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1965-dated silver-clad half dollars entered circulation in the spring of '65. Distinguishable by the slight pinkish hue of the rim (on some issues) and (obviously) the date, speculators hoarded the.. An example of the uncirculated 40% silver edition bicentennial half dollar is depicted below in the example image: USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1976-S Kennedy Half Dollar (40% Silver Variety) is Worth $10.66 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. Proof coins can be worth $13 or more. Click here to Learn How to use Coin Price Charts A clad Bicentennial half dollar weighs about 11.34 grams. A 40% silver 1976 half dollar weighs 11.5 grams. If you have a copper-nickel clad 1976-S Bicentennial half dollar, it's probably a collectible proof coin and is worth about $1. Have the silver 1976-S Kennedy half dollar

Silver Clad Eisenhower Dollars and Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar. This lot consists of two 40% silver-clad 1971 Eisenhower dollar coins, an uncirculated Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar coin, and an uncirculated Kennedy half dollar. Clad Eisenhower dollars: Designer: Frank Gasparro. Metal Content: 40% silver and 60% copper. Diameter: 38.1mm. The standard 1776-1976 Kennedy half dollars are made of a clad composition that contains copper and nickel. Silver clad half dollars and silver clad proof half dollars were also minted and they sell for more money. Keep reading to learn more about these coins 1976 S Kennedy Bicentennial 40% Silver Clad Half Dollar . $11.75. Free shipping. John F Kennedy Haalf Dollar Repousse 3d Coin Necklace Bi-centennial. $5.00. 0 bids. $4.45 shipping. Ending Friday at 7:26PM PDT 3d 15h. 1976-D Clad Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar (MS65) NGC. $11.00. 4 bids

On June 13, a bill, S. 1141 which provided for a circulating Bicentennial quarter, half dollar and dollar, gave permission for coins to be struck at West Point and allowed for 40% silver clad versions of the new coins for collectors was reported favorably by the Senate Banking Committee. It passed the Senate on July 13 Silver clad planchets were also used in 1976 to produce the circulating commemorative American Bicentennial half-dollars. Once again, some of these silver-clad planchets were used to make Kennedy half-dollars dated 1977. 1974-D Doubled Die Obverse A production error occurred on the obverse coin die in 1974 The bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar features a 1776-1976 date on the obverse and a portrait of Philadelphia Pennsylvania's Independence Hall with the words 200 YEARS OF FREEDOM on the reverse of the coin to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the United States of America

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  1. 1967 KENNEDY Half Dollar, Vintage US Silver Clad Half Dollar, Birthday Coin, Estate Coin pikecountypicks. 5 out of 5 stars (156) $ 8.00. Favorite Add 1976-D Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars (5) Clad double die BraceletsMoore. 5 out of 5 stars (4) $ 12.00. Favorit
  2. ted in 1992. In 2014, a special 50th anniversary edition of the Kennedy half dollar was also struck in 99.99% gold
  3. t sets and proof sets
  4. The silver-copper clad composition was discontinued in 1971 in favor of the copper-nickel clad composition, but returned for the collector versions of 1776-1976 Kennedy, Bicentennial half dollars
  5. The Bicentennial Kennedy half dollar was the first of the three coins to be issued, at a ceremony in Huntington's hometown of Minneapolis held on July 7, 1975
  6. Bicentennial Half Dollars were produced in 1975 and 1976 in the usual copper-nickel clad versions, but also in a resurrected 40% silver clad alloy (same as on the 1965-1970 Half Dollars). Both Mint State and Proof version were made

Half dollars made from 1965 through 1970 are composed of two outer layers containing 80% silver and 20% copper with an inner core of 20.9% silver and 79.1% copper (net composition: 40% silver and 60% copper). Coins minted in 1971 and beyond have outer layers composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel bonded to an inner core of pure copper However, in 1976 and as part of the United States Of America's Bicentennial Celebration, they begin minting 40% silver clad Eisenhower Dollars, Kennedy Halves and Washington Quarters dated 1776-S-1976-S. These issues were released as proof and mint sets containing all three coins and in a special package from the mint U.S. 40% clad half-dollars were minted only for the years 1965-1969. They should not be confused with 1964-dated half-dollars that are 90% silver and bear the same image of President Kennedy.. Each clad half-dollar contains 0.1479 ounce silver, whereas the silver content of a 1964 Kennedy half-dollar is 0.36169 ounce A bicentennial silver dollar is a reverse of the Eisenhower dollar coin. The essence of it was to celebrate the memorial of the 200th birthday celebration of the bicentennial of American independence. The bicentennial coins created were of two different types. Type one was for circulation and type two was to be a collectible

