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Before doing anything else, make sure that the Hold button isn't on. This is the switch at the top of the iPod nano that locks the iPod buttons. When you lock the nano, it won't respond to clicks, which makes it appear to be frozen. You'll know that the Hold button is on if you see an orange area near the switch and a lock icon on the screen The iPod doesn't turn off. What happens is it will go into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity. After 36 hours, it will go into Deep Sleep (which looks a lot like it is off, but isn't)

How to fix iPod if it won't turn on, turn off, or wake up

If your iPod won't turn or the screen looks dark, try these steps: Connect your iPod to power for at least ten minutes, so your iPod has enough battery charge to turn on. If your iPod doesn't turn on, try to reset it while it's connected to power. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons until you see the Apple logo iPod nano (7th generation) Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home button until the screen turns off. Then wait a few seconds for your device to restart I Have found a method to turn off shuffle on All playlists at one time, but be warned I am not sure how to turn it back on For ALL the playlists! This works on my IPad IOS 9.3.2. 1. Select Music App on the IPad and when it opens select Playlist at the bottom. 2. Tap twice on ANY playlist and the page with list of song appears. 3 Resetting an iPod Nano is similar to how you would do it for an iPod Classic: 1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.). 2. Now press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, which could take from 6 to 10 seconds. You might have to perform this step several times

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  1. For more information, please refer to Turning on/off and resetting iPod touch and iPhone from the Apple Support Site. For the iPod nano (6th Gen), press the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume Down button for 6 seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Also see: How do I fix my iPod if it will not turn on, turn off, or wake up
  2. If your iPod Nano doesn't turn on or charge, then updating the software might fix this problem. Switch on your internet connection. Using a USB cable, connect your iPod Nano to your computer Open iTunes and go to Summary > Versio
  3. To turn off VoiceOver on iPod nano using VoiceOver gestures. 1. Swipe right or left with two fingers until you see or hear Settings. 2. Double-tap to open Settings. 3. Move your finger up or down the screen until you see or hear General, then double- tap. 4. Move your finger up or down the screen until you see or hear Accessibility, then double.
  4. When my nano won't turn off, choosing sleep from the menu is simply ignored, too. So there's something that makes this nano completely ignore any explicit or automatic command to sleep. I know, I know that one can reset the ipod to correct this, which is what I have to do

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Well if your iPod is charging and it is on but when you disconnect it from the charger and shuts it will usually mean you have one time left it on the charger way to long and it has killed the battery. Or if it is around 50% charged and you plug it in and charge it, it will mess up the battery In this video, I show you how to turn off an iPod Nano - a hard reset to solve any ipod problem you may have in the software, for example The Standby/Power button on my iPod nano 6G got stuck, making it impossible to turn on the iPod (except via USB). With the warranty having expired a few months ago, I gave it a try to fix it. It was of course the small metal shim under the power button that just slipped a bit to the side. Reseating the shim did the trick Make sure the Hold switch is off. If you have an iPod classic or an iPod nano generation 1 through 5, the Hold switch may be in the lock position and preventing it from turning on. If the Hold switch shows orange, it's in the locked position. Toggle the switch to the unlocked position Go to Settings > Music and toggle off Show Apple Music on iPod Touch. Also turn off Show Apple Music in iTunes on the computer. Click iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General > Turn off Show Apple Music. Before syncing songs to iPod Touch, add songs to a playlist. 3. iPod Won't Sync With New Lapto

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Don't forget to like and subscribe! How to turn off the song repeat option on an iPod Nano 6G. This iPod Nano version has a hidden repeat function that can. Turn off the hold button by sliding the button over the orange patch. Press any button to turn on the iPod. Check the battery charge. If the battery is flat, the iPod will not turn on, so you should check the battery status of your device. IPod models without a click wheel cannot be charged with USB Hi, I have an I-Pod Nano 2nd Generation 2G Ipod. Charged it about 10 minutes ago and disconnected it from the PC. Won't turn off, I've tried the 'Press the Centre & Menu Button technique, which normally works, but it hasn't worked

re: iPod Nano Won't Turn On Okay, I fixed it. I toggled the Hold button on and off about 7 times and I held the center and menu button from around 30 to 50 seconds How To Turn Off Your iPod Nano Or iPod Classic How To Turn Off Older iPod Nanos. The 5th generation iPod nano and earlier models don't shut down in an expected way. They cannot be turned off. Instead, they go to sleep: Gradually: If you use your nano for a minute or two then set it aside, the screen starts to dim and eventually goes black. My apple nano 5th generation backlight won't turn off - I've tried 2, 5 and 10 seconds, but none turns it off. I'm reluctant to select always off incase I can't see to do anything else. read mor

