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Antique Farm Tractor Tire Size Conversion Chart. Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 12/16/2011 to Farm and Tractor. Antique Farm Tractor Tire Size Conversion Chart. Conversion Chart for Antique Farm Tractor Tires. Old Tire Size: Conventional Tire Size: 7-24: 7.2-24: 7-30: 7.2-30: 8-24: 8.3-24: 9-16: 9.5-16: 9-24: 9.5-24: 9-36: 9.5-36: 9-42: 9.5-42. Antique Car & Truck Tubes 5.50-16 6.00-16 6.50-16 7.00-16 7.50-16 Flaps 16 Flaps 20 Flaps Tractor Tire Size Conversion & Tube Chart Tire Installation Tips Sitemap Policies & Legal. Policies & Legal. Tractor tire sizes can be written in many different ways, and can become very confusing to consumers. Sometimes you will see a size written like 11.2×20 or you may see it like 11.2-20. Use the table below to help you find radial tire size equivalents and metric conversions. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-877-862-1283, or. Below is a chart to convert your bias tire size to a radial size for tractor tires

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Metric Tractor Tire Size Conversion Locate your tire size on the sidewall of the tire. The first number represents the overall WIDTH when mounted and inflated to the proper air pressure but it is measured in millimeters. Divide this number by 25.4 to convert to inches Size Conversions For Agricultural Tires Standard Metric Metric 10.5R-18 280/80R18 Michelin XMCL 12.5R-18 340/80R18 Michelin XZSL Michelin XMCL 10.5R-20 280/80R20 Michelin XMCL 12.5R-20 335/80R20 340/80R20 Michelin XZSL Michelin XMCL 14.5R-20 375/75R20 Michelin XZSL Michelin XMC An example of tractor tire sizes expressed in the standard format would be 14.9-42. The 14.9 means the tire is 14.9 inches wide and the 42 tells us that this tire fits a 42-inch diameter wheel. The dash - indicates the tire construction is bias-ply, but this could be an R if the tire is radial Vintage Tire Size Conversion Chart Use the following chart to figure out the closest modern tire size to your car's original tires. Keep in mind these are The best way to ensure a 100% correct look for your antique car is to buy reproduction vintage tires in the originally recommended size If your tire size has three sets of numbers (18x8.50-8, 31x15.50-15, or 26x12.00-12) here is what the size numbers mean. In our first example of tire size 18x8.50-8, the first number 18 is the total diameter (outside height) of the tire in inches. The second number in the example 9.50 is the actual width measurement of the tire itself

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  1. Variations in tire diameter will have an effect on speedometer accuracy while the tread footprint will have an aesthetic affect on the appearance of the car. The best way to ensure a 100% correct look for your antique car is to buy reproduction vintage tires in the originally recommended size
  2. Browse our tire conversion charts by wheel size or tire diameter to find the tire conversion you're looking for. Every tire size is listed with its metric measurements and inch size equivalent. If the tire conversion charts aren't for you don't forget to try out our tire calculators for individual tire conversions
  3. Bias Ply to Radial Tire Conversion Chart (NOTE: On the 83 Bias Ply, there is sometimes a decimal point, i.e. 7.00-14, it varies with manufacturer) So, referring back to our original tire size of 700-14, we can see that an appropriate size that will be close to the original will be either a P195/75/14, or a P205/70/14
  4. Conversion for Tractor Tires The size of the tire can be signed in inches or millimetres. For example 16.9 R34 is an inch size the equivalent size signed in mm is 420/85 R34. This is exactly the same size, the only difference is how the size is written
  5. We've created a table that converts all of the standard sized tires to radial and metric size equivalents. Tractor Tire Conversion Chart Standard Size Radial Size Metric Size 11.2X20 11.2R20 280/85R20 12.4X20 12.4R20 320/85R20 9.5X24 9.5R24 250/85R24 11.2X24 11.2R24 280/85R24 12.4X24 12.4R24 320/85R24 13.6X24 13.6R24 340/85R24 14.9X24 14.9R24 380/85R24 16.9X24 16.9R24 420/85R24 18.4X26 18.4R26.