Other than the Kennedy half dollars, the U.S. Mint produced just a few other silver-clad coins. Silver-clad Eisenhower dollars were created in the early 1970s as part of mint sets. For the bicentennial, the U.S. Mint created silver-clad Eisenhower dollars, Kennedy half dollars, and Washington quarters with an S mintmark Since the Clad 1976 P and D mint mark coins went into circulation, they are much more difficult to find in high Uncirculated condition. For the Proofs, the Mint struck a 1976-S Clad Half Dollar and finally, it also struck a Silver Proof version We are pleased to offer for sale this 1976 Kennedy BICENTENNIAL Silver Clad Half Dollar.This Kennedy Half Dollar coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Condition. All of our BU Kennedy Half Dollars are nice original coins and represent a great value for the price. You will receive one 1976-S Kennedy SILVER CLAD Half Dollar coin.. Check out all of our Kennedy Half Dollars by Date 1976 S Silver Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar - Dual Dated (1776-1976) - Bright White - Brilliant Uncirculated - US Mint. $16.89 $ 16. 89. FREE Shipping. 1976 S Clad Proof Type 2 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint. 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. $11.95 $ 11. 95. Get it as soon as Fri, Apr 23

this is a 1989 -d silver dollar and clad half dollar choice uncirculated the bicentennial of congress 1789 - 1989 NO BOX OR COA IN U.S. MINT CAPSULES MIN/BID IS $9.99 AND U.S. SHIPPING IS $4.0 Kennedy Half Dollars Silver Clad (No rare dates) Kennedy Half Dollars Bicentennial (Dated 1776-1976) (Common date) 1975-1976: Face Value: Face Value: Kennedy Half Dollars Clad. 1971-Present: Face Value: Face Value: Reeded Edge Half Dollars Reeded Edge (Rare dates: 1836, 1839-O) 1836-1839 Silver coins are the easiest to spot by looking at the edge. After 1970, all of the 90% silver Kennedy's will be proof coins with one lone exception and that is the 3-pc. Bicentennial issues that were made both in proof and uncirculated 90% silver. Only clad proofs were produced from 1971-1991, and since 1992, both clad and silver proofs are. Some versions of the bicentennial proof half dollar contain 40% silver, while others are the same copper clad as circulating halves. The clad version has a visible copper ring around the edge Choose Your Birth Year Bells/ Clad JFK Half Dollar Coin Bell/Gremlin Bell/ Guardian Bell 1971-1974, 1977-2019 & 1776-1976 Bicentennial Kennedy 1776 1976 D. Bicentennial Liberty Half Dollar Silver Coin 1776 1976 D. JFK Coin. Great Detail. AntiqusHeirlmsVintge. From shop AntiqusHeirlmsVintge. 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 review

Silver Half Dollars. In the Kennedy Half Dollar series, the 1964 of course is 90% silver. Halves dated 1965 through 1970 contain 40% silver. Halves dated 1971 or later are copper-nickel clad coins with the exception again of the special Bicentennial halves sold in the Mint Sets and Proof Sets with the S mint mark, which are 40% silver The half dollar, sometimes referred to as the half for short or 50-cent piece, is a United States coin worth 50 cents, or one half of a dollar.It is the largest United States circulating coin currently produced in both size and weight, being 1.205 inches (30.61 millimeters) in diameter and 0.085 in (2.16 mm) in thickness, and is twice the weight of the quarter The bicentennial of American Independence was recognized on the Kennedy Half Dollar with a special reverse design as well as the issuance in a special composition of 40% silver. These silver clad versions were not released for general circulation, but only issued within three coin uncirculated or proof sets sold by the United States Mint A special design for the reverse of the half dollar was issued for the United States Bicentennial and was struck in 1975 and 1976. In addition to business strikes, special collector coins were struck for the Bicentennial in silver clad; silver proof sets in which the dime, quarter and half dollar were struck in 90% silver were first minted in 1992

Bicentennial half dollars dated 1776-1976 were produced in the years 1975 and 1976 in the copper-nickel clad composition for circulation and proof and also in the 40% silver composition in uncirculated and proof versions for inclusion in special collector sets

