to brain health. And studies tell us that more than 90 percent of Americans don't get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals they need from their daily diet. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, across almost every age range, Americans eat. In addition to the above list of ten 'brain fog' supplements, there are also some excellent herbal supplements for brain fog as well. 1. Ginkgo Biloba - The leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree have for centuries been widely associated with their brain-boosting qualities, both in India's Ayurvedic medical system, and in traditional Chinese Medicine

Best Food Sources of Vitamin C. Sources: Cantaloupe, all citrus fruits, berries of all kinds, pineapple, peppers of all kinds, tomatoes, white and sweet potatoes, cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and winter squash. Vitamin D: For a Lifetime of Brain Health. Unlike other vitamins, we rarely get vitamin D from the food we eat tinnitus and brain fog Safety - Quality manufacturing and purity of item has much to do with ensuring safety of a product. So, we just shortlisted supplements with high purity, quality manufacturing that is FDA authorized and GMP certified

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Keep in mind, when discussing brain supplements and brain fog, that brain fog and dementia are not the same thing. While brain fog may leave you feeling cloudy, dementia and Alzheimer's disease adversely affect your ability to function in your day-to-day life. If you are having new problems with basic tasks like paying bills or sending an email, you may wish to consult your doctor. Brain fog is now listed as a reported long-term symptom by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), albeit a less common one than fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, joint. Supplements to Cure Brain Fog As mentioned earlier, brain fog can be cured easily and completely. While there are many treatments available both natural and with the aid of supplements, you should choose one only after consulting your physician as your ongoing medical treatment or other health limitations may cause the treatment to not work. Sun is the best source of vitamin D, but for older people or those living in cooler climates, a vitamin D supplement is going to make a big difference. Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids These are found in high concentrations in the brain and are essential to memory, brain health, and cognitive function, but it's notoriously difficult to get. Brain fog is an indicator of brain degeneration, but it can be reversed To get rid of brain fog, start with exercise, stress management, quality sleep, and a healthy diet In addition to a good diet, there are several supplements proven to improve brain function - three were discussed in detai

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Brainzyme® Focus Pro is an advanced, highly concentrated and scientifically proven natural brain food supplement that clears brain fog efficiently. It provides you with strong focus, memory, motivation, and energy, helping you think and work better Citicoline is a naturally occurring compound found in every cell of your body. It's less widely known that many other brain supplements that made this list, yet it's one of the best brain boosters available. Citicoline helps build healthy brain cell membranes Our brain is an organ whose complex functioning largely depends on a great number of micronutrients. Studies show that vitamins of the B group, vitamin C, and minerals are important for normal brain functioning. Furthermore, a deficiency of any of these vitamins can lead to developmental problems in children and psychiatric illnesses in adults Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that helps strengthen your bone cells, improve your immune system, and manage fatigue. It also plays a huge role in brain function. The hippocampus (the area of your brain that controls memory) is densely packed with vitamin D receptors, which suggests that vitamin D is important for memory retention

Focus Factor is a dietary supplement formulated to improve brain functioning. Benefits associated with regular intake of this product include improved concentration, memory, and focus. Ingredients found in its formula include Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, choline, vinpocetine, and others Vitamin-B9 is very important for boosting your memory, daily consumption of foods such as spinach and other dark, leafy green vegetables, broccoli may give your brain source of vitamin-B 3. Vitamin B12: Recent research shows that memory loss and low vitamin-B12 in the body is interlinked. To improve memory enough vit-B12 is necessary Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Lemon Balm Extract, Jujube Seed Extract, Suntheanine (L-Theanine), 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) #2

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13 Supplements That Can Heal Your Brain From Long Term THC Use. Lifestyle Sep 17, 2017 • 2:05 PM EDT 3 MIN READ • By Michael Berger Share. Political Analyst - Derek Thomas. There's little debate left about marijuana's medical benefits. Now research is more focused on just how many ailments can be treated with marijuana List of the Best Brain Supplements for 2019 to Boost Cognitive Abilities. In this section of this article, we will reveal the best brain supplements for 2019. These supplements can help in taking your cognitive power to the next level. Here are the top 17 brain supplements for 2019. 1. Omega-3 Fish Oil. The first brain supplement to start off. The 10 Best Vitamins for Brain Function, Remove Brain Fog & Increase Clarity. Posted on December 27, 2019 December 27, 2019 by So, we're talking about improving your memory, your mindset, your mood. So you can be happier, remove brain fog, and have increased clarity. With the right nutrients you can think sharper, have better cognitive. Bulletproof Smart Mode for mental clarity and alertness: Smart Mode contains a blend of brain-supporting nutrients and adaptogens to promote clear-headed concentration, † like pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), L-tyrosine and antioxidant-rich rosemary and artichoke leaf extract. Adios, brain fog and caffeine jitters Brain fog is also a symptom of a number of inflammatory diseases like fibromyalgia and Alzheimer's. Your brain fog could also be caused by food allergies and sensitivities of which you might be completely unaware. The most common culprits include gluten, peanuts, dairy, aspartame and MSG. 3. Dehydration. Water makes up 73% of the brain