For a tire size to be considered within a specific RCI, the calculated RCI of the tire must be between -0.2 to +0.2 of the RCI for that group. Here are some points to consider: 1) Tire size - Each standardized tire size has theoretical calculated dimensions called nominal values And if this seems a big jump, you must remember the 18.4-28 has a recommended rim width of 16 inches, double the width of the original rim used for this tire in 1937. If you squeeze those beads together by 8 inches, the tread shoulders probably will come in that inch and a half Tire sizes can be a bit confusing, as the size designations changed a lot over the years. From standard bias ply sizes such as 6.70-15 to Alpha Numeric sizes like F70-15, all the way up to modern P-Metric sizing, such as 205/75R15. Even the most savvy car guys have trouble decoding certain sizes, s

Use the below chart to find the closest modern tire size to your car's original tires. Vintage Tire Size Conversion Chart Pre-1964 1965-72 80 series metric Alpha Numeric 78 series P-Metric 75 series Radial P-Metric 70 series Radial 5.90-13 600-13 165-13 A78-13 P165/75R13 P175/70R13 6.40-13 650-13 175-13 B78-13 P175/ Chevelle Tires | El Camino Tires. Tire Conversion Chart, Old Sizes To Metric Radial. Note: This is not all inclusive of every tire manufacturer's available sizes and should be used as a guide only If your tire size has three sets of numbers (15x6.00-6, 26x12.00-12, 31x15.50-15) the first number (26x12.00-12) is the approximate height, the second number (26x12.00-12) is the approximate width, and the third number (26x12.00-12) is the rim diameter. REAR TRACTOR TIRE CONVERSION

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  1. Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 10:50 am Post subject: Re: 8.25X20 Conversion to Modern Tire Size I know this is an old post but check out CL and you local tire shop. Used tires are cheap and plentiful
  2. Conversion possibilities tractor tyres. Agricultural; There is a close relationship between the dimensions of front and rear tyres on four-wheel drive tractors. To maximise the potential of four-wheel drive, the rolling circumference of the front tyres must be less than that of the rear tyres; the so-called lead
  3. Perform tire size conversion for any tire size, from the metric tire size to the inch tire size and the other way around with the tire size converter. It also shows real tire sizes if such exist. Calculate and compare the tire dimensions for any tire size (in mm and inches)
  4. Hey Fredneck, If your tractor is original, it should have 4 x 19 on it. Other than that, the 9N and then the 2N both came with the large center hole in the front and rear rims. The 8N switched to the smaller hub

The following is an example to help to decode a tire size like 255/60R17. The 255 is the tire width in millimeters, measured from the bottom of the bead to the bottom of the bead, the 60 is the sidewall aspect ratio (the tire width factor), the ratio of sidewall height to tire width at the tread (indicating that the sidewall height is 70% of. The owners manual for that model shows it with 10:38. Here is information from the Antique Farm Tractor Tire Size Conversion Chart. Note the Old Tire Size of 10-38 equates to the 11.2-38 Conventional Tire Size. Take a look at a pair of 11.2-38 Firestone tires on John B our 43B The busiest antique tractor parts site on the internet with thousands of pages of information plus discount prices for parts and manuals. Photos, specs, articles, hundreds of classified ads, 24 forums, repair advice and much more. Serving the antique tractor community since 1995

Enter Keyword or Tire Size: Find Tires. R14T Crossover Tire Design. LSW Technology Learn More LSW Super Singles vs. Duals. Antique Tractor Restoration Learn More Contact Us. First Name: Last Name: Email: Company: Postal Code: Country: Question/Comment: Customer Service: 1-800-872-2327. Get Updates & Promotions. 4. TOP CUT TIRES ONLY, NO FULL CUT TIRES ALLOWED (Aluminum wheels are acceptable) MODIFIED ANTIQUE 1. Modified Antique Tractors can run any gear. 2. Class speed limit will be: 6MPH 8MPH 12MPH Tire sizes: Maximum of 18.4 x 38 (16 x 38 old style tire) on any size rim. (1955 Tire Conversion Chart used) MULTI-ENGINE MODIFIED 1 Tire pressure conversion chart (BAR to PSI) Quota Moto Guzzi Topics on Gregory Bender's This Old Tractor. Topics; New topics; Topics > Moto Guzzi > Quota > Tire pressure conversion chart (BAR to PSI) Moto Guzzi Quota 1000 and Quota 1100 ES models. View more topics related to Moto Guzzi Quota // // The owner's manual states that the front. Tire Size/Position. Inflation Pressure. Max. Lbs. Load Per Wheel. 10.00x28 4-ply rear. 16 psi. 1860. 10.00x38 4-ply rear. 16 psi. 2155. 11.00x28 4-ply rear. 14 ps Older Size Tire Size Rim Width Load Range Overall Diameter-4.80/4.00-8: 3-3/4 inch: B: 590 lbs at 60 psi. C: 760 lbs at 90 psi. 16.1 inches-5.70-8: 3-3/4 inc