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In the years 1965 through 1970 a 40% silver Kennedy half dollar was minted for circulation. This new composition is 80% silver and 20% copper layers bonded to a center core of 21% silver and 79% copper. A total of 40% silver by weight. Over the years over 841 million 40% silver half dollars were struck The Kennedy half dollar is a United States coin that has been minted since 1964. In the first year of production the coins were minted in 90% silver and 10% copper (90% silver). From 1965 through 1970, the coins were minted in a clad composition of mostly silver outer layers and a mostly copper inner layer (40% silver) The Clad Half Dollar obverse was designed by Dean McMullen, a semi-retired free-lance graphic designer and formerly a staff artist with an advertising agency. He also designed the 1993 Bill of Rights one dollar and half dollar reverses, the 1994 World Cup Soccer Silver Dollar obverse, as well as the World Cup Soccer Gold Five Dollar, Silver. How much are my U.S. 1976 Clad Half dollar worth? About 1976 Clad Kennedy Halves. Click the button below for catalog-specific information about this item Two US 1989-D SILVER DOLLAR & CLAD HALF DOLLAR Bicentennial of Congress Commemorative COINSUNCIRCULATED(2) TWO SETS - Four Coins Total ALL in ORIGINAL PLASTIC CAPSULESMISSING OUTER BOXES AND COA Coins Come Exactly As PicturedSOME FAINT TONING MINIMUM BID $9.99 -U.S. SHIPPING- FIRST CLASS MAIL $6.00PRIORITY MAIL $12.50 WE COMBINE SHIPPING

inscriptions are united states of america, e pluribus unum, half dollar, and national law enforcement memorial and museum. Surcharges in the amount of $5 for each half dollar sold are authorized to be paid to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Inc., for educational and outreach programs and exhibits The Bicentennial design was not used after 1976; sets of silver clad Bicentennial coins were sold by the Mint until sales were finally closed at the end of 1986. One proof Bicentennial coin in silver clad and lacking a mint mark, similar to the dollar in the prototype set given to President Ford, is known The first US Mint was established in 1792 in Philadelphia, and the first silver half dollar was released in 1794, the Flowing Hair Half Dollar. Below is the list of Half Dollars struck throughout the history of the US Mint, along with their starting and ending dates of production. Flowing Hair (1794 - 1795) Draped Bust (1796-1807 1976-S Proof Kennedy BiCentennial Half Dollar MIRROR CAMEO FREE S/H & Holder. eBay (diton.a.c5fr53ttu) 1994 P&D Kennedy Half Dollar Set AU/BU Clad no Silver 50 Cent Clad About UNC MS. Buy: $4.27. eBay (jeffscoins) Half dollar silver De 1776 1976 doble fecha una de 1989 y 1980 $400. Bid: $100.00. Time Left: 2d 3h.

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During the Bicentennial coinage Proofs were struck in copper-nickel clad as well as in.400 fine silver. Beginning in 1992, the Kennedy half dollar has been struck in 90 percent silver and offered.. 1976 US Mint Silver Proof Set This is the specially issued 1976 Silver Proof Set (Buy on eBay). This set contained the 1976-S Eisenhower Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, and Washington Quarter. Each coin was minted with a special composition which included 40% silver. Because of the silver content, the sets were offered at $15.00, which [ The 1970-D half dollars were struck only to fill that year's orders for mint sets, pending the change to copper-nickel coinage; the silver-clad, bicentennial halves were likewise coined only for collectors The different types of Kennedy Half are: 90% Silver Composition, 1964 40% Silver Composition, 1965-1970 40% Silver Composition, Special Mint Set, 1964-1967 (1964 is 90% Silver) Copper Nickel Composition, 1971-1974, 1977-2003, 2011-date Copper Nickel, Comp. Bicentennial Reverse, 1976 40% Silver Composition, Bicentennial Reverse, 1976 90% Silver Composition, Specimen, 1998 Copper Nickel Composition, Satin, 2005-2010 Copper Nickel Composition, Enhanced, 201 First decide what method you will be using to indicate the amount of U.S. 90% silver half dollars to calculate. You can enter your amounts either by the total quantity of silver half dollars, the total face value of your silver half dollars, or by the total weight of your U.S. 90% silver half dollar collection