Choline is an essential nutrient that is often overlooked by people when considering their daily vitamin, mineral, and nutrient intake. There are many different types of choline, as well as a multitude of brands which all claim health benefits such as: supporting mental health, improving cognitive function, and boosting your metabolism Our brain supplements come in a variety of formats from tablets to liquid and provide support to normal brain function and memory support. Our Ginkgo Biloba provides support for mental focus and memory as well as the maintenance of good cognitive function as well as supporting normal blood circulation

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This means it's great to take for brain function, as it's designed to provide nerve support and boost memory, harkening back to that NGF boost we mentioned earlier. It has helped people with nerve regeneration and short-term memory while alleviating brain fog, anxiety, and depression For this reason, Riboflavin deficiency is often associated with some serious side effects including brain fogging and lack of focus. Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 is one of those vitamins that can literary turn your mental capacity around. Not in a bad way

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Your brain needs a steady supply of nutrients — including protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals — for you to feel your best. Emphasize these brain foods in your diet in order to fight free radical damage and boost your nutrient intake Walnuts are good sources of plant-based omega-3 fats, natural phytosterols and antioxidants, and have been shown to reverse brain aging in older rats. Omega-3 Go easy on meat and egg yolks, which contain pro-inflammatory arachidonic fatty acids, and eat more fish—nature's best source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats Vitamin B Also known as a water-soluble vitamin, the vitamin B family comprises eight vitamins. Out of these vitamins, the most important ones that play a role in brain development and functioning are B6, folate (B9) and vitamin B12 plato can help you fight mental fatigue, get rid of brain fog, and improve focus Like all nootropics, Plato is non-toxic, effective, and safe to use. It has four researched ingredients - Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola Rosea, Panax Ginseng, and L-Theanine. We have not been asked for a recommendation, and only recommend products we believe in

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Since brain fog is sometimes caused by fatigue, one of the most assured ways to cure a serious case of brain fog is by getting a good night's rest. This means aiming to get the recommended seven. There are eight B vitamins which include thiamine (B 1), riboflavin (B 2), niacin (B 3), pantothenic acid (B 5), vitamin B 6 (pyridoxine) biotin (B 7), folate (B 9), and vitamin B 12 (cobalamin). Each B vitamin plays their own role in the body. A few responsibilities of B vitamins include: converting food into energy Brain-healthy eating encourages consuming meat sparingly (red meat makes an appearance fewer than four times a week in the ideal MIND diet). Beans, lentils and soybeans, which pack protein and fiber, make a worthy substitute. They'll keep you full and are rich in B vitamins, which are important for brain health Best Nootropics - What Brain Supplements and Smart Drugs Really Work. The most commonly reported symptom of brain fog is confusion and an inability to think clearly. Nootropics seem to have.

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Brain fog is a constant problem for most people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors diagnose this condition after you have at least six months of physical and mental fatigue . Experts still aren't sure what causes it, but problems with memory, focus, and thinking are symptoms A lack of vitamin D can lead to brain fog, or cognitive dysfunction, and recently, scientists have found a link between low vitamin D levels and several brain-related disorders, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, dementia and autism. More than 1 billion people around the world have a vitamin D deficiency In a span of a few years, Qualia has become one of the top-rated brain boosting supplements in the market. It promises to offer the following benefits: Increase energy. Increase focus by preventing brain fog. Boost alertness and concentration. Improve willpower. Enhance brain nutrition. Encourage self-discipline and task execution. Increases. Anemia is a condition in which the body is not making enough red blood cells, and may cause fatigue, brain fog, and depression. Anemia is often linked to vitamin B9 or B12 deficiencies. 3 Everyone has episodes of brain fog -- poor memory or concentration -- from time to time. Your diet may affect your brain more than you think; the same healthy foods that make you feel well physically also help your brain function properly. One essential nutrient, omega-3, is especially important to brain health

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He indicates that one of the best ways to clear brain fog is by meditating for 12 minutes a day. Dow explains that brain scans have shown that meditating for just 12 minutes a day will help you to strengthen your prefrontal cortex, which will help you to think more clearly Vitamins for brain fog and supplements aid the symptoms of brain fog that can occur during menopause. Choose supplements & vitamins from our range that can best help your symptoms. Buy online from Health & Her today What Is Brain Fog? Learn More About The Causes of Brain Fog >> Nutritional Deficiencies. People get a ton of sugar in their diet (this is an issue, too), but people also lack in a myriad of vitamins. There are people with Vitamin D deficiencies, and the funny thing is that the sun gives you Vitamin D - you don't even need to eat a thing Brain fog can often be cleared away with the right treatment. But before that can happen, you need to find out what's causing the fog—so read on to learn about common causes, related health conditions, and more Blood tests don't accurately detect mild B deficiency that might be causing low-grade symptoms like brain fog. Your best defense against B deficiency is to consume lots of foods high in B vitamins, such as whole grains (millet, quinoa, brown rice, etc.), eggs, fish, nuts and legumes What are the best supplements to take for brain fog? Here is our protocol with key supplements to banish brain fog and boost focus: B-complex. Activated B vitamins are essential to improving brain function, protecting memory and fighting off the fog. B vitamin deficits like that of low B12 levels can lead to mental fogginess, depression and.

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