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The three-number lawn tractor tires numbering system works a bit differently. 15×6.00-6 is a common size. The first number before the x indicates the tire's diameter when inflated and not under load. The middle number between the x and the -, indicates the tire's width. The final number indicates the width of the rim The Metric Tire Conversion Calculator converts metric tire sizes (ie 285/75R16) to standard tire sizes (ie 31x10.50R15) and standard tires back to metric Tires by Firestone Vintage - Antique and Vintage Tires for Sale from Performance Plus Tire. PerformancePlusTire.com is one of the leading wheels and rims sites around. Unlike other sites offering cheap wheels and rims, we offer brand name wheels and rims at discount prices. We have a retail facility in Long Beach, California and are family owned and operated for over 45 years Filter search results for vehicle or tire size. By vehicle By tire size TWO 550X16, 5.50-16, 5.50X16 ROAD CREW ST1 6 PLY 3 Rib Tractor Tires w/Tubes. 4.3 out of 5 stars 30. $178.00 $ 178. 00. FREE Shipping. 2 Pcs 16x6.50-8 Front Tires and Wheels Assembly for Lawn Mower Tractors, 3 Offset Long Hub with 3/4bearings. 4.5 out of 5 stars 156. NTS Tire Supply has over 3,500 used tractor tires and wheels for sale. Our massive inventory, along with our exclusive 2-Year Black Gold Warranty on all used tires, makes us the largest supplier of used tractor tires and wheels in the Upper Midwest

New Tire Max. Speed Dimensions (in.) Tire Size Design Rim Width Overall Width Overall Diameter Bar Height d & Infl. (lbs. @ psi) Weight (lbs.) FARM SERVICE LUG 15, 16 (R-1) FARM SERVICE LUG M (R-1) AG TIRES AG TIRES Firestone Compact Tractor Tires SIZE ON VEHICLE PLACARD (32 PSI MAX. PRESSURE) IF VEHICLE TIRE PLACARD SPECIFIES AN ALPHA-NUMERIC TIRE SIZE, THE FOLLOWING ARE ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUE SIZES. IMPORTANT: Do not exceed maximum tire pressure imprinted on tire sidewall. 13 INCH TIRE SIZE: AR78-13: P165/80Rl3, P175/75Rl3, P185/70RI3, P195/60Rl3, P215/50Rl3, 185/70Rl3: BR78-1 By: John Smith of Old Ford Tractors. Model or Series 9N 2N 8N NAA 600 700 800 900 501 601 701 801 901; Fuel Capacity: 10 gallon [R-1W] The Radial 9000 tire is a versatile tractor tire that excels in many soil types and conditions. Designed for sprayers and Euro-sized tractors, this farm tire provides a smooth ride and sure traction, even in wet conditions I bought two of the 8-16 size tires for the front of my 4WD Kubota tractor. The old worn tires were marked 8-16, and had inner tubes in them. I wire brushed the wheels, where the bead seats, and re-painted where the bead seats. Also installed metal valve stems that fit 0.625 inch (large) valve stem holes

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Tire Size Conversion For reference, we'll use the 245/75-16 tire shown in this photo. Using a standard tire size of 245/75-16 as an example, it's important to note those first two numbers use millimeters as a measurement reference, not inches I too have been looking for stock size radial tires for my 1952 GMC 1/2 ton, which is currently undergoing a body off restoration. When I purchased the truck, it came with old BF Goodrich Silvertown bias ply tires in the standard 6.00X16 tires on the front and 6.50X16 traction tread tires on the rear There are advantages and disadvantages to switching from the original bias ply tires to radials, especially if retaining stock wheels. If you use the search function you can get a lot of information and opinions about that. Coker Tire offers a bias-looking radial in that size as well as several choices in original type bias ply tires in 6.00 x 16