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The 1989-D Congressional Bicentennial Commemorative Silver Dollar is comprised of .900 silver (90% silver) and .100 copper with a diameter of 38.1mm and a weight of 26.73 grams. The 1989-D Congressional Bicentennial Commemorative Clad Half Dollar is composed of 92% Copper and 8% Nickel The following year(1965), this was changed to silver-clad, with the silver content lowered to 40%. In 1971. Bicentennial half dollars dated 1776-1976 were produced in the years 1975 and 1976 in the copper-nickel clad composition for circulation and proof and also in the 40% silver composition in uncirculated and proof coins found in special. The Kennedy 40% Silver Half Dollar Melt Value Calculator, displayed below, can figure the total silver value and total silver content of Kennedy 40% silver half dollars from the years 1965-1970. Calculate by quantity, rolls of half dollars, face value, or weight

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United States Min 1976 S Eisenhower IKE Dollar Clad proof Dollar Proof US Mint. 5.0 out of 5 stars 6. $11.45 $ 11. 45. Get it as soon as Thu, Mar 11. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. 1776-1976 Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated Original Mint Cello 1976 S Silver Proof Bicentennial. 1976 S Kennedy Bicentennial 40% Silver Clad Half Dollar in Mint Cello. C $15.35. Free shipping. Seller 99.6% positive. 50 JFK HALF DOLLAR Direct-Fit Airtight 30.6mm Coin Capsule Holder QTY: 50 w/ BOX. C $23.75. Free shipping. Seller 99.9% positive. 2021 S Clad PROOF Kennedy Half Dollar Coin from US Proof Set Each set includes the following popular coins, all in brilliant proof specimen condition: 1982 George Washington 250th Anniversary silver half a dollar, 1986 Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary half a dollar, 1989 Congress Bicentennial half dollar, 1991 Mount Rushmore 50th Anniversary half a dollar, 1992 Christopher Columbus 500th Anniversary half a dollar, and 2008 American Bald Eagle commemorative half dollar Each set includes the following popular coins, all in brilliant proof specimen condition: 1982 George Washington 250th Anniversary silver half dollar, 1986 Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary half dollar, 1989 Congress Bicentennial half dollar, 1991 Mount Rushmore 50th Anniversary half dollar, 1992 Christopher Columbus 500th Anniversary half dollar, and 2008 American Bald Eagle commemorative half dollar

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This special 3-Piece 40% Silver-clad U.S. Proof set was issued for our nation's Bicentennial. Set Highlights: Made by the U.S. Mint in San Francisco. Contains a Washington quarter, Kennedy half dollar and Eisenhower dollar. Struck in 40% Silver and are dated 1776-1976. Designs commemorating the Bicentennial of the United States of America The top most expensive and valuable US Kenendy Half Dollar. 1964 Specimen MS69 $10,637.50. The most rare, grades, dates and varieties for Kennedy Half Dollar coins In 1971, the circulation coinage composition was changed a final time, eliminating the silver, and using the copper-nickel clad standard common to the dollar, quarter, and dime. Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars dated 1776-1976 were produced in the years 1975 and 1976 in the copper-nickel clad composition for circulation and proof and also in.

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The 1976 Eisenhower Dollar (Buy on eBay) featured a new reverse design issued to celebrate bicentennial of the American Revolution. The redesign of the denomination was authorized by Congress, along with the requirement that coins issued between July 4, 1975 and January 1, 1977 should carry the date 1776-1976 rather than the date of mintage Shop collectible silver half dollar coins at HSN.com. Find Kennedy & Bicentennial silver half dollar coins in sets of 5 to 42. 2021-S PF70 NGC Advance Releases Clad Proof Set Kennedy Half Dollar Pricing $ 159.95. Rating. 3 5. Over-struck on genuine US Mint 40% silver Kennedy half dollars, circa 1965-1970. Two (not released) were over-struck in the middle of 1976-S 40% silver proof Bicentennial Eisenhower dollars. One (not released) was multi-over-struck in the middle of a 1976-S 40% silver non-proof Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar Additionally, the mint sold a limited number of SILVER (clad 40 % silver purity) 3 coin SETS with the S mint mark. This three coin set contains one silver Washington Quarter, silver Kennedy Half Dollar, and silver Ike dollar - all in mirror like cameo proof condition and graded -certified by PCGS as PR69DCAM