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iPod Nano won't turn off when I hold pause. Thread starter choco711; Start date Jan 15, 2006; GO TO ADMIN PANEL > ADD-ONS AND INSTALL VERTIFORO SIDEBAR TO SEE FORUMS AND SIDEBAR C. choco711 New member. Joined Jan 15, 2006 Messages 3 Points 0 Age 33. Jan 15, 2006 # How can I transfer or copy music from my iPod to my computer?. How do I reboot or restart a frozen or hung iPod?. How do I fix my iPod if it will not turn on, turn off, or wake up?. How do I replace the battery in the iPod touch models?. Why won't my iPod play a particular song? Why isn't a song visible? Why won't my iPod play some songs that will play in iTunes Sounds like the Repeat option is turned on. In the Music Player window, you can see the repeat button. Just change it or turn it off. Choose Settings from the iPod Nano main menu. To repeat all songs in the list, set Repeat to All. To repeat one song over and over, set Repeat to One. Let me know if that didn't worked

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How to Fix Water Damage on an iPod (Nan0) By the RestorationSOS Educational Staff. Water damage on an iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, or iPod Touch can happen with a simple soda spill, forgot in your washing machine, a splash in the pool, or even a cycle through the laundry I put in, IPod Nano Won't Turn Off, and found numerous entries. The tone of most of the entries was frustration. There were also a few suggestions offered - which I tried - with no success. However, I lucked into a successful solution (for my Ipod) after trying one of the Google search suggestions Try going back to a menu before trying to turn off the ipod nano. Mine won't turn off if you're on a song but when I press menu to return to the track list the play/pause button will turn it off. Hope that helps . Comment M. mohim12 macrumors newbie. Apr 6, 2007 1 0. Apr 6, 2007 #14 Hellppp

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Follow the steps in this video to restart your iPod Nano 2nd Generation My ipod nano won't turn off and i've looked at da otha questions similar to mind and dat turn hold on den off and press da menu and select button at da same time won't work 4 me. wut do i need to do cuz ireally don't feel like buying a new ipod. my ipod is bout a year and 4 months ol Help! I tried reseting my ipod and that doesn't work! I've had my i-pod for over a year now and it hasn't turned off for a few monthes. I have all my music on it but I can't bring it anywhere because it won't turn off. PLS HELP ME This means you shouldn't be seeing the apple logo on the screen, rather it should just be black. If you must, wait until the screen turns off. If your device won't turn off, let the battery run dead. This may take a few hours, but if your phone is no longer responding to button use and won't turn off, it is the best option. If you choose.

If this doesn't turn off your iPod, try playing a song and then pausing it. Once the song is paused, press and hold the Play/Pause button again until the screen turns off. If your iPod is not responding or the screen appears frozen, press and hold the Menu and Center buttons at the same time. After 8-10 seconds the iPod should turn off and then. Hello, My friend and I accidentally dropped my iPod nano on my hardwood floor. When we picked it up the screen was completely white. I let it charge overnight and when I looked at it the next morning it seemed that it was just turned off because the screen was completely dark so I tried turning it on