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>>What was the system for the old (not as old as the 7.00-16 system) for >>bias ply tires: L78-15, H78-15, ect? I have grown up in the metric >>sized radial tire age, and Dad's old answer because Mr. Goodyear said so >>has always left a doubt in my mind. The old 7.50-16 is a British/Commonwealth system and is based on a ratio o Save ford 9n tractor rear tires to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Shipping to: Enter tire size; Go to next slide. Tell us more to find the right tires that fit. Starter Solenoid Fits Ford 2N 8N 9N Tractor 12 VOLT for Conversion. High Quality Product Made to Exceed Your Expectations. Brand New Tractor Tire Tubes. Tractor tire tubes are mounted and inflated inside some tractor tires to maintain air pressure, inflate the casing and support the vehicle weight. Inner Tubes also prevent air leakage, and are sometimes used to extend the life of a tubeless tire when there is a small leak

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For 75 years, FarmTireWarehouse has provided bigger tires at bigger discounts. Get a quote on LTL Freight or UPS shipping. Everything from tractor to rib and implement tires How about this.. instead of using tracks, what if you were to use two tires on each side of the machine, both the same size (say 23x10.50-12) front and rear, but instead of using a steering linkage, steer the machine by using differential speed of the left and right sides, not unlike the way the old 6x6 argo or 8x8 amphi-cat type amphibious.

Posted by Jeff on Monday, February 15, 2010:. I have a set of rear 29 x 12.5 x 15 inch ag tires for my M/F 1010 4x4 and need to know what size the front tires need to be too keep the rotational speed of the tires the same. any help The current front 28 inch rims have an outer tires diameter at 50 inches so if I was to lower the front by 4 inches to have the loader touch the deck then the outer tire diameter size would need to be 42 inches. These 28 rims effect the tractor in 4x4 as it's not a matched front/rear combo

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Titan International, the leader of both Titan and Goodyear Farm Tire brands, offers a full line of wheels, tires and undercarriage products for a wide variety of off-the-road equipment. With a network of dealers all over the world, Titan is a global brand that original equipment manufacturers and operators can count on for durable products and. Tractor Tire Conversion Chart. Saved by Angela Schmid. Tire Size Calculator Tractor Tire Motorcycle Tires Charts And Graphs Tractors Templates Sunglasses Camper Van Sample Resum Understanding metric tire measurements tractor tire conversion chart tire wheel sizes on the old tire size conversion chart the future semi truck tires Tractor Tire Conversion ChartTractor Tire Conversion ChartTractor Tire Conversion ChartTractor Tire Conversion ChartTractor Tire Conversion ChartAg Tire Size Options Conversions Why When How AgtiretalkAg Tire Size Options Conversions Why When. Shop for Tires. For the measurements of your Original Equipment (OE) tire, or the current tire on your vehicle, simply enter the size. Our calculator will provide you with the Sidewall Height, Section Width, Overall Diameter, Circumference, and Estimated Revolutions Per Mile

Find your tire size instead. Can't find your version/option? Try searching by your vehicle's tire size instead. Finding your tire size is simple. Once you are at your vehicle, write down the following highlighted numbers located on your sidewall in the order shown below. Example: The size of the tire below is 215/60/16 Welcome to the Antique Tractor Resource Page! We specialize in antique tractors - John Deere, Farmall, Allis Chalmers, Ford - all antique tractors made before 1970. We sell tractor parts! If you are looking for parts for your older or classic tractor, please visit our store. Thanks for stopping by Suppose we want to put radial tires on a '65 Mustang V8. The original bias tire size for this car was 6.00x14, so we need to come close to this size in a radial. The 14-inch wheel size is easy, of course, so we need to convert 6.00 inches (tread width) into metric dimensions Matching Tires: Make sure your rear and front tires match, and are in the correct size. I personally prefer long-bar/long-bar tread tires (like most antique tractors originally came with) rather than the recently popular long-bar/short-bar tread pattern

numeric tires to P-metric sized tires, it is important to identify the original tire's aspect ratio. The 78-series alpha numeric tires should be replaced with today's 80-, or 75-series tires. If the vehicle was equipped with the low profile 70-, 60- or 50-series sizes, the P-metric substitutio To convert that 183.75mm number into inches, multiply it by 2, then divide by 25.4. The resultant number of 14.47 is this tire's sidewall height in inches. Add in Wheel Size Next, take the last number 16 (diameter of the wheel) in the 245/75-16 original measurement and add it to the 14.47 tire sidewall height TABLE FOR TRACTOR TIRES . The following table should be used when filling tractor reflecting the current tire industry practice. CONVERSION TO METRIC IS AS FOLLOWS: Imperial gallons multiplied by 4.5 = litres (L). TIRE SIZE RIM WIDTH Slush Free Solid 0 +32 0 F [0 C] C] Slush Free Solid +13 0 F [-11 0 C Since its so hard to find 27x9.50-15 tire for my GT 14 thought I would investigate conversion sizes to give me more choices. Here is a table of car tire sizes showing % larger or smaller. Tire size conversion for 27x9.5-15 (GT 14 rear) 215/65R15 = 26x8.5R15 -3.7% 26X10R15 = 26X10R15 -3.7% 26X8.5R..