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The Kennedy Half Dollar issued in 1964 was a 90% silver half dollar issued by the United States mint. From 1965 to 1970 this coin was issued as 40% silver. All coins from 1971 to current are copper and nickel. 90% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars have a melt value of $9.37 while those with 40% silver only have a melt of $3.8 Continuing on from the mintmark moratorium that began in 1965, the U.S. Mint did not strike coins with any mintmarks in 1966. This, of course, included Kennedy half dollars, which in 1966 were still riding a high tide of popularity despite having no mintmarks and a paltry 40 percent silver composition (as opposed to the 90 percent silver makeup that it had in 1964) First decide what method you will be using to indicate the amount of U.S. 90% silver half dollars to calculate. You can enter your amounts either by the total quantity of silver half dollars, the total face value of your silver half dollars, or by the total weight of your U.S. 90% silver half dollar collection 17-32 of 147 results for 1776-1976 eisenhower bicentennial dollar coin Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping 1974 S BU Eisenhower Silver Dollar (Ike) $1 Brilliant Uncirculated US Mint. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. $19 1982 S Gem Proof Kennedy Half Dollar US Coin 1/2 DCAM US Mint. 4.5 out of 5 stars 4. $9.69 $ 9. 69. FREE.

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Each 90% silver 1964 half dollar contains 0.36 troy ounces of silver, and each 40% silver 1965-1970 half dollar contains about 0.15 troy ounces. At current silver prices ($21/oz), the 1964 half dollar is worth $7.50 in silver alone, plus an additional dollar or two in numismatic value A special reverse was made for the Kennedy Half Dollar to commemorate the Bicentennial of the United States. The design was selected through an open contest, and Seth G. Huntington's image of Independence Hall in Philadelphia was the winning entry. The obverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar remained unchanged, except for the dual dating 1776-1976. Kennedy half dollars minted from 1965-1970 are 40% silver and contain 0.1479 of a troy ounce of silver. Special collector editions of the Bicentennial coin (all of them have an S mintmark, but. The US Kennedy half dollar coin was issued with Kennedy on the front and the liberty bell on the reverse since 1964. 1976 was issued a Bicentennial version with the Independance Hall on the reverse. 1964 Silver Composition Composition: 90 % silver, 10 % copper Weight: 12.5 g. Silver Composition with reduced silver 1965 -197 Kennedy Half Dollars. Kennedy half dollars were first produced in 1964. Half dollars that bear the 1964 date are 90% silver, and carry a numismatic premium based on the current price of silver. In 1965 the amount of silver used in the production of Kennedy halves was decreased to 40%, and this specification was used until 1970

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2x Ike Centennial 1976 US Dollar. Silver Clad. One Capsule Provided at the best online prices at eBay! TWO USA 1942 & 1943 SILVER HALF DOLLARS IN FINE OR BETTER CONDITION. £29.50 + £9.00 P&P. 1976 Bicentennial IKE Eisenhower Dollar 2-Sided BLACK RUTHENIUM & 24KT Gold Clad. BULK LOT OF 10 PRESENTABLE CIRCULATED CLAD BICENTENNIAL KENNEDY HALF DOLLARS . INDEPENDENCE HALL REVERSE. 1976. For sale bulk lots of 10 Presentable Circulated Clad (Non Silver) USA 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar Coins, Independence Hall reverse. The coins will be randomly selected circulated examples, mintmarks may vary


(A bicentennial Eisenhower dollar, a bicentennial Kennedy half dollar, a bicentennial Washington quarter, a 1976 Roosevelt dime, a 1976 Jefferson nickel, and a 1976 Lincoln penny). Circulating issues were struck in copper-nickel clad, and collector Proofs and special sets were struck in silver-copper clad Welcome to Coinflation and everything you need to know about the 1964 Silver John F. Kennedy Half Dollar. This site measures the pure metal value or current melt value of U.S. circulating and pre-1965 silver coins (ignoring the numismatic value, some people call it junk silver too). Values for the 1965 through 1970 JFK half dollar types are also included on a separate page For those Eisenhower Dollars that were composed from silver, each contains .3161 ounces of the precious metal. As a result, their melt values can fluctuate as the market conditions of silver varies. Thus, if the current spot price of silver is $10 an ounce, the melt value of a silver Eisenhower Dollar would be $3.16

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Kennedy Half Dollar Photos, Mintage, SpecificationsUSA Half DollarsCheap US Commemoratives from Coin CommunityJohn F1776 1976 (p) Bicentennial Eisenhower " Ike " Dollar Type1976 Kennedy Proof Roll of 10 (5 Silver/5 Clad)
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