This wikiHow teaches you how to unlock the volume limit on any non-touch iPod such as the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, or iPod Shuffle. Keep in mind that some iPods, such as the ones produced in Europe, may have a manufacturer-imposed limit on the output volume; if so, you won't be able to unlock your iPod's volume limit Ipod nano turns off when unplugged - Forum - MacOS Ipod nano won't charge - Forum - IPad/iPod/iPod Touch 12 replie

re: iPod Nano Won't Turn On Same thing happened with my ipod Jacopo. Your ipod is busted and unless you like to have random charging, you should give it in to the apple store and get a new one How to Restart an iPod Nano iPod nano (6th generation) and later Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the screen goes blank. Wait 30 seconds, then press the Sleep/Wake button again to restart. iPod nano (5th generation) and earlier Turn off the Hold switch by sliding it so you can't see any orange same problem with my ipod. my ipod is new but I cant turn on. if I plug it in my comp. its working but if I unplug it I cannot turn on my ipod. if you know some solution please email me at mhadzetuti@yahoo.com

My iPod won't shut off. Holding down the Play button does nothing. It just won't turn off. A quick Google reveals that this isn't exactly a new thing, and comes up with several articles that explain how to fix it: reboot the thing About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

And if your iPod shuffle is about to turn off because of very low battery, you'll hear a three-tone chime. iPod shuffle (2nd generation) There are two ways to check your battery charge: If your device is already on, you can check the battery charge without stopping playback. Quickly turn your device off and back on, then check the color of the. It support mostly iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices and will help you recover contacts, messages, notes, photos, documents, and videos from such devices. Steps to recover iPod touch system via dr.fone - System Repair (iOS) Step 1: Connect your iPod to the computer using a USB cable and then run the dr.fone - iOS Toolkit on your computer. Click.

iPod nano 3rd Generation won't turn off.? What is happening to my ipod is the little apple sign and then it turns white for like a millisecond then turns off. It does this over and over Ipod nano 7th generation won't turn on or charge Hold Down on home button and on/off button same time till apple pops up that's wat helps me but maybe yo prob is diffrent umm if that dosent work just take it to store u bought it from and if u have warranty they can fix it or give u a new one:).

3. Check whether Sync Music option is turned on, if it is on, turn it off and on again. 4. Turn off iCloud Music Library (iTunes Match) on iPod nano and iTunes. For iPod nano: go to Settings > Music; for iTunes: Edit > Preferences > General. 5. Turn off Show Apple Music on iPod nano and iTunes The only way to turn off VoiceOver, however, is to disable the option in iTunes and then sync the iPod. A dock won't, however. Place the nano in a dock or leave the headphone port empty, try. Method 2. iPod Touch Won't Turn on Even When Plugged in? Try This. If your iPod Touch won't turn on after a soft reset, maybe it is in a very low battery. So here is what you should do. Step 1. Plug the iPod Touch in a charger. If you haven't use the iPod for months, please leave it to charge for at least 30 minutes. Step 2. When the iPod Touch. to turn your ipod nano off you can hit the play pause button until the display a black screen which means that the ipod has been turned off but if you want the music playing you can't' or you could use the restore button which is located in the itunes page this option requires for you to delete everything on the ipod and the ipod will come to the factory setting which would be like buying the.

However, if your iPod Touch won't turn on or charge, you need to connect it and try one last thing. A forced start solves the problem in most cases, but if one of the buttons is broken or unresponsive, you can't actually rely on this method Let us have a look at the steps that need to be followed to solve iPod nano won't turn on without being plugged in issue. Step 1: Download and launch the Tenorshare ReiBoot software on your PC. Once you have downloaded the device, connect your device using a USB cable

An iPod nano that keeps restarting may need to be restored through iTunes. After entering the iPod into disk mode and connecting it to your computer, you can use iTunes to restore the device to it's original settings. A restore should alleviate the problem of an iPod nano constantly restarting For iPod nano (7 Gen), you should press and hold Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until you see the screen turns off. Wait for your iPod touch to restart. For iPod shuffle, first unplug it from the power adaptor and computer, and then turn it off by using power switch. When you see it turns green, it means your device is on Therefore, the iPod does not turn on at all while disconnected. A dead battery can also cause the iPod to not start up, even when connected to power. Or it may be a problem on the iPod's Lightning connector that does not establish a power connection (so the iPod's does not receive power to operate and charge its battery) Your iPod has become unresponsive and this can be a challenging situation. But, before panic sets in. Be assured that this is a familiar issue reported by many iPod users This can be quickly solved and we have enlisted some tips below to help bring your iPod back to life

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