Tire size indicated in the tractor manuals was based on measuring the tread width rather than section width. The modern 11.2 is as close as we can get to the 10 tread width that was used on all but the earliest 9N tractors. I have not bothered to see what the modern equivalent would be for the 8x32 size. Anybody doing a full restore of one of. Tire Size Conversion Chart | Tire Rack numeric tires to P-metric sized tires, it is important to identify the original tire's aspect ratio. The 78-series alpha numeric tires should be replaced with today's 80-, or 75-series tires. If the vehicle was equipped with the low profile 70-, 60- or 50-series sizes, the P-metric substitution An F78-15 tire has a nominal diameter of 27.2 inches. The 78 aspect ratio indicates the tire would have a maximum width of 7.75 inches. The tire would fit on a rim that was 15 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches wide A couple years ago, we featured a conversion kit that turned smaller tractors into high-clearance rigs for spraying and cultivating tall growing crops (Vol. 20, No. 3). Now the manufacturer, Hunley Sales & Service, Austin, Ind., has come out with a new version of the kit for larger Agco 2 and 4-WD tractors, up to 145 h..

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Conversion Chart Relationships 1 inch = 25.4 millimeters. Title: conversion_chart.xls Created Date: 3/17/2004 3:44:23 PM. Our stock of used tires and rims for tractors, combines, skid steers and other ag equipment changes daily. Call 877-530-4430 for our latest used tire and rim inventory. 100% Secure Shoppin Allis Chalmers - Fits: G International / Farmall - Fits: Cub, Cub Loboy, 154, 185 * Superking * 6-Ply* Tractors and equipment using 4.50 x 12 tires* Not designed for tubeless applicationsNote: This is the old-style tread design and interchanges with 4.00 x 12 tires. 4.50 X 1 Available in standard diameters to fit 36, 38, 42 cast centers and metric John Deere cast centers to convert tractor to 42 through 54 tire sizes Custom-built sizes are available to match other size cast centers and taller tire sizes up to 5 Unless your 4200 is a MFWD, matching tire sizes isn't 100% critical. If you are OCD and need the bucket to land perfectly, play around with rear tire pressures until you get it right, but for its use as a tractor, you are good to go. Many old tractors (mine included) are running along just fine on mis-matched sizes

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The 14-inch wheel size is easy, of course, so we need to convert 6.00 inches (tread width) into metric dimensions. Since 2.54 centimeters equals 1 inch, we need 6.50 times 2.54, or 16.50 centimeters, which in turn equals 165 millimeters. Now we need to work out the aspect ratio (Remember? The ratio of width to height above rim) Waste tire material less than or equal to ¼ inch in size (6mm) is not regulated by CalRecycle. (See 14 CCR 17225.720 and 14 CCR 18450 (a) (38). Converting Pounds to Passenger Tire Equivalents (PTE) If you know the weight of altered tires, you can convert directly to a number of passenger tire equivalents (PTE) Whether you are buying a new tractor or just replacing the tires on your current model, it's important to choose the right tires for your intended application, terrain, and soil conditions. In this guide to tractor tires, we'll cover the three most common varieties used today, which conditions each type is best suited to, and where you can buy these tires Tractor tires start showing their age after years in the field with cracks or bubbles, and Agri Supply has replacement agricultural tractor tires. Our farm tractor tires come in different sizes and styles so you can match your tractor tires to your agricultural needs. We have front and rear tractor tires as well as tractor tire tubes You are correct, keeping same overall diameter of tires is critically important. I reviewed the RCI Charts. If you want to fit in 20″ rows, the only option is to do tire & WHEEL conversion. Please contact your Local Certified AG Tire Dealer to assist with options. Thank You, James. Repl Find Tires 6.70-15 Tire Size, Bias-ply Tire Construction and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